Kapiri Gay Lovers Convicted

The Kapiri Mposhi Magistrate Court on Friday convicted two men for homosexuality.

Zambia has resisted international pressure to lift its tough anti-gay laws.

The court found Stephen Sambo, 30, and Japhet Chataba, 38, guilty of performing unnatural acts having been arrested last August.

They were convicted on the testimony of a hotel employee who said she saw the pair having sex through a window. Prosecutors also presented videos and photographs of the men.

Offenders of same sex face jail sentences of up to 14 years.


  1. Santos

    teach them a lesson

    • Tall boy

      Excellent . Would be offenders or those doing it secretly should know that it is only one day . The female population in Zambia is twice that of males and you opt to have carnal knowledge with your fellow man against biblical teachings . Shame

    • Ryan

      Shame on you for your bigoted opinion

  2. moses

    Teach them a lesson….but jail oso those in prison its practiced everday

  3. Mwale.net

    Izo ninzeru zaupuba!Not even dogs can behave lyk those two morons.
    Add anothr 14yrz plz if posibo 54yrz!Very kuwola mubongobongo!
    Tripple nonsense!

  4. Zambian

    In fact they should be put in single cells so that they don’t take ama demons yabo to the innocent prisoners. How can a man marry a fellow man? Madness of the waste kind.

  5. Atase Ba Fikamba

    Mwami anso vipaseni 50 years in Jele,

  6. Muti

    Why was he doing such thing,
    A normal human being
    To do such ,
    Why was he not married,
    But no chipuva zoonavakazi kupaka,
    Banangu chita vuule Kara ndiza imbwa monga iyo but agena palimufana thats stupid sense…..

  7. Done

    Iyo ni problem yaoooo

  8. Kaumba

    Let them rot in jail

  9. Whiteson

    ..”Zambia has resisted international pressure to lift its tough anti-gay laws”…… yet jw is all over the globe borrowing and looking for international aid, jw can’t resist the urge to borrow and receive international aid from the same international pressure, DOUBLE STANDARDS jw DOUBLE STANDARDS!!! and commentators don’t comment blindly!!!

  10. nonsence

    Ba mangeni bafikala banyengana kumatako fools

    • Teshakuno

      We pray for them so that after serving thier sentence , they will change.

  11. Whiteson

    Homosexuality is a noun which means: “sexual attraction to (or sexual relations with) persons of the same sex”
    Almost all, if not all commentators have come across or have seen men, you have also seen women holding hands in public because they love each other out of being attracted to each other, you have also seen men women prefer or choosing to sleep in the same bed, you ask them why, they will tell you we love each other and that’s because they are attracted to each other – homosexuality. commentators please don’t comment blindly.

    • Lloyd

      Right on point

    • sim1

      Chalisambilila Chi whiteson,english name, knowing homosexual as noun,my dear you’re one of them come out clear.we can take you to a rehabilitation centre to avoid u getting a 14years jail term.come out u sodomist.

  12. muzo

    surely,some pipo ar even encouraging such stippude pratices! U ar also demon possesed.triple nonsense.that’s y u and your foolish selfish tribal leader ar encouraging cadres to b violent.shame!

    • Whiteson

      ….. that’s exactly what I mean … blindly

      • Tall boy

        Whiteson are you not ashamed of yourself ? You seem to be so demonically possesed . Are you one of them or are you related to them ? All your coments are irrelevant and useless . Find something else to do unlike exposing your stupidity in public . Go to Hell…

        • Whiteson

          tall boy, ….”irrelevant and useless” ? how? are you able to explain how irrelevant and useless??

        • Whiteson

          tall boy, ….”irrelevant and useless” ? how? are you able to explain how irrelevant and useless?? If you want to be taken seriously, explain what you mean!

          • Doreen Kapemfu

            This should not be tolerated in our country and as Zambia being a Christian nation . I pray that if there are some others doing that,they also be exposed.

  13. Jms

    Never allow Satan peform

  14. Jms

    Why is judiciary in Zambia failing to do their job shame we don’t do such notorious dids they are more than a criminal

  15. Mata

    Bravo Job Welldone

  16. Rosaria

    Let them be punished with hard labor.this world is coming to an end mwandi, ubupuba bwachilamo

    • Pain

      Zambia is a Christian nation, therefore, heinous acts such as these performed by those two men are highly uncalled for.

  17. Benny

    Give them 50 years in prison fipuba fye ifyo

  18. Mr Peace

    Miracles ministry of Zambia.

  19. Marson

    A fairer option would be to give them the choice to emigrate to Malawi, where said practice is legal.

  20. Jms

    Their minds have been capitalized already be careful they are criminals changing is impossible if you are convinced and charge less years and they come out you will REGRET having shown mercy

  21. wisdom mwale

    I Condemn You Neither Go And Sin No More.

  22. Mulenga

    Ati ‘not even dogs can behave like this’… my dear, never compare your intelligence to that of a ka ‘fluff dog’…

  23. Jesus came & died 4 such!!!!

    Jesus came & died 4 such!!!they ned Christ.

  24. Kongo

    Homosexuals mu Christian nation put them mu Celo for 30 years.

  25. wenger

    teach them about females while they in jail

  26. Shaka

    It is unethical for human beings.

  27. Truth man

    It is the ignorance in man that is difficult to change.These people it is their nature, however it is an uphill battle for society to accept this.Even in Europe it took time for society to understand and accept that there are people who are like this. Just like the way albinos are regarded in certain communities. I remember being told that a long time ago even as recent as 1961 albino babies were killed at birth ,because it was thought they were a curse from God! It used to happen here in Zambia! I know certain tribes used to carry this practice and they called it their culture.Therefore it remains to be seen how the Zambians take up this matter which has been there , but was only hidden due to fear from” persecution ” like in the above case.

    • sim1

      My bro that’s totally different thing,here we saying about law.there is no law which banned someone to give birth to an albino,but to kill albinos pipo took law in their own hand,but their is law against the act of homosexuality here in zambia.remember zambia is not sodom and gomorah were homosexual was allowed till God judged.my be you’re from the house of Sodom.nali unfwa at uli wa mukula tree sana.

  28. Mwazanji

    Mmmmmnm pipo should repent bcZ that’s a sin….

  29. uncle sam

    sin is sin!!! mwazanji

  30. Chris B

    This what caused God to open the floodgates of heaven to come and wipe out sinul human race from the face of the earth during Noah’s time.

    • Whiteson

      Chris B, come to Earth come to reality there was no flood, no floodgates, nothing. just a myth.

  31. G-Bally

    Leave them alone,they know what they aiming at.

  32. Gelly

    Wall done give them 40.

  33. Gelly

    Wall done give 40 Zambia is a Christian nation.

  34. Mercy banda

    Thy are foolish, the devil z using them how can thy make love wen thy ar o man. Teach them a very big lesson that’s crazy😣😣😣😬

  35. Concerned citizen

    Whiteson what do you mean that commentators shouldn’t comment blindly this is Zambia a Christian country where we don’t allow homosexuality.Infact it is in biblical. So if you don’t know what you are talking about then keep quiet.

  36. Andrew Monde

    Well done we won’t allow anyone to champion human rights on an expense of Christian values, they are few religions which support such acts that’s gud court.

  37. Bamboo S.T.A.G

    To my observation, Whiteson seems to be an atheist cause he has nothing but negative commental contributions to Zambia’s religious and cultural reservoir. Zambia is a Christian Nation and we refer people like you as heathens, so stick to your dirty ethnicity if you’re not a Zambia Mr. Dirty mind whiteson

  38. Peter luhangapeter@gmail.com

    Let them know that what they were doing was not good.give them a severe punishment.

  39. mpozzy

    Kwena mwabomba mwebena Kampiri mposhi

  40. Easy Easy

    Mr Whiteson or whatever you are called ,is your definition of homosexuality going to purify that act?Naturally where is the place to insert organs?lam sure organs used are meant for something else!! Be real and focus on your wife and girlfriend if you are not married in the latter’s case.You are the ones who defile our daughters, stupid thoughts!

  41. Sebele

    Good for the nation. Acts fighting procreation are actually satanic. Congrats to the judges.

  42. Lloyd

    How can u have feelings for someone who is your equal sex?

  43. Tee

    Take them to the gallows

  44. Mochias.com

    Whiteson,frm now on u r blackson coz u say there was no flood ad u also supot the act..nonsensical demon!
    mwati ulimushemushe muchi bongobongo chako?idiot!

  45. Mwale.net

    Mulenga,I said,”not even dogs”,so undrline the words “not even”
    yaku taya bwanji nish, mbuya?

  46. Nally

    I noticed something!
    Men are haywire… Undecided!
    They watch lesbian porn, they say it’s hot! When it comes to gay pipo the entire nation will rise…
    The world is changing… I am not homophobic (having or showing a dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people) the heart wants what it wants I won’t be the one to judge… Yes it’s a sin but did any of you write the Bible? Are you not aware God has his own Way?
    so let him be the one to judge the sinful ones!!… They did not kill they just banged!😕
    Which is practically a part of nature

  47. Nally

    Muli nu! busy insulting online Kati fikopo instead of focusing on the value of a persons life wasted away..😂😂
    Bena sodom and gomora imwe.. May all of you be turned into salt statues 😂😂😂😂

    #life is life no matter how sinful

  48. Nally

    Muli nu! busy insulting online Kwati fikopo instead of focusing on the value of a persons life wasted away..😂😂
    Bena sodom and gomora imwe.. May all of you be turned into salt statues 😂😂😂😂

    #life is life no matter how sinful

  49. Whiteson

    Tall boy; Micholas.com; Easy Easy and all those who are seriously concerned about my comments on Zambia Reports are welcome and should feel free to contact me on 0966132418 if they don’t mind. They should not hid behind Zambia Reports as their ‘names’ suggest. Let us have a direct serious discussion, if you think you should not be ignored. If you think you should be taken seriously just beep me, your silence will still be a loud massage.





  52. Muchindu

    To bad

  53. Nally

    Whiteson…leave these amachakolwas be…

  54. truth

    If you are attracted to your s

  55. Whiteson

    Nally, you are right, better just to ignore them!!

  56. Chrome


  57. Chrome

    Most of you claiming to be christian are being unchrustian by judging these people,let he who is without sin cast the first stone, some of you have done worse things,i would encourage you to focus your energies on being productive instead of just loosely making comments

    • Chrome

      Just because something is law doesnt make it equitable,wasnt there a time when it was law for black people to be jailed for walking into the wrong shop

  58. Chrome

    Analyze before making useless comments

  59. Kalawa

    They are suppose to be given a death sentence,don’t even keep the in prison

  60. Nally

    Most of u have sinned and are probably gay in the closet… So u choose to judge simply because it’s expected in society to sham such…
    Others here have sinned more than this petty crime… But who’s judging you?

    MA sogwe

  61. James tembo

    Let them rot in jail

  62. Anonymous

    But then again, sodomy is a thing in jail. Its not really a punishment for them…. Homophobia should end, they are human who can only be judged by God.

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