NDC Welcomes Dismissal of General Chimese

Knives are out for dismissed Zambia Air Force Commander Eric Chimese with the National Democratic Congress rubbing salt in his wounds.

NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge says his party welcomes the dismissal and called for the immediate probe of Chimese.


Kitwe. 08.08.2018.


The National Democratic Congress NDC has welcomed the decision by President Edgar Lungu to dismiss Zambia Air Force ZAF commander General Eric Chimese.

We urge the Anti-Corruption Commission ACC to immediately probe General Chimese.

We have credible information that Gen. Chimese might have been involved in a number of corrupt activities during his seven year stay as ZAF commander.

We have in mind the 62 million United States dollars contract for the supply of military uniforms that Gen. Chimese single sourced on 11 August 2017.

As NDC we have information that Gen. Chimese single sourced a local firm BHB contractors to supply uniforms to ZAF at an inflated price.

BHB is a local company situated at plot number 407 Independence Avenue Lusaka.

Gen. Chimese single sourced this firm to supply expensive military regalia when a Kenyan firm, PURMA was ready to supply the same uniforms at 14 million U. S dollars.

We urge the ACC to go further and probe all the civil servants including a Permanent Secretary who are linked to the 62 million dollars scandal.

Brigadier General Wilfred Mbewe was Chief of Supply at ZAF when this deal was dubiously signed.

Gen. Mbewe and others opposed this deal but was removed from his office by Gen. Chimese.

A number of officers such as Brigadier General Chibesa who was in charge of Finance were unceremoniously retired for opposing this deal.

Gen. Chimese has left ZAF in a mess and should be probed immediately so that his name is cleared.

The NDC further urges President Lungu to fire Zambia Army Commander Paul Mihova.

Gen. Mihova is involved in a lot of dubious activities at the army.


As NDC, we have the full details of the proxy that Gen. Mihova is using in South Africa to loot Zambia Army resources.


Issued by: Mwenya Musenge. Secretary General NDC.


  1. Truth man

    If you have the above information and other details of a serious matter like this, ,why don’t you give it directly to the police or indeed to the Anti corruption commission. If you are a serious leader that is!

  2. Leon

    anti corruption yours is just to chew go ahead and probe these men do not wait for you to be pushed the whole country knows you are a bunch of cowardly men who always waits for instructions from the higher office but you get paid every day one day you will also fired because of being cowardice shame

  3. Zlatan

    Wanyeka munzi!!!

  4. saul

    wapya musasa

  5. Starboy

    But guys I fail to understand this, just ZAF uniform we cannot tailor it here in Zambia? No wonder new currency notes are coming it is also corruption they will put it in their pockets

  6. man j

    No bwino Bwino paipa

  7. FGM

    Corruption is a serious issue in Zambia. And it’s like we have no one to provide leadership on this cancer that has made over 70% Zambians perpetually wallow in abject poverty. Leaders and organizations charged with the responsibility of protecting national resources should ACT if they are not equally culprits.

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