It’s Official: UPND, NDC Fail to Field Candidates in Kasenengwa

Three candidates have successfully filed their nomination for the September 6 Kasenengwa parliamentary by-election on a day that provided loads of drama with the UPND and NDC failing to file.

The candidates that successfully filed their nomination are the Patriotic Front’s Sensio Banda, John Zulu of the People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) and Abel Ngwenya of UPPZ.


UPND’s Dr Faustin Banda could not file his nomination after he failed to show up at the nomination centre at Chikungu Primary School.

Kasenengwa returning officer Noel Sichale declared the three as the only successful candidates around 15:00 hours.

Kasenengwa district electoral officer Mabvuto Masiye said the UPND indicated that it would bring a candidate during a stakeholders meeting but failed to do so.

He said at the close of the nomination there was no candidate that came from UPND although one representative of the party informed ECZ that they were expected to bring in a candidate but they did not do so until the close of the exercise.

UPND officials who were near the nomination centre left unceremoniously when it was clear that their no-show candidate would not file his nomination.


  1. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Too bad to upnd and ndc. Too much talk but no action. Even 2021 do the same.

    • Jonas Sampa

      The indicators of planning to jump high is to retreat, wait for 2021.it will be jumping forward not back wards ,when some one continues jumping forward now that he is almost tired and afraid of something coming from behind.HH will jump.

  2. Alexander Saimbwende mushala- North western Province

    “ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND” says Sejani. This is what happens when the party leadership is changing. HH has been at the helm of this tribal grouping since 2006 and the party has seen five presidential losses under his leadership. The party has not gone for any convention since then. UPND needs fresh blood with fresh ideas not HH and his blind MMC members, they are all finished. PF does not need even to campaign now or 2021 it is a foregone conclusion that they will win the elections

  3. Mocho East

    Osawala,bayamba Kuziyopela beka!Hahahahah Kkkkkkkkk!!!
    Join Us If U Cant Defeat Us,,,,chinja Team Ukolewe!!

  4. matuzo

    Umo ingaikuta Bushe kumuseka ?let hungry people eat.
    Live HH my President alon.

  5. chumbu munshololwa

    so ikaba no holiday

  6. chumbu munshololwa

    so ikaba ni holiday

  7. Mr. Mbayo C. Jackson

    UPND has shown it’s phobias….

  8. Sama

    Guys just wait 2021 is for Upnd to rule Zambia mind you ruling party is always winning these local gvm election so don’t just open up your mouth first think and you never know what tomorrow brings.

  9. chongo

    Technically knocked out,money speaks lounder,


    No transport kuli ba upnd sorry ba guy mwandi even in 2021 do the same kikiki

    • Zozi

      There are three kinds of people in this world…those who talk about about others,those who do the work and those who bring up ideas.keep fighting UPND cause without you guys,our ruling party will become reluctant. Pf continue with your good works.

  11. Kunbucha drink

    Too much talking ba upnd

  12. Leon

    another fool pretending to be upnd has been bought and people celebrating you will realise when it too late that your tax payer’s money has been paid to upnd candidate for him not to show up.viva those making maney and fooling of poor supporters

  13. Hambani


  14. James Mphande

    Hahhahhaahaha but UPND rubbish party ever HahahahHa mooored🐄🐃🐂🐃🐂🐃🐂🐂🐃

  15. Done

    If u can’t beat us join us

  16. Viva

    HahahahHa but sure UPND come 2021 pf

  17. Truth man

    UPND had only one chance to win the Presidential elections in Zambia, when the late Michael SATA passed away, and the ruling party was fighting for a leader to take over the reigns of Pf .However that chance slipped away due to inexperience and lack of leadership in the way the UPND handled the election exercise.The party needs to bring in, experienced politicians in order to survive.They must consult widely or else they will end up like the old ANC after Independence.To date, the party looks like someone groping in the dark.They suffer from lack of knowledge to strategize effectively and efficiently.


      wait and see PF IS WINNING 2021 we don’t want cattle to rule this country

  18. James Mphande

    HahahahHa but Electoral



  20. hasty

    Comment These happenings are being orchestrated by insecured lots,and u call that democracy.,.The saw called Dr Faustina Banda is an embarrasment to the educated masses.

  21. Raphael chikasa

    Wait for 2021upnd will rule Zambia god is watching Zambia


    iwe chi Rapheal Chikala I said PF will scoop 2021 full-stop im from ECZ

    • Dihehe

      Chai these UPNDs are becoming worse by the day aii

  23. Sylvester moomba

    Comment who descent know that the ruling party is busy stealing money from tax payers to bribe weak idiots. Luck enough iam older than Zambia and i know that this move is as short as a lie which has short legs.

  24. HOMMIE 24

    let UPND go for a convetion and elect a new leader HH has faild

  25. propagandists pf

    ati ba humble leader,kuwayawaya fye,how i wish we had many pilatos who understand the political stuation better than these other fools
    2021 is just around the corner,we will see how they are going to bribe everyone
    intimidating the strong opposition political parties is worrying
    come 2021 will be a different issue altogether
    it happened with mmd so it shall be
    pf is turned into the worst ever

  26. Tembo Edward

    The end has started for the UPND

  27. Teshakuno

    Let’s not waste resources.

  28. Joseph.mwape

    We are going to convetion but still our presidential candidate will be no other than HH. GBM running mate. It’s only UPND which has credible readers to bring back the economy back were it’s suppose to be.

  29. FGM

    The tactics at play in the Zambian political arena are clearly indicating that Zambia is once more headed for a One Party State. Those with eyes can see where we are heading.

  30. Mulley X.

    Still doubting where we are heading, are you still asleep? Wake up and face the reality, don’t just support blindly on account of impressing one person due to his wealth, when the current Republican President stood as a presidential candidate, he had no money but because the majority Zambians are not in slamber they voted wisely. Even 2021 if the attitude of been self-centered will not be quenched out, am afraid some opposition parties will be on same and always crying bench. Insults, arrogance, bitterness, malice and envy always yields negative impact. So to those who are still dreaming, wake up and have a proper discernment. I love you all regardless of your political affiliations. One love

  31. Eminem

    @Sama,stop dreaming!face reality & not fantasy,upnd is already in a casket awaiting burial,,,,can i tel u wen?,,,,any day!

  32. Andrew Monde

    Anything happens for a purpose we just focus on what we see but wat is yonda no man knows.

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