Elizabeth Phiri Sworn in as Gender Minister

President Edgar Lungu has appointed and sworn in Kanyama Member of Parliament Elizabeth Phiri as Gender Minister.

Phiri takes over from late Kasenengwa lawmaker Victoria Kalima.

President Lungu said that Phiri had proven her loyalty to the party over the years.

The appointment of Phiri is a direct replacement of a lady by another is show of commitment to gender balance.



  1. Mr. Mbayo C. Jackson

    Tiye nayo PF… Congrats Madam

  2. Sylvia Mambwe Lungu

    Congratulations 😤 woman of substance! Keep the PF fire burning.

  3. James Mphande

    Nayo nayo woman of still

  4. Starboy

    But since we voted for you we haven’t seen any developments in kanyama

    • Hahaha

      Don’t worry Starboy , she is loyal to pf .

      • Tom London

        Starboy boi Elizabeth is only loyal to pf and ecl which is why she cannot bring development to kanyama and lungu has clearly said so

  5. skb

    Congrats mamma you have worked hard without complaining. You deserve that appointment!!!! Wise choice Mr President.

  6. Dr Charles mukuka

    This pipo don’t even show up kunokumyesu BT a bin given this big posts is it because they a loyal to the of part of o to their

  7. Mj Chota

    congratulation madam elizabeth phiri for u’ve being appointed as genda minister here in kanyama constuancy we still need yo compaign promises

  8. Starboy

    This is why we can’t develop coz everytim an mp is given constituency development funding to bring development they put it in their pockets to satisfy their own families on your expense, then you as a cadre who just make noise when they buy you vimooba va mu ma tin mwakolewa you are busy saying she is loyal to pf. It’s not pf that votes, its the people, mwembwa mwe

  9. Mulenga benard

    Congratulation mayo continue working hard

  10. Yellow

    People easily forget after being voted.Ba madam remember how we sweated for you with your late brother Mr peter phiri


      if there is a woman who does not know how to dance in bed its Elizabeth phiri

      • Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

        Are you mad? Change your name and also learn to respect people.

  11. ndamwumfwa maisa

    mbolakukula stop insulting your insulting is not adding value to the nation that lady can be yo mum,yo auntie o yo sister

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