Chipolopolo Coach Ejects Player for Skipping Camp

Chipolopolo coach Sven Vandenbroek has set a high disciplinary bar for his team by sending away a player that turned up for camp 24 hours later than his teammates.

And Vandenbroek says the weekly camps for local players have helped him have an overall impression of the Zambian game.

During a media briefing at the close of the third camp for local players, Vandenbroek said he had seen about 40 players over three camps and would now shift to tie up the case with foreign based players.

The Belgian said that players could not just turn up for camp at their own will without sticking to pre-arranged times.

“This camp we had some discipline issues, that is why one (player) was sent home and another did not show up,” he said.

“I will not share the names, but we made it very clear that an individual cannot decide to come on Monday morning if the meeting point hour is on Sunday evening, he cannot decide by himself. He can contact me we can discuss it and if it is a good reason maybe I will allow but it is not up to him to decide.”

He said that some of the local players would be fused into the stream that will compete for the September 8 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier with foreign based players.

“In the end there are two teams, you have the national team which has to qualify for the Africa Cup and then we have the locals. I will tell you not everyone in the local camps will be in the Africa Cup team,” he said.

“The long term future for those camps is that we can improve and call up the best ones and prepare them for Chan and Cosafa next year.”

The coach said that Zambia was blessed with some good wingers singling out Green Eagles midfielder Spencer Sautu, Ernest Mbewe, Bruce Musakanya and Mike Katiba among others.

He also said that he had benefitted from his excellent working relationship with SuperSport that had helped him watch more games to identify players.

On foreign players, Vandenbroek said he had only seen TP Mazembe and Orlando Pirates stars that featured for their clubs in an international pre-season game on the Copperbelt.

The coach is expected to name his provisional squad after having had a look at foreign based players.

Zambia will be away to Namibia on the weekend of September 7-9 before hosting Guinea Bissau on October 10.


(Source: FAZ Media)



  1. Andy cool

    Be serious footballer

  2. Razor

    Give us names so we know which players are letting us down.

    • Sealee

      Why are Zambian media so poor? giving us halfbaked stuff

    • Dark Side

      It’s treasonous to mention the name..after all these reporters are in the pockets of the same players

  3. James

    Give them five red rock


      sorry guys its me he’s talking about I bought a drum of brown chibuku in mtendere venze vikali

      • Nepia col chinyundu

        Excellent Discipline should be taken serious

  4. Patrick Mwale

    Good call by coach Sven Vandenbroek.Discipline must be maintained at all levels,but why has the writer withheld the name of the said player?

    • Kasongo Wabaluba

      Read and understand before reacting!

  5. Uncle sam

    Football players in Zambia should now learn from this that discipline is very important at the end of the day. Good move coach. Continue and keep it up. Free molecule and pliz NO interference ba FAZ

  6. Nyuma

    Maybe we can win the Africa cup

  7. Zlatan

    These Zambian,get them coach until they have some discipline

  8. Zlatan

    These Zambian players,get them coach until they have some discipline

  9. fikashala

    don’t left 4 kalaba and kabaso chongo

  10. Kedrick siame

    All the best coach please enjoy selections not corruption as i always commented too.

  11. Andrue

    My smart advise ,Don’t finger point anyone players follow rules and regulation

  12. Bite akabigs

    This should be a lesson to all the players. Discipline should be maintained, if they want to reach greater heights. And please faz and govt should not interfere, let the coach do what he thinks is best for our team.

  13. James Mphande

    Yes that’s the coach we want he even sent out some people, guess what Zambia is qualifying✋✋✋✋✋✋

  14. sage

    Finally I can say…….We are heading somewhere………….footballically

  15. Licent

    giv us we want to know

  16. Onessmore Mukonka

    What a good idea made by the coach, really nobody should decide on his own what to do without consent from him. Its high time we hear out latest names for the newly assembled national team by Sven, we are happy that long forgotten Sautu has been featured as well. All the best.

  17. Josphat Milambo

    lovely, discipline is good

  18. Ba Passion

    All the best

  19. Ba Passion

    Are we still building the team?

