OPINION: Kalusha’s fall from Grace

News of world soccer governing body FIFA banning celebrated Zambian football legend Kalusha Bwalya did not come as a surprise. It was merely a continuation of the global bans that FIFA has long been dishing out to various players in the corrupt strewn Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup bid. King Kalu as his worshippers love to refer to him has been living on borrowed time. Bwalya was part of the cronies that disgraced former FIFA President Sepp Blatter, himself a banned official, relied to buy votes during auctions for World Cup bid. Kalusha was one of Blatter’s blue eyed boys on the continent and thrived off the money and fame the alliance afforded him. But it was not this association with Blatter that proved his final undoing but his well-documented lust for money. Anyone who has hang around the Great One testifies to his weakness with the green, even where he does not deserve it.  It was the ease with which he became used with soliciting for bribes with the most sensational being the US$80, 000 he corruptly obtained from disgraced Qatari businessman and former FIFA Vice President Mohammed Bin Hammam. Bwalya unashamedly confessed taking the bribe that was deposited in his personal account claiming yali ninkongole (it was a debt). He was also fingered by the world famous Sunday Times in the United Kingdom as one of the officials that received bribes for voting for the Qatar bribe.

It was not uncommon for Kalusha to harvest match appearance fees with the US$1.5 million paid by Brazil in 2013 for an international friendly not reflected anywhere in the accounts at FAZ. Zambia was paid a similar amount by Japan for another exhibition match with the resources vanishing in thin air. Asking questions about some of the deals that Kalusha struck through his wife Emmie Cassallati’s sports Management Company was not welcomed by a very idolizing public. It was this kind of questioning that landed veteran sports journalist Augustine Mukoka on the wrong end of Kalusha’s slap in South Africa. It may not be flattering to an army of idolizing fans of Kalusha’s heroics on the pitch that earned him the 1988 African Footballer of the Year accolade to highlight his shady side off the pitch.

In truth Kalusha never heeded any advice to go easy on dirty deals that even robbed the country of the once esteemed Nike deal. Now Zambia is still struggling for a credible shirt sponsor. It was always going to end one way for the former celebrated icon. He may have very easily been the first Zambian to attract a FIFA ban from Southern Africa but thankfully Botswana national Ishmael Bhamjee beat him to that accolade. It may not be the two years that will be the problem for Kalusha as the appeal that he has promised his followers with will come at a cost of US$30, 0000 non-refundable. Does he have the luxury of spending that money? Maybe complying with the ban also presents a catch 22 for Kalusha as he has been fined US$100, 000 (K1 million rebased). There could also be the possibility of having the ban lengthened as he has shown no remorse. If Blatter, Jerome Valcke, Jack Warmer and a legion of African administrators that were pioneers in bans like the Ivorian Amos Adamu did not survive, what gives Kalusha the audacity to think he has a credible defence for his self-confessed indiscretion? We have not heard of any of these bans being reversed so far, so we can only fold our arms and watch the drama unfold.


  1. HOMMIE 24

    Let me say this again.we re all corrupt no one is immune to corruption.we re all thiefs,we re all lovers of money.all of us would have done the same,all of us would accept US$80,000 for a bribe n for sure no one goes easy on such deals.dont appeal kalu 2yrs is not a big deal

    • ted

      you must b an idiot of a chimpanzee for supporting corruption. if you are low life human being who embraces corruption, dont assume everyone is like u. Thats why our country can never develope.. Fool

      • Amano

        Well said. We unfortunately have a lot of people who survive on corruption and as such do not see anything wrong with it. Shame on them.

      • Naked facts

        @ted, you are 1000,000℅ correct. If you accept stupidity and mediocrity in zambia doesn’t mean its the same everywhere. Only a fool, i repeat only a FOOL can support corruption in a day light. How on earth can one sink so low reaching an extent of defending corruption like that ?

  2. FGM

    Corruption at any level or in any organization should be condemned. Especially if practiced by politicians who are employed and salaried by the poor taxpayers’ money.

    • mwansa

      Condemning one another is not drives backward cause we expect people to be perfect. People we always fail cause money as answer to almost all our answers instead of condemming people as if we a perfect lets fight for systems that allow for people to be accountable to others lets acknowledge money is a problem to all of us so as to better our lived

  3. Stl

    He is responsible for Zambian football downfall.

  4. Mr Peace

    I don’t agree with the nosense that we are all corrupt.I think those who know they are corrupt should just comfess on their own not involving everyone.However,that also does not at all make Kalusha a good leader.Infact Kalusha must know this this is for his own better.Now he is making his name so dirty that no one can think about him in any space of sports administration.Wrong is wrong and it must be condemned regardless of how many are corrupt but this is for Kalusha alone.


    Bwalya is a useless man, he has contribute to the poor performance of sports in Zambia football to specify because of his useless and foolishness deeds. This caused the depart of Herve Renard as a Zambian coach. Indeed you are useless Mr man..!

  6. Easy Easy

    Foolish kapoko ,Chingangu(boxer), Kalusha and your supporters of wrong doing—— thievery and corruption!! Especially iwe chi so called Great.Great for what?Get out of my view,sembe mweze kuvimanga ba FIFA!! Fool !!

    • shinyo

      For sure dear Zambian football has more powerful youngsters to play but its him who has brought the standard down because of corruptions in his life

    • BBC

      Wembushi we! Great Kalu may have errored but he is still great and liked worldwide. On the contrary, Zambia is known in football circles because of great Kalu. Africa cup was lifted up during his tenuour if office at FAZ. So stop barking and keep quiet.

      • BBC1

        Iwe BBC we mbushi niwebo. Do you have any capacity to think? You’re a beneficiary of the corruption that’s why you’re talking like that.

      • BBC1

        Iwe BBC I meant to say maybe you are a beneficiary of the corruption that’s why you’re talking like that. I cannot see why you should support a corrupt no mater how great that person mau be.

        • BBC

          @BBC1 you copy even my blog name. Great Kalu has done Zambia proud. Zambia is known all over the world because of him. He is in fact more known world wide than the president. A little error, if at he errored, cannot myopic clueless bloggers like release vehement poisonous comments like this. I don’t support corruption but it is fair to judge somebody fairly than showering insults. If have never sinned or corrupt then God never came for you. Be fair! Kalu is the greatest football icon in Zambia and he is adored all over the world. Some of you are too young to see what this did, putting smiles on people’s faces.
          You the same people insulted Clive Chirwa day in day out that he is corrupt and yet the court came found him innocent. Zambians never appreciate their prophets unless a foreigner.

  7. Newton

    They just need to manga them they useless indeed

  8. Costa Mulenga


  9. HOMMIE 24

    mr peace u can accept any bribe worth US$80,000 anyone on this forum can.we’re all corrupt simple

    • ted

      you must b an idiot of a chimpanzee for supporting corruption. if you are low life human being who embraces corruption, dont assume everyone is like u. Thats why our country can never develope.. Fool

  10. Easy Easy

    Hommie24 ask your hero right now if he can accept a bribe even worthy $1000000000000 to have world cup replayed. Maintain your dignity even over a bottle of water or you can be advised by your grandson for lack of it!!!!

  11. Christopher

    Kalu is the useless man

  12. Razor

    This guy and his corruption was being protected by sepp flatter. Even when the national sports council or government including the ACC wanted him out of faz for misapplication of funds he used to rush to FIFA under blatter so that FIFA can threaten to ban the country from football for interference and thereby leave him alone to continue his thieving ways. Now that his protector has gone he is also exposed.

  13. Isaac c. patricks

    It hurts me whenever i hear such scandal of corruption nowonder zambian football can not be developed because of selfish people like kalusha, Acc Useless Commition

  14. Saviour

    It’s sad

  15. Tinkler

    Great thief kalusha you denied Charles Musonda jnr to play for Zambia because of your jealous now you have been exposed by fifa

  16. Fire

    What so ever that is done in the dark comes to light, he was our hero but his dids have all made us to lose respect for him.. Mr kalusha bwalya can you please face your wrath at this particular juncture… We’ve lost so much because of you

  17. Jeff

    Shame on you kalu,you have lost all your dignity bez of your corrupt activities. Change my brother!!!Useless loveer of money

  18. Watch dog

    hmmmmm. US 80,000 bribe. I would be a fool to refuse in the name of being principled. Only a fool like Mr Peace can refuse that kind of money

  19. davydo

    If you can support this great corrupt icon Nishi your brains is not functioning fully,Walipena,ulimpofu,Mukwenu,,,,,cos his head z too much in corruption think of His K-stars fc,as an icon he has never donated anything to an team,he is sharing same tables with Fifa president but look at National team, his relatives are suffering in mufurila,no developed thing engasonta,,,,,ZWAA NI BEANS IYAKOSA KEEP ON PUTTING MORE WATER IKAPYA

  20. Don

    Ba kalu mulichiwalewale,I knew this will come the man is heartless selfish and useless.

  21. Bonaventure

    No smoke without fire

  22. Og

    The good thing is that the author is merely expressing his opnion period

  23. Paulsen

    it is not only kalu,nowdays to much corruption in zambia.

  24. Ilogn

    Bembas have sticky hands. It’s either stealing money or bonking other peoples spouses.

  25. FGM

    One sad thing I have learnt about the contributors on this platform. 3/4 of them use instincts to arrive at their decisions. Zambia has many years to attain development. Zambians should switch to using Reasoning instead of INSTINCTS. Instincts have failed us enough. Time has come for us to try REASONING.

  26. Nigel

    Yaba! ba Kalu shame on you!! I knew it will come this way.

  27. Kambwili

    Why you Zambians waste so much ammunition on a fly? There are those in government stealing our Mukula tree and also using tax payers money to buy useless Banda. We are quiet…!!

    • Chika

      The thin line between integrity and corruption. To Kalu accepting a gift is corruption to others its not. Is it about who is doing it?Its not about being poor, educated cause the rich are also corrupt.Sin is sin small or big. A jew once told me “your… has eated a wagon full of money” .Its bad when u are caught sweet when not caught.Let us learn from our brothers and strive to do what is best when we are all by ourselves.How do i refuse such an amount when my family is starving ?Leaders lets make sure people afford basic needs pantu its difficult .

    • Naked facts

      @kambwili, it has taken almost 9 years for the bomb to explored on Kalu’s head. The same might be the case with politicians. they say mulandu siuwola

  28. Waylea

    Inshiku tashiichela muumoo …..

  29. Paulo lukamba gato

    80 000 dollars what full can i be to refuse that money ! Isho shakutola bakamba

  30. Joe mulunda

    When passing a comment please don’t post insults let us be matured.

  31. Storm Ryder

    This is all wrong Kalu you supposed to be inspiring upcoming stars,anywhere let’s learn to leave by example.

  32. mukalanda mukanaka

    Iyo mwaponta machende yenu.

  33. nfyoo

    Ba kolwe imwe

  34. Ariona arixion

    So thats why Chipolopolo’s performance droped.
    EVEN were FAZ became unable to find money and pay a good Chipolopolo manager.
    The renue droped, faz development stoped and Kamanga was on fire by his vice and that corrup.. president was uh with him.

    Please, we love kalu by his good hard working deeds but we hate his selfishnes and pray that he stay in for 24mnths of which he will save k1b.
    I can stay as well for 2 yers for that money but i cannot do what he did to Zambia and the World.
    People like him do not deserve to be called stars, they are???

  35. Mr dundumweenze

    80 000 dollars weka panyopako

  36. talalamusonda

    Kalusha bwalya is a disgrace to the world and Zambia.

  37. last Ngoni

    Zambia a country without Heroes; Many Zambians don’t show love to their own. Many Zambians have minds of slave trade; were local chiefs and their Subordinate sold people in the name of slave trade. Kalu: Demonstrated love to this country in many ways, on the pitch and out side the pitch. Blindness its not just a disease; its also inability to see little good in others. Why do we have to rejoice when our fellow man has fallen.

    • BBC

      @last Ngoni bauze ba haters of great Kalu. Some of them don’t know what this guy has done for Zambia. He is even more popular than the president

  38. Collins mwamba

    Stop lying about the Nike deals kalu was not the one involved in the Nike deals.the person is pivol a business man in ndola.he was working under kalu.and for the current administration they just failed to find a sponsors and they are all corrupt . Don’t say kalu is the reason why Zambia as not sponsors for our national team is kalu president of football.

  39. Cnnzed sport

    The blatter empire has regrouped in the shadows.so infatino andallies are waging frutile fight,this kalusha case will go nowhere infact powers that be have decided to use this to show infatino he is not really incharge there is no wrong recieving $80,000 in your account from a deposter you have done other personal business with and who at no time formerly asked for a vote in relation to the money deposted,therefore that money should then be credited to settling debt owed by the depostor

    • Mr dundumweenze

      Guys I have changed my mind kalu is a right man why don’t you talk about the government members the money they are stealing, people jump from upnd to pf because the gate is open to anyone who likes thieves, just leave kalu jealous chabe visilu imwe,especially llogn panyopako ungaikane iyo ndalama 80 000 dollars unless ndiwe chisilu

  40. Kasama Dragon

    Remember when he missed a critical PENALTY. Who thought he would rise to CAF presidency?
    Call Bembas = thieves, corrupt and greedy. It’s dog eat dog out there my friends. Wow, wow, wow!

  41. ni zee

    This is wat he used to do when he wz FAZ President .it has not come as a surprise but at the time God had set

  42. Joshua mbewe

    This is wat he used to do when he wz FAZ President .it has not come as a surprise but at the time God had set

  43. Benny

    Iwe Tinkla where did u hear that Kalu denied Chally musonda a chance 2 play 4 Zambia? It’s his stupid parents who encouraged him 2 shun his own country and they boasting of not being Zambians, his mother said that he can play 4 England, he can play 4 Belgium wasn’t that clear 2 u? How can u go and beg 4 a single player 2 play 4 ur country as if we don’t have enough talents l can agree in Zambia most of the players lack kill instinct we don’t have Keita Nabi, last time we had Bruce musakanya who can play like that boy chally but due 2 his lack of seriousness he is below now

  44. Malama Golden

    In every life there are good and bad times…

  45. Mr Rains

    That’s what happened if you stop being faithful to your mentor. Zambia is our mother and our mentor we all need to be fair in everything we do.

  46. Siamese

    Were all Zambians so lets mind the language pliz.

  47. Muntu

    This is good reading. I have sain In this life always say the truth, always do the right thing and always give away good deeds because nature keeps all in record. Even after year you dont need to remember what it was about and if you forget its fine because its nothing to worry about. Such past when it catches up with you its often depressing. Hope Kalusha and all of us can learn from this experience.

  48. Pastor Musonda Henry

    All that much into personal account? Kalu the only one thing you can do is to repent, there men of God out there. See prophet major 1 you be advised. Just come to Jesus and be converted and disgrace shall not be remembered.

  49. Mpelo saulo

    For me I choose to look at his positive side of things, kalu contributed immensely during his footballing career that is a positive side, he contributed during his coaching life though without trophies but building of the future began at that time for me that is positive. We all know what happens in 2012 unless we choose to be ignorant. I will not comment football politics at FAZ, CAF and FIFA. Once Kalu always kalu

  50. McDaniel

    Ummm great KALU why …………..just because of money…..thats why football in zambia is not going duel to such kind of cicurmstancess


    This country is still sliding down coz of corