FIFA Bans Kalusha Bwalya for Two Years Over Qatar Bribe

Former FAZ President Kalusha Bwalya has been banned for two years by world soccer governing body FIFA.

Bwalya has been banned for his role in Qatar 2022 bribe scandal where he pocketed US$80, 000.


The adjudicatory chamber of the independent Ethics Committee has banned Kalusha Bwalya, member of the executive committee of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), for two years from all football-related activities (administrative, sports or any other) at both national and international level.

The investigation against Mr Bwalya was opened on 28 February 2017, and focused principally on benefits that Mr Bwalya had received from Mr Bin Hammam.

The adjudicatory chamber found Mr Bwalya guilty of having violated art. 16 (Confidentiality) and art. 20 (Offering and accepting gifts and other benefits) of the FIFA Code of Ethics. A fine in the amount of CHF 100,000 was also imposed on Mr Bwalya.

The decision was notified to Mr Bwalya today, and the ban comes into force immediately.



    I know this bemba fool he is capable of such activities it’s an embarrassment Zambian why kalu

    • MJ

      Why do you have to involve tribe? We should move away from such retarded reasoning

  2. Kunbucha drink

    Shame to you kalu

    • Kilubi

      It’s normal like that and i don’t blame him he should make money if a chance comes in his way that’s how a strong man should be keep it up great Kalu even presidents go to state House for nothing but money who are you to deny $80,000

      • vern

        Mung’anda ya Bwalwa balengilamo, lelo ukukompola pa musunga wabene chakana.

  3. Evergreen

    If we say that kalu he is a bad person some you guys you criticize now he has been caught red handed

  4. damisiano phiri

    wonderful ba FIFA

  5. Zankalewa

    no wonder our national team usually fell to qualify for world it’s bcoz of him he can’t support Zambians why last time there was elections him he decided to his vote to onyangu

  6. Zankalewa



    In short he has witched Zambian football

  8. Onessmore Mukonka

    The Bible says, nothing is hidden. Mr Kalusha Bwalya has been doing all this kind of corruption for sometime now. Today he is caught red 🔴 🔴 🔴 🔴 handed, what a sad story Mr Kalu, it is also symbolic that he is not princepled man. When us Zambians talk on such issues we are shattered just because we are under corrupt leaders of different sectors, but now the hidden treasure has been shown to everyone, shame, we are tired of this kind of barbbarick deals. “Escalate your steps whenever you feel like flying Mr Kalusha. “

  9. Ben MC Junior

    Very sad Mr Kalu

    • Concerned Citizen

      Too musebanyas my former Mufulira Sec Sch 1975 Form 1 school mate!

  10. Chela

    Kudos to kalu what is two years? he will bounce back and he will always remain a legend

    • Kilubi

      Nice one chela boi Kalu ninshimbi kwati iwe 2years panono sana

  11. Zachariah

    YoU See ,Am Sory!

  12. James Mphande

    U deserve it Mr bwalya

  13. Wongani mbantu

    What is the finding by our ACC on kalu. We hav received updates many times but ACC failed 2 release the out come. Kalu hands are corrupt and fifa has done it 4 us bcoz ACC HAS FAILED US . Not all bemba’s are corrupt bcoz these pipo are nice not all are bad


    Nothing wrong with that. He worked mwibala, so he was eating mwibala

  15. David

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha

  16. Willie

    We hate to say, ‘ we said it’ . now we have been vindicated.

  17. Honourable

    Ubomba mwibala alya mwibala not me saying these words search leave kalu alone

  18. Willie

    Now can we see our ACC reaction. Its not too late to prove that ACC is not for opponents of the elite.

  19. Mr Peace

    What next iwe chisilu chikalusha?Just become one of the force prophets if u want money without law restrictions iwe idiot.U will end up kuchimbwakaila ka.

  20. DIEGO HH

    pf members kkkk

  21. Treason

    Kalu, Is Too Corrupt, He Destroyed Our 2012 Champs. Shame

  22. Chembe Mutayachalo

    I knew that one day this would happen to Kalu especially that he has gone to CAF every one loves money but NOT with this guy he’s too much in love with money that’s why if you have been observant,he always follow white women with money because he knows that he will reap were he did not sow. And he can’t marry black woman unless otherwise he is a conman. The world should be careful with this guy.

  23. Chembe

    I knew that one day this would happen to Kalu especially that he has gone to CAF every one loves money but this guy is too much in love with money that’s why if you have been observant,he always follow white women with money because he knows that he will reap were he did not sow. And he can’t marry black woman unless otherwise he is a conman. The world should be careful with this guy.

  24. Boma

    This guy has been soliciting bribes from players for them to be featured in the Chipolopolo squad.Please verify this with players and you will shocked by the response against him.

  25. andrew

    Too bad.so what moral’s are our leaders trying to teach us..oneday when we became corrupt.. Will u point at us and say this young pipo are a disgrace???? #councilor

  26. Razor

    This guy only got into football administration to steal. He stole a lot of public funds while at FAZ that’s why he never wanted to give up the position. Now the truth has come out he should also be banned from all sporting activities in zambia and also banned by CAF

  27. Nkonkosheni

    Kalu ar so sorry boi,

  28. mukenga

    What a shame on Kalusha and his blind supporters. Shame also on the Zambian Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) to which this case was reported and did nothing about it obviously due to Kalusha’s position and his close links to the ruling party. People at one time brought up the issue of him being bribed by players before including them in the National team but that too was ignored
    I urge FAZ to sue him to recover the money he ‘stole’ using its name. I also urge the public especially civil society to ask the ACC director to resign with immediate effect as he’s failed the Nation. This I hope ends his political aspirations as he’s a big let down.


    kikikikiki it’s party tim for us at Football House wow we will drink to this victory ahhhh kikikkki wow this is sweet I will declare a holiday for FAZ staff on Monday just to party around God has answered my prayers

  30. mj

    He thought it was another ZAMBIA where everyone enjoys corrupt. Too bad Kalu the devil has let you down. Remember old habits die hard……U can practice corruption in Zambia but not in other parts of the world.Sorry,Pray to God that your sin is forgiven.

  31. jones Mulenga

    Mr great kalu why ?be prayerfully sir Co’s money is good ,but if you are not using Wisdom our Name Z has gone down,Co’s it even attracts the out side world .Imaging sir!!!

  32. Chisha D

    He is the human being, it’s normal and he still our hero.

  33. Briven

    What is bad must be said as it is, when a public figure like him does sth of that sort, it not only destroys his reputation as an individual but also the country as a whole. Kalu, don’t think you can do what you do in Zambia anywhere…this is the importance of practising charity at home, hero to zero, what a let down you’re?

  34. Sirkel

    Our hero. Kalu be careful next time

  35. Spectator

    Let him pay back that fine .

  36. levisn

    What a Disgrace to us the people of zambia Kalusha

  37. Muchimba

    The next time you hear of Kalusha, he will be a minister in the PF govt …. watch this space

  38. CLaxT

    This so sad kalu u are finished ,ndiwe nsanya manje

  39. Shaka

    He utilized the Bemba adage, u bomba mwibala,alya mwibala.Thumbs up great Kalu. Don’t despair.

  40. Happy sinkonde

    What a shame too bad for the grat kalu my advice Is that “nothing stays hidden forever”if you did it in secret the world will see kwasala ya FAZ ,I hope what people say is not true . Paved Winchester sinkonde muskuma



  42. Me

    After 2 years he can even be FIFA president or caf

  43. Abih

    Kalusha is greatness nomater whatever scandal

  44. kaya

    kalu wawa. thnkx to Fifa 4telng our government that its corrupt, such dat thy cnt evn investigate such issues until da world knws. ACC z corrupt

  45. Andrue

    Sichimaveka che mushe bakakugwila.it take yrs to become a (hero )BT few days, hour minutes,second to distroy it.A big lesson to others.

