Mongu Local Govt Clerical Officer Gets 3 Years for K1, 000 Bribe

The Mongu Magistrate Court has convicted a clerical officer in the Ministry of Local Government and Housing to 3 years simple imprisonment for corrupt practices involving K1, 000.

In this matter, Naomi Mutesi of Mongu District was arrested by the Anti-Corruption Commission this year and charged her with one count of Corrupt Practices by Public Officer contrary to Section 19 sub section 1 of the Anti-Corruption Act No. 3 of 2012.

Details are that Naomi Mutesi on 28th April, 2016, being a public officer namely Clerical Officer at Ministry of Local Government and Housing, Provincial Administration in Mongu corruptly solicited K1, 000 from Mr. Mupo Simenda cash gratification as an inducement to facilitate employment in the Government of the Republic of Zambia, a matter or transaction which concerned the Provincial Administration Office, a public body.


  1. Truth man

    That is good work by the Anti corruption . Do more, this is just a drop in the ocean there is a lot of corruption in the civil service in general.

  2. JFK

    anticoruption I have never seen cowards like you can you prob of and lungu of what kambwili is alleging

  3. Eminem

    Very Gud Ba ACC,its also happening mutumakampani kuno kuma industries, lsk.continue wth yo gud job!

  4. Tule

    People should be serious mwandi.. how can you be jailed for 3years just because of ma k100 yali ten

  5. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    Well done ACC but you should also arrest those Ministers who are found wanting. Because a Clerical Officer is far from Government Officials and that is why she has been charged with that case. All in all be fair and fearless when it comes to prosecuting the offenders.

    • National councillor

      Winnipeg you have spoken my mind,the law enforcers are corrupt themselves, so what’s k1,000 for them to have a share?

  6. Kedrick siame

    Zoona pa zed just for utuma hundred ten surely let be serious and please ba acc research more.

  7. Zozi

    What about that one?Him it’s to much ba ACC…


    Nika ule kalekeleleni ka Naomi

  9. Kunbucha drink

    even in Zambia suger please ba acc i can even give you there names

  10. Evergreen

    No money no life but don’t earn money from people who are poor

  11. Zankalewa

    Just enjoy your salaries ba guy

  12. Nkonkosheni

    Acc u must even rich police offices .

  13. bk

    Well done ACC, but you need to extend your investigations to other ministries like the ministry of information and broadcasting.particularly at Times of Zambia ltd. It looks like there is mis aprepriations of money at this company. Our brothers and sisters have surfaced for more than 6 years now, but they work hard day and night where does the money go ? To date they are not paid for 7months. This is one of the Gvt Institutions that need ACC to bounce on.

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