Vubwi Jilted Lover Kills Self and Two Sons Over Marital Dispute

In a typical love gone sour tale, a Vubwi man has poisoned himself with his two sons after his wife abandoned him and got married to another man in Mozambique.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner Luckson Sakala confirmed the incident.

Sakala said Brighton Phiri went missing together with his two sons on 23rd July and was only found dead on Tuesday.

“I would like to confirm that Vubwi police received a report of suicide from Solomon Phiri (brother to the deceased) of Nyongani village in chief Pembamoyo. He reported that his elder brother Brighton Phiri 32 and his two children Gabriel aged 8 and Jasman aged 6 were found dead in the bush near the village,” Sakala said.

He said Phiri and his two children went missing on 23rd July 2018 around 06:00 hours after a marital dispute with his wife who had even abandoned him and went to the neighbouring Mozambique where she got married.

“When information reached him that his wife has been married in Mozambique, he got very annoyed and was forced to get some suspected poisonous stuff and took his two children and went to the bush. He made the two children drink the suspected poisonous stuff and later on he took the same stuff. All the three died on the spot. On Tuesday round 16:30 hours his young brother found the dead bodies and reported the matter to police,” Sakala said.

He said police discovered that the bodies were decomposed and advised the bereaved family to bury them.


  1. Eminem

    Sad devlpment,why tek yo & inocent chldren’s lives bcoz of d harlot.And
    uyu mkazi naye ,where she z,hr adultrus marej wil nevr last,asala na chibanda chabantu 3,bcoz of hr mental tocha,i pray she wont find pc in hr marital lyf.

  2. Eminem

    And May The Souls Of The Innocent Children(Gabriel & Jasman)rest in God’s grace.
    Woe 2 the mothr & shame 2 the father.

  3. Lemmy cheba

    Sad development indeed, why involving innocent children? Women Women!

  4. Charlesmicklay

    But y killing innocent children pls,this is sad development 👬mwe bantu

  5. Mr. K

    Very. Sad. Indeed. Death. Is. Always. At. Hand. His. Wife. Caused. All. These. Problems.

  6. Jamed

    But sure . Nacheve chimukazi Chabe,,,,,
    Sad development
    may the souls of the sons rest in peace

  7. Barnabas

    It’s an fair please ladies stop ⛔ that habit innocent souls you are mad 😡

  8. luckson sundano

    Some women’s hearts is a sea full of secrets,their hyrach of needs can bury u easily. Kkkk,niyobaba! Otherwise this is queit sad.

  9. Storm123

    What women can do…. Women wonders shall never end

  10. Ras Kay

    Very unfortunate, bakazhi batipaya maningi, RIP


    But why taking innocent souls of those children???? bafikamba you should be just killing your selves.

  12. ks

    bt dis man sure,, y kill inocent kid chifukwa cha sex. lets learn to move 4ward by workn hard

  13. Andrew mvula

    Too bad for the innocent souls for they have departed from this world without even wanting to may the young souls rest in peace for their untimely death……
    We should not blame the woman for we all don’t know what made her to live her matrimonial home anyway sad development there

  14. Abraham

    too bad, over a women. MSRIP.

  15. Busy

    If i were the Mozambiquan married to that Zambian prostitute , i would divorce it after learning about this. For the late weak soul ( man alone ) , be like me . Hahaha….! i have been through it and here iam with my three kids and a new beautiful wife .Commiting suecide is for weaker souls .

  16. zekman 1

    Sad news, its not new to all married men, a women is the big devil even in the sayin it, look at adam, David please us married one never trust your wife under what…all womens are same, there good on sex and money that’s what they needs…. But don’t involve kids and there many ma hule mu zambia na ku chipata baliko…. M. Y. S.R.I.P amen.

  17. uncle sam

    please sure imwe !!! has de world gone to de dogs or de dogs hav gone to de world?? y inocent children imwe? may the two souls rest in etenal peace.

  18. Emmanuel Banda

    He’s in hell now for killing innocent children.

  19. Andrew Monde

    To bad its unfortunate, that’s how dangerous it is to play games of love,and tek things for grated.

  20. lameck zimba

    we pray for the innocent souls rest in peace

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