  46. Kalusha bwalya

    I am suppose to be jailed but thank God am safe with my wife .😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  47. Kp

    1988 Africa football of the year ,1998 top score in South Africa 2012 African cup of Nation as a president of FAZ, 2017 the most corrupt president of FAZ , yeeeeeeee Ba kula you are a MAN

  48. jt

    This is why I sometimes suspect corruption in the games we lose.

  49. Jojo

    Now who will represent Zambia? This man had no choice…and after the very two years ban, he will not be given the position he was holding….

  50. Wallack

    Too bad…..Mr kalu

  51. Bb

    There are so many corrupt elements in this world, its unfortunately this has happened to our own when our country is very much associated with corruption. Country men and women let us learn a lesson from this incidence especially those us who are representing our country at all levels. Corruption erodes ones reputations, what’s is 80pin dollars as compared to ones reputations, its nothing brothers and sisters. Finally let’s not pass bad comments about this incidence, its now time as a country to reflect on this. Institutions mandated to curb this vice should be exposing more people, so that they learn some lessons how bad it is to use public offices to your advantage.

  52. Black Token

    Kalu bachanganye…..# Qatar 2022

  53. HOMMIE 24

    Everyone would have done the samae.we are all currupt,we are all thiefs in some way.well done kalu.take a break for while enjoy life n bounce back with more corrupt idears after two years

  54. Kalawa

    Legends are legends that’s ok for me .
    You people tell me if it was a white person this story could not be in the news .let’s just eat with them one it might be you given the opportunity can accept come back without money.he was given he did not steal mind you.its ba great kalu ka two years nizzy after all they haven’t taken the money from you.
    KALU WAS NOT THE WHO STARTED CORRUPTION,he also found it this world

  55. Joezman

    Zoona watumweneshamo bukabolala
    Kuwayawayafye kanshi

  56. Canstone Yusuf Chishimba

    Preserve this man,let’s find out the truth first before we can go deeper into blaspheming and insulting great Kalu. Remember today we are living in the world where propaganda is at rampant. They may just fabricate stories for him as a means of chasing him. Let’s just welcome him warmly, as the truth is yet to be unwrapped. Because of him and his past hard work, great Kalu,Zambia is on map in as far as soccer is concerned.
    Kalu this is your motherland so just come back and we will cordially welcome you sir, every single person on Zambia knows and fully understands that you’re the only icon in the field of soccer. I like you dear great Kalu!

  57. Mambwe Lungu

    Pity that such things should be labelled against Kalusha. He’s indeed a legend who has put Mother Zambia on the World Map. Is he able to exculpate himself? If so, let’s wait and hear it from the horse’s mouth..

  58. Sean Ace

    Corruption Is Prohibited Even Our Country Called Zambia But How Did He Do It While He Was Even Aware Of It That Is A Crime When They Caught Me… So Nothing I Can Say(sadly Words) He Deserve It And Fifa Please Add Some Panishments Or Add $50,000 To Judged Fine…Lol

  59. Papa G

    Change Baseka uwachelwa.boyi unichekeleko.

  60. John Maambo

    Sad development. Wishing you all the best kalu

  61. The Great Kalu Himself

    Atishani Ba Zambia? You Are Saying Ati Ndemimweneshamo Lol. Kkkkkk. Mwangufwishabwino. Mulafwayasana Kuba Broke Ayi? Pembembeleni Panono Apa Mwansanga Nomba. Next Mungangufwila Mu Boma Emotuleinga Manje. Lwenu Mukafwa Inchushi.

  62. muntungwa

    Bamukanda stupid. Asebanya ichalo chesu.

  63. Geoffrey

    Comment sorry sir deval always a loser, this behaviour leads to poor performance in sports discipline

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