  20. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Zambia will not win any game look at these players yabaa nkuwayawayafye

  21. Ezra matunka

    Tel us the names

  22. Joseph candy

    All the best Zambian guys let’s follow what the coach is saying and you FAZ when you eat some money from some if the players and you start corruption when I know you you are going to loose your teeth I think you dislike your face.and you players everyone is a star don’t think that if you misbehaving we will send you back to the farm. Ask BA Croatia
    Coach continue with the same spirit

  23. Joseph candy

    All the best Zambian player guys let’s follow what the coach is saying and you FAZ when you eat some money from some of the players and you start corruption when I know you you are going to loose your teeth I think you dislike your face.and you players everyone is a star don’t think that if you misbehaving we will send you back to the farm. Ask BA Croatia
    Coach continue with the same spirit

  24. specialb

    good move

  25. Amatole Namabolo

    CommentWe don’t want corruption ok


    good move couch

  27. You

    Ni okalipa couch uyu ai, ndiyeaziba, show them respect mwandi.

  28. Elias chikwe Musonda

    Let the coach do his job, don’t brock his way. All the best

  29. zaix mwan

    nice one

  30. Bols dry no mixer

    Coach namwisa bwino aii , fifudisheni ifyo saana

  31. Timothy

    Without discipline we go nowhere. Zambians in general are poor at keeping time. Zambia has always done well with a disciplined selfless team. Our players should realize that it takes self discipline to well. They should take a leaf from the discipline of the men and women in uniform except most of the police officers of course.

  32. CROSS B

    That’s good coach don’t go for names



  34. Chisha

    Thats one step in the right direction. Without rules we are savages. At least they could have communicated their unavailability in advance not just coming in like nothing is wrong when they were needed in camp.

  35. Mwandila joseph

    Thanks for the new coach, the statement gave was very important, good lucky


  36. Moses kinda

    Good move!! I think we are moving now,, players should know that this is their life.

  37. Matwimatwi

    Not intresting

  38. Anthony milambo

    Yes coach,our footballers are primitive (fifundeko)teach them how to use their brains like herve renamed did,just after renerd went,fialishalafie fimbi fimbi,loosing nakuli ba Mozambique

  39. fidelis kyembe

    Yes coach good work you just need to call the foreign based players in time so that they can be with the local players

  40. Misheck Musonda

    It’s a good step,discipline is cardinal. No discipline no success. Maintain the same spirit.

  41. acklas banda

    teach them a lesson

  42. Hambani




  44. Tinnk


  45. Jimmy

    Yes now we can see the difference between a black and white coach,yeah teach them a lesson.but if we lose my dear,Zambians (supports)they don’t have respect,anyway I respect your decision.

  46. George mwape

    Nice start coach.

  47. Moses Mwanampumbe

    Kamundipa 6 yamene chamwa chi Sven.

  48. Milambo

    without displin respect is not their

  49. leo

    Good selection don’t pick players by their names according to what they did in the past no pick players on merit sir .

  50. palata minina

    Please go with best players like kalaba,daka,etc

  51. Analyticus

    Coach Van,
    You are yet to see stupid footballers in Zambia, withhold the name but we know him. Good job coach. Please let the heads roll. Good approach!

  52. Kensplash

    It is not the reporter who has withheld the names of these players but the coach. Good start for the new coach, discipline is key in every aspect of life.

  53. mbawala

    bt ur nt here 4 exeplimens we need gud rsuts

  54. Ben MC Junior

    Please let us know them.. ..soon soon iwe!!!

  55. Dj Kopala wonder

    WHO? give us the names.

  56. Aaron gadama

    Nice work coache

  57. jones Mulenga

    De’s footballer’s of today are not like de heroes we had the 1978 until ,that those followed after dem those really wanted zed to be on the world map an fortunate,’ things went wrong in football association “y”, can’t they copy up with other countries like Nigeria , Gana even other European countries, Co’s zedians loves football than any other game in our country coach teach the boys how to behave ,and let them bring trophies in our country as Renard did and God bless you to make agood squad

  58. enock chabala

    we need rainford kalaba

  59. Newton

    We need also sinkala coach
    Include him please.

  60. Uncle t

    Wala just do your job

  61. Done

    Just waiting to call the international players,……like patson daka,aigustin mulenga,justin shonga

  62. Rabbi M Kangwa

    My coach mind yo job don’t resening to others people

  63. Chobs

    Give us the name of the play that you send back

  64. Bwalya mupeseni

    That is the forward the team lacks discipline

  65. Saudi mwape

    Do not forget kalaba,sinkala and kabaso

  66. Saidi mwape

    Do not forget kalaba,sinkala and kabaso

  67. Nicholas

    Watch dogs work up and give us the names of those idiotic y

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