Dr Faustina Banda Ditches UPND for PF

No-show UPND candidate for the Kasenengwa parliamentary seat Dr Faustina Banda has joined the Patriotic Front 48 hours after failing to file his nomination.

Banda has made the announcement from his Kasenengwa base where he is currently holed plotting a campaign strategy for the Patriotic Front.

The acting Head of the Geometric Engineering department at UNZA, has since been added to the Patriotic Front campaign team in Kasenengwa.

President Edgar Lungu has prevailed on Banda to be the lead advisor for the Kasenengwa campaign.

Banda failed to file his nomination after pulling a disappearing act from his party.

Three candidates successfully filed their nomination for next month’s Kasenengwa by-election.

The three are PF’s Sensio Banda, John Zulu of PAC and Abel Ngwenya of UPPZ.


  1. HH

    I don’t like what edigar lungu is doing in my party. Lungu I will deal with you in 2021, wait the people of zambia please let us work together to remove this corrupt government in power.looking at what is happening this in the country , its only I and my friend GBM can change our corrupt Zambia into a Christian Zambia.

    • Bob

      Why do you write such rubbish and expect normal people to believe that HH wrote it,idiot

    • mmmmm

      pliz stop impersonating

    • Lloyd

      They say politics, you use different strategies and if your strategies are not working for you copy from what is working from your friends

      • Mukan

        Even when others are using underhand methods seriously? I tend to disagree with you on this one. The onus is on the voters, what kind of leaders do they want to lead them? And those who want to stand for public office, what motivates them? Imagine how this man’s character is now being questioned? Can he walk around with his head held high?

    • Bagdad

      So what

  2. Alexander saimbwende mushala

    “ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND” says Sejani. If you cant beat them just join them before it is too late, well done Dr. banda that is your right as enshrined in the Zambian constitution. For UPND the party apparently is in free fall beyond redemption point. However, it is never too late for them if they can just remove HH and GBM from the top leadership, the party may bounce back.

  3. Leon

    what makes people behave like Faustina is hunger ,good news is these likes of people like Faustina will be campaigning for Upnd in twenty twenty one also ecz will act the way they did to banda bwezani whereby he had to flee to Malawi

  4. DD

    Let him go useless

  5. Kangwa Gabriel C Jr

    The political situation in our country is not health.Any gud government should hv a gud opposition parties to provide checks n balances.But what’s happening? it is a pity!!!!!

  6. Razor

    Never trust such pipo. If he can do that to the party that adopted him for the live of money then he can do the same to the PF . Such pipo have no morals.

  7. Shi aliko

    If we say politics are dirt games you don’t believe now you see tee

  8. Evergreen

    Upnd sorry mwandi

  9. Zankalewa

    Wina azalila

  10. Kunbucha

    Pf teinobe

  11. Easy Easy

    A Dr of philosophy and Dr in science have different morals.l saw how one who taught me physics at school behaved,very different from one who taught me R.E.nasiya—– insanity with levels!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. chongo

    Politics is a dirt game indeed, and mr Banda has no morals.

  13. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Wat a foolish frog

  14. mbawala

    ur chose a right way mr wealcom 2 zambia

  15. G-Bally

    Fuke you Banda with your tricks.

  16. Lungu

    Since i ws born,this gorv has more tricks than ever.

  17. Isaac C.Patrick

    Guys Politics Is All about insults remember we are One Zambia One Nation

  18. frank matoka

    Whatever goes up must come down

  19. frank matoka

    We had people like Mugabe , now where are they? So……

  20. Frank moyo

    What a fool

  21. Roy chisempu

    From the start he was pf upnd didnt just see it.guy if we are not careful we will go back to one party state looking at what is happening and you respect such people who want to take us to the one party state they want kill upnd because its the only opposition the sad part is they are using money obtained through corruption,a bunch of thieves every pf member has a skeleton in his closet but there time is coming they have bitten more than they can chew.

  22. Jeff

    Dr Banda is dirty in his thinking.shame, never trust such characters!!


    Charity begins at home and it should not end there.

    if the party UPND is facing such tearing aparts now,do you expect it to win 2021.
    1. a fool (HH) and its money (MEMBERS) are soon partted. or Its a zeal without knowedlege is a runninin way horse?

  24. FGM

    The USA has developed democracy because both the ruling party and the opposition political party never dream of killing the other but in Zambia we all want to get back to One party state because PF is hard working, not corrupt and the only hope for the suffering Zambians.

  25. Slim

    The funds they r using to corrupt Zambians is it “Jameson” Lungus money or tax payers?! Anyhow an individual with the intellect to be conferred a doctorate would never sink this low! Either the qualification was dubiously attained or the man has a paper qualification totally irrelevant to his purported. Students please boot him out of the institution. Make his stay unbearable.

  26. alberity orbinoh jr

    PF teyabanaiyooo wapya baisa welcome Mr banda

  27. HOMMIE 24

    All of us can do what this thief has done if bribed with a reasonable amount

  28. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle


  29. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master


  30. Timothy

    How can such a high ranking academician cheat UPND. This person is a disgrace to UNZA and the Nation at large, he should be brought to book. Police smoke out this fake Dr. These are the people who are dragging the name of our highest learning institution into disrepute. I wonder how many this fake Dr has misdirected. PF should not keep quiet about this. This is embarrassing to democracy. What will the world thick about us. Is this man really a Dr. ?

    • GBM


      • Ndine

        You should really be an idiot, you can’t even think like a normal person, all you know are insults, repent or else you children will suffer the consequences of your stupidity

  31. Icona nswa citula ku mwela

    The problem are the people HH is entrusting with picking the would be candidates.The other problem when HH released money amounting to 120,000 kwacha for Dr f banda to use during company,those people who got the money decided to give Dr F Banda a 2000 kwacha pocketed 118,000kwacha.People knows that there are members in upnd who feel more upnd than others,so unless HH sort those people out thats when will have chances to win elections.As it is now when we are even losing the grassroot to pf winning any election is a dream.HH dissolve the management committe and put new people there to drive the party to another height then 2021 will be walk over,I rest my case

  32. Truth man

    He has also become a tribalist.He hails from the east and there they say “UMOZI KU MAWA” Only a fool can not understand this type of manouvre by this so called fake doctor! Zambia must wake up and make laws that can prevent this country become a One Party state again like what UNIP did in 1970.

  33. Axima

    There is no such a thing as Dr of Science.

  34. Kapyepye

    The PF has decimated democracy. It is the worst tribal party in the history of Zambia. But one thing for sure… they will end in tears. God is watching and this deceit won’t last forever. Oh Zambia my country! And these fake Drs, What values can Faustin teach our children?

  35. Hebk

    Weldone pf n Banda dismantle this tribal tonga party for good. After all Hh has no manifesto…

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