PF Picks Sensio Banda for Kasenengwa

The ruling Patriotic Front has adopted Sensio Banda as the party’s candidate for the September 6 Kasenengwa parliamentary by-election.

Banda was selected ahead of several candidates among them Philemon Twasa, Charles Banda and Gideon Zulu.

The Kasenengwa seat fell vacant following the death of incumbent Victoria Kalima who was also Gender Minister.

Aspiring candidates will file nominations on Thursday August 9.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has guided that only five senior officials of participating political parties will be allowed to accompany aspiring candidates into the nomination centre during the filing of nominations, while the rest of supporters will remain outside the four hundred parameters from the centre.


The by election in Kasenengwa has been necessitated by the death of area MP Victoria Kalima on 15th June 2018, while the vacancies in the wards are as a result of resignation of councillors.

Chipangali Member of Parliament Vincent Mwale will be the campaign manager in Kasenengwa.

By-elections will also be held in Kamalamba, Liyovu, Mabili, Nkenyauna and Shikombwe wards.


  1. James Mphande

    Pamakafye sontapo

  2. Viva

    Pf own the way

  3. Done

    It’s already known the one who was rulling was a pf so it’s pamaka pf


    What of Edwin sakala who started campaigning before the burial kikiki

  5. maybin

    One Zambia one nation

  6. Mr. K

    Rember. U. Saveges. In. Eastern. Our. Pipo. Were. Humiliated. In. Namwala. Just. Because. Hakahinde. Was. Building. A community. Schools. Where. He. Didn’t. Want. Our. Children. To. B accommodated. Mwembwa. Vote. Pf

  7. Kalawa

    PF beyong 2021

  8. Mr. K

    Don’t. Forget. U and. Upnd. Want. To. Embarrass the. Bemba. Kingdom. Hsk


  9. Patmoll

    Are we going to have elections or selections?

  10. Mwamba

    PF Going Forward Up To 2041

    • Leon

      mwamba forward is for upnd and reverse is yours till 2021

  11. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    We all know the winner. It’s like Zambia Vs Argentina. Argentina will win. So please people of Eastern province, campaign freely without violence.Show a good example to all the provinces in Zambia. Mind you that the wise people came from the east. The Bible says so.


      Patmoll wake up we will have serious erections because of my name

  12. Leon

    My advice to upnd you can have a candidate but do not wast money campaigning because even if upnd wins nothing will change as long as the ruling party is pf .

  13. Hanizyy

    Nayonayo pf

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