PF, UPND SGs Meet Today

The road to patching up the volatile relationship between the Patriotic Front and the opposition UPND is still being trudged on with another round of talks taking place today.

Secretary generals of the two leading political parties will meet today at the UPND secretariat with an attempt to consolidate earlier steps taken.

Below is an announcement from the PF Media Directorate:


This serves as official notification that the PF Secretary General, Hon Davies Mwila and his Deputy, Hon Mumbi Phiri will tomorrow the 3rd of August, 2018 lead a team of PF senior leaders for a meeting with the Secretary General and senior members of UPND.

The meeting which is scheduled for 09:30hrs shall take place at the UPND Secretariat.

The meeting is aimed at strengthening unity, commencing dialogue and maintaining peace among other key governance issues.

The media is hereby cordially invited to cover the event.

Issued by Antonio Mwanza, PF Deputy Director – Media

At PF Headquarters, Lusaka



    Let it be a holiday

    • M-JAY17

      @SHI ALIKO mulicipuba tata imwe

      • SHI ALIKO

        Kale twaba echipuba ba m jay 17

      • Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

        No! He is not chipuba. He has right to dicide. And he has not insult any one.

  2. James Mphande

    Way to go

  3. Chicago

    but going by what Mr HH said yesterday, will this meeting be blessed by him on his SG?

    • ROKA

      Shire,that is the question!! Babies nabakana to abandone mapatizya formula. A lot has been infested in it.Katwishi mwandini!Emo ama cadre abalishisha!!

    • Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.


  4. ba nzoro

    But ba boss ba HH balelanda ati ba PF baleshentekafya ba UPND. Does this treasure peace and harmony?

  5. Mr. Mbayo C. Jackson

    But HH is not happy of this movement. But as people who wants peace we are happy of this. Go on please.

    • me

      Hh is afraid once the peace deal is done he can lose more members than he has lost if people will stop fighting n start visiting each other it will be easy for them to continue leaving upnd in peace and in large numbers.

    • Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

      Yes we need peace in Zambia.

  6. Mih hamumba

    We know your tactics ba pf

  7. Lungu

    am finished -_-!

  8. Andrew Monde

    That’s the way to go,its a good development.

  9. Tembo Edward

    That’s a good move, but disappointed with HH remarks.



      • Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

        Change your name sir. Use the name which is on your nrc.

  10. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Violence will never end.Ask yourself

    • Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

      Do you support it. You will regret when it is on you.


    Mind your language you guys before I castrate you…. Shi aliko be careful.

  12. Jb

    Nice move

  13. Zambian

    Am so disappointed With comorade HHs comments, tata namu mpapusha twapapata kuleni you don’t own UPND but we the people of Zambia do, so please let the peace process go on. I was even thinking of voting for you mu 2021 nomba teti unless you appollogise to to us who are disappointed with your comments over the peace process that is going on between PF and UPND. Tamulandile bwino tata.

  14. Mwale.net

    HH was saying vinango,lelo tinvela futi vinango.WHICH IS WHICH MWEBANTU?Does ths mean upnd is divided or bwanji?

  15. Joseph Chikopa

    Ba HH bapaleki The let Mr Mazoka.May his soul rest in peace.

  16. me

    HH is afraid if they stop using pangaz they will be telling each other sweet talk and it will be easy for upnd guys to die for the pf sweet talk

  17. Cletus K.Chisanga

    That’s th way to go none violence we r one Zambia one Nation.Our tribe z Zambian!!!

  18. palata minina

    Good example

  19. FGM

    Zambians should remember that to revert Zambia to multi party politics was not easy . And no serious and responsible Zambian would be willing to see any political party to be alone on the Zambian political scene. Whether you support the ruling party or the opposition you should realize that multi partism was re introduced for the good of our country . No degree of selfishness should over ride our genuine resolve of 1990.

  20. FGM

    My comment to those in the habit of insulting on this platform, it simply exposes their irrelevance and lack knowledge to the issue under discussion. They should also be reminded that this platform is not for the uneducated who can only dance or ululate at party rallies

  21. Bill Mwewa Fiffa

    Pa zed tefintu munthu wandi…

  22. Himunzya

    Breaking news: Steven Katuka confesses frustrations of his president as; stiff necked lack of advise taking by top leadership. Wow bravo Katuka for staying home and now HH is sweating blood

  23. Jms

    A strong gifted leader who is ment to lead with dignity will just go for a duologue without wasting any resources for the country with numerous meetings

  24. Jms

    This PF doesn’t care who surfers no matter how they see or know as long as they make money by having allowances through these meetings and many people are watching FOOL BEGS AND SPENDS ON OTHER THING AND GOES BEGGING AGAIN WITHOUT USING THAT BEGGED MONEY ON IMPORTANT THINGS WHILE JUST HEARING court cases shame

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