Ndola Municipal Council Grabs 47 Stray Goats

The Ndola Municipal Council has picked up 47 stray goats following an operation to curb keeping of animals on residential areas.

Council Public Relations Manager Tilyenji Mwanza has sent a strong warning to residents in the district who are in habit of keeping animals in residential areas.

She said the local authority through its department of public health carried out an operation and confiscated 47 goats from Ndeke and Jacaranda areas.

“The goats were stray and unattended to, the Local Authority who are guided by Statutory Instrument  12 of 2018 pertaining to public health have henceforth applied for a court order to either auction the goats or dispose them off,” she said.

She has since advised residents not to rear chickens in residential areas a vice which is becoming common in the city.

Mwanza said chicken runs are a public nuisance they have an unpleasant smell which affects neighbours.

“The Public Health department also notes that the rearing of animals in residential areas raise chances of spread of various diseases, the Ndola City Council would like to add that those found wanting will also be charged in addition to having their animals confiscated,” she added.


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  5. aubrey

    chicken running in my wall fence with a pleasant small neat and clean is also not allowed ??? dear council please revisit your thought on this if u bring out a charge to have a permit among many I would complie but telling me to stop the one thing that is an earning for me is not helping me…….u can send a group of experts to inspect and learn there some of us that maintain our surrounding …

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  7. Jmb

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  8. Christopher Mutambo

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  15. Timo

    Goats can be confiscated cos there is no grazing areas in cities but for chicken I think it is not Fair.

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