Bwana Mkubwa MP Convenes Town Hall Meeting

Bwana Mkubwa Member of Parliament Dr. Jonas Chanda has called on Ndola City Council to stop people who are illegally allocating plots using forged charge sheets.

Dr Chanda said the unscrupulous individuals have continued to break the Law and getting money from poor residents, thus depriving government of revenue.

He said there is need to find a permanent solutions to illegal land allocation.

Dr Chanda said the recent Auditor General’s Report on Councils tabled in Parliament had put Ndola City Council in very bad light and there is need to fix that reputation.

Meanwhile, Ndola City Council Town Clerk Wisdom Bwalya has appealed to the people of Mushili to desist from involving themselves in illegal land allocations.

He also advised residents to be wary of people they acquire land from as the only mandated bodies allowed by Law to give out land were Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources and the Council through the Land Agency.

The dual spoke during a town hall meeting in Mushili.

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    When. Is. This. Going. To. End. The. City. Council. Must. Be. Taken. To. Court

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