Kitwe Residents Throng Council Offices after Fake Land Advert

Kitwe Residents Tuesday morning stormed the Kitwe City Council after a fake advert on the sale of land went viral on different social media platforms.

The residents, from different townships kept workers at the Council busy with inquiries on the fake advert that was posted on different social media platforms.

It was later clarified that the local authority had not issued any advert on the sale of plots.

In separate interviews, the residents complained that land advertising in Zambia is done secretly, the reason most people turned up in numbers.

“We have been waiting for the advert for a long time, as you are aware New Kitwe has been opened for development despite the council not advertising, there are already people building there, the question is who gave them the pieces of land? That is why when I was told I came directly here after I checked the papers and didn’t find any advert but I have been told there is no such advert,” one of the residents stated.

And Kitwe City Council Public Relations Manager Roy Kuseka has distanced the Kitwe City Council from the advert making rounds on social media purporting the availability of plots and inviting interested parties to deposit in the banks non-refundable fees.

“In line with the government policy on land alienation procedure, Kitwe City Council will at an appropriate time, undertake to issue a comprehensive official advert on the same subject,” Kuseka said.

He has however regretted the anxiety the unofficial advert has caused among members of the public.

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  1. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    I think people who are misleading the public through social media, should be punished. Yes we have a democracy, but we should not mis used it.

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