OPINION: Hichilema and His Phobia for Dialogue

The much vaunted for peace accord between the opposition United Party for National Development and the ruling Patriotic Front has received widespread applause from all well-meaning Zambians. It has been the cry of every genuine political player to see the two rival political parties play politics of civility.

So when the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) brought the two forces together prior to the July 26 Lusaka mayoral elections everyone was euphoric but remained sceptical about the process.

Thankfully the dialogue continued in the post-election period winning over doubters.

To have seen Patriotic Front National Youth Chairperson Stephen Kampyongo and Lands Minister Jean Kapata visit the UPND secretariat and press for sustained dialogue has been heart-warming.

Just when the deal was beginning to hold opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema went to town discrediting the peace deal his own top ranking officials have been propping up.

He has labelled the accord deceitful and lumped the blame on his youths as being naïve for entering into the accord. In one breathe he was preaching dialogue but rubbishing what little effort his colleague are making towards dialogue.

But this is not at all surprising and consistent with everything Hichilema stands for. Remember the reason part of the proposed national dialogue has been his insistence on some almost unattainable conditions.  National dialogue can never be about one person. It has to be held in the spirit of give and take. Every other player has had to bend the rules just to accommodate Hichilema. He has single handedly eliminated the Zambia Centre for Inter Party Dialogue (ZCID) from the dialogue process. He went crying for the Church Mother bodies who have also been brought on board. Now the anthem has changed to having international observers being at the centre of the dialogue.

It could appear that any peaceful interaction between the PF and UPND is not welcome to Hichilema. He has a phobia for dialogue and non-violence. It seems these twin values do not exist in his political vocabulary.

Otherwise why would he be condemning his youths for championing nonviolence? Imagine all the effort made even by his party General Secretary Stephen Katuka to meet his opposite in the PF Hichilema still found measure to discredit the deal. The well-publicized crumble of the PF/UPND pact in the runner up to the 2011 elections may not have been an accident. We pray this peace accord succeeds for the sake of decency in our politics.






  1. Mwale.net

    A kingdom whch divides itself does not go anywhere,the outcam is disastrous.KAYA!

  2. ben

    hh is jst a crying baby.


    Please advise that fool so called hh why is he so difficult to understand such issues no wonder we are lucking development here in s,province him is busy enjoying his riches atase

    • Tom London

      Iwe Shi Aliko you are a shallow minded fool . you are a dog with a long tail between your dirty legs . hh here is just trying to be cautious and he does not want to be tricked by the pf . mind you he spent 127 days various prisons at the hands of the pf machinery while the who country was quite . now that he has dragged the pf and ecl to submit to a peace deal which they never wanted people like you with no grey matter are talking nonsense .
      Hh suffered 127 days for you and the rest of the country to bring justice to this corrupt government . hh been instrumental in providing tangible checks and balances to this country . our electoral system is rotten , the current judicial system is practically dead , the rule of law is hugely compromised by the pf machinery .
      The road map to the peace process should be one that strengthened various issues and should not be mare lip service .
      You make me sick .

      • i am who i am

        Tom Landon u crever tel the so the he can understand he has no brains

  4. Kunbucha drink

    lets try by all means not to allow this party called upnd to rule this country Zambia

  5. Evergreen

    ple from southern,western,Central province this devil so called hh usually use you guys lets rebuke him in Jesus name Amen

  6. Zankalewa

    Holy Ghost fire

  7. HH

    They are under me

    • Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

      Why can’t be like the late Mazoka?


      I like they are under me


      We are under u because we know were confused PF is going.we believe one day they will be brought to book of justice .

  8. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    I really feel sorry for this man called eechi-eechiiii.

  9. kedrick siame

    According to my observation is that he’s remembering the change of treason after he was treated and destroyed his properties and many more, now he should learn how to forget things and to promote peace in our beloved Zambia it’s what i think i don’t no u.

  10. Zambian

    Am very disappointed with the way HH has behaved, now I want to ask our beloved opposition UPND to start looking for a credible leader who we shall go with in 2021 and I can a sure you that victory will be for UPND. I’ve never voted for UPND but if only they give us a leader better than HH then my vote will go to UPND, God bless all well meaning leaders in this party UPND. We love you, Zambians loves you that’s y they vote for you always.

  11. Mazuba Isaacs halukuba hamumba

    Y are zambians likes misleading citizens, whoever posted the above post doesn’t think straight,hw main time as upnd beged for straight renconciliation.do u think that we are fool to accept this foolish happening, when we have pf for uncounted time for geniune dialogue!!pf can’t fool us in whatever they want to.we are calling pf rearlise that we nt children who can accept anything coming on our way.what pf is looking for is a report to the world that there peace in our country so we don’t need dialogue so as they can not sign anywhere commiting that 2021elections can be done in way.pf knows that younth’s are the ones who are causing violent,so they a working so hard to work on there minds so that national dialogue can not take place.because they know that the petition issue cause they know they are guilty.pf u can’t full us around u fools who are noising without understanding what is going on keep ur blank minds shut!!!!am humbled that hh can see the tricks of these crooks

  12. Mr. Mbayo C. Jackson

    HH all he wants is innocent Zambian youths to be shading blood always. Why can’t he accept peace?

    • Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

      He will regret it

    • Ganiza

      HH can not be fooled, he is well aware that the voter apath we just experienced WAS or is No VOTE to PF and is a yes vote in waiting for UPND so they want canninly to have Upnd endorse the Corrupt govt so as to confuse the already decided votes, no darkness and light can not go together,

  13. Truth man

    This man is not a politician he is a businesman,hence the reason why he can’t read between the lines.He does not understand what give and take means.In short he is a selfish tycoon. He needs someone to coach him in the subject of politics. I can see UPND dying slowly.It is unfortunate for this to happen, because we need a strong opposition party for democracy to survive in this country. UPND must work and hold a convention to select new leaders or else it is doomsday for this beautiful party which was left by many outstanding leaders including President Lungu and the vice president herself due to lack of leadership and foresight.

  14. Benny

    HH need 2 be put in his place not state house he seems 2 be very hungry 4 power but l don’t know what he wants at state house but as it has been stated money never enough even if u say PF is pretending 2 show the world it can still work the people may think we are in Peace now and they can remain peaceful pipo that’s what we need in Zambia not this political hatred showing by some politicians. It’s better 2 change the lead at UPND but l know Tonga’s won’t be comfortable with this if they want a Tonga try Magande he is not tribalist and he is not violent l like this man its unfortunate that he did not succeeded when mwanawasa died due 2 Rupiah’s corruption.

  15. mukenga

    Its become shameful how Zambia reports has become partisan. What happened to the Chiwepala Market fire story why has it been pulled down. Who they shielding? Amazing.

  16. Truth man

    Rupiah Banda was not corrupt he is a tribalist that is why he hated Magande. He haunted Magande out of mmd at the expense of the economy of this country.Let us learn to be candid and call a spade a spade!He also realised that keeping Magande near could make him fail to misappropriate money from the National coffers.He is lucky to be served going to jail by President Lungu.If SATA had not passed on, it could have been a different story bwana !

    • Prince Andrew

      One Zambia, One nation!
      May the living God bless the nation of Zambia. May Peace, Love and Joy flow all the 10 provinces of our beloved nation.
      Brethren, let’s embrace patriotism and co existence.
      Zambia is bigger than any province and so much bigger than any political party. Zambia is bigger than the opposition and ruling party put together.
      We all want to see and live in a peaceful and developed nation. But peace and development can’t fall from the sky like manna! We the people of this great nation of Zambia must make it be so in a sober and civilian way.
      “My tribe is ZAMBIAN” cause ZAMBIA is bigger than all the 72 ethnic groups in it.
      “One Zambia, One Nation!” Let love lead in all that do. Let’s also remember to pray for our leaders, both those in Government and those in the opposition, because no authority can come into power without God’s approval.
      Zambia is saved! God bless mother Zambia!

  17. bk

    UPND should find a new leader hh is too childish to be a leader

  18. Charlesmicklay

    Iet the will of we Tonga’s act.we need to change our top leadership so t

  19. Leon

    These the wages of stealing votes

  20. Joseph.mwape

    My appeal to you HH please don’t accept to meet them. Let the church organize the reconciliation process. Remember you were arrested and no one who helped you to be released except the Commonwealth. We need to have the agenda. There are contentious issues need to be discussed. Those who are condemning you they don’t know politics. There’s life and death in politics, even your own people can kill you. Why are we rushing that it’s the church to conduct the indaba.We need to tackle the electro reforms. What causes violence.

  21. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Leave hh alone getout

  22. criminal Case

    H H for better Zambia & pf for pool zamber & foolish people like supporters

    • Charles

      HH is the only opposition leader in the world with over 100 advisors and even though that’s the case, he is the one who advises them

  23. Jabes

    You a bitter iwe. Sorry mwandi, 2021 PF nafuti nafuti.

  24. Prof. Chirwa

    Some years back I worked with hh but later I left him and joined Micheal sata remember, because hh his just a business man not a politician is self centered a person who can’t reason to let things go well for this mother country, his so selfish and how he pays his workers is nothing now if we put him as president of this nation will suffer and he want to bring back Anglo America company to own mines here Zambia and Chase away the current investors, he is a bad man .

  25. Tombolilo

    How can a president refuse peace he is afraid if pf and upnd meet people will easily defect and pf will give sweet talk to upnd people.

  26. cre-mo 2*2

    I Wander y everyone z busy insinuating the other party.
    That z not politics bane!!!.
    Even thoz v u who re saying HH needs an advisor, still u claim to kno better in politics yet u miss an element v truth n promises DAT never com to pass. U need to advise him Dan fluttering against his does.
    Zambia z a nation DAT has brilliant people ,but failing to speech sense due to tribalism.
    If u people claim for one Zambia one nation, no need v insulting HH,but rather help him out as one people.
    I love de current president, if though he does mistakes,I understand bcoz he z a nature v humanity DAT z sceceptible to errors, how ever, politics z not fighting nor negative critics but positive critics.
    I am one. Zambia one people.

    • N Thole

      Well spoken .to me those that are insulting ,they are showing bitterness and hatred within their heart

  27. Mr Peace

    Peace vacuums should not be given chances to lead peaceful zambians.

  28. ks

    peace pipo

  29. Austen luckliner kachana

    Peace can only be done when you are in good terms,not like this,thats why am emphasize to put this man in state House because he doesn’t want nonsense , your refusal is accepted hh behind you forever

  30. Moses Duewez Mukuku

    Father in Jesus name if Mr HH is the whom you gave us to be our leader in our country let him be and if he is not the one , then he is not the one. And if Mr Lungu he is the one then he is the one, and if he is not the one then he is

  31. M. Chipungu

    Let not this meeting mislead you. PF only wanted to do this on their terms and also pretend to convince the international community that there is dialogue. UPND has made efforts many times just to make this ideal a reality. Church bodies must spearhead all this to see to it that it’s a genuine act


    Convention is the only way to oust this bull without a tail. What do you think you UPND cadres,?

  33. HOMMIE 24

    we need leaders like magande.HH ni chipuba

  34. lombe

    zambians lets coperate,lets lets put leader who is wealth a tycoon not a poor person coz he wil be rich shot time stling govt money.we need to put someone who is already rich with his own money & God fearing like HH.

  35. Jms

    Thanks to have told us the PHOBIA which is in of look of have shown as that due to their so called many meetings which is occurring but the road map showed dialogue why are they CRYING to have so many meetings they are doing that not realizing they are wasting our resources

    • Jms

      Thanks to have told us the PHOBIA which is in pf look you have shown that due to your so called many meetings which are occurring day after day before dialogue don’t start crying for so many meetings it means that you in fear of some thing and in that you are unable to realize that you are just wasting our resources

  36. Jms

    I HAVE SEEN THAT REPORTERS are the ones bringing confusion to people they DON’T KNOW how to report items they are against others EVER THESE ATTACKS OCCURRING IT DUE TO THEM SO every one is divided due to this PF PF PF LEAVE OTHER REPORTERS report what is effecting the country we should be free to decide what is best for us not best for me only NO

  37. Brian BBC mweemba

    We are following what is happening.

  38. Mulenga

    dont put a poor president he wil finish govt money pliz dont try otherwise zambia wil remain poor corruption wont stop.mind u jeaous pipo never win & stealing is a sin.

  39. lombe

    shialiko,benny & bk u like insult HH why?wat church do u go to?stop unsulting yur friend he is created in the image of God,wen u insult him which means u have insulted God.change my friends politics wil take u nowhere God wil punish u dont think that God is not seen wat is happening to u.

    • Prince Andrew

      I fully agree with you Lombe.
      We must not insult someone, only because we don’t agree with them.
      And no one knows what tomorrow holds.

  40. Ganiza

    Plz upnd, do not go to bed with this corrupt government, you will pay heavily if you did,

  41. Man G

    HH is a good man don’t disturb his mind,a leader himself God bless hh.

  42. GBM

    the truth of the matter is HH has a small dick

  43. fisunge

    Let’s think twice opposition political parties you’re wasting your time by not voting if you had voted kangwa chileshe could have been the mayor today am not tribal but this is my observation the upnd didn’t go to vote because they picked a bemba to stand so if you won’t be votingdont complain pf will be voting for their own and yours will keep on losing what do you think

  44. mwape

    tizafka kuti navimene vamene tusapota

  45. Saul

    Emutima tulefwaya ba hh.

  46. Ma nyozo

    If i was this man called hh i would jst join them and study their vonerable part nd weakest areas and use it against them.
    Now abena hh 2 eager 4 that seat.

  47. Benjamin

    Blessed are the Peace makers for they will be called sons or children of God. The devil hate Peace he is a liar Zambia is for Jesus

  48. Ganiza

    Pf wants to buy some upnd leaders so as to rémóvé HH, The snàck is in the bédroóm,

  49. Jms

    When I first saw HH just the face told me how his HEART is

  50. Watch tour

    “TIME” will teo and heal mother zambia

  51. Zambian Tribe

    Kwena Ba UPND muli batole ya N’gombe.You still believe HH is the most intelligent dog in your party

    • Innocent

      All pf supporters are still in darkness! They are suffering ati pf is working kkkkkkkkk, mwandi this Country kuwayawaya fye! Full of shit holes!!

  52. Swiso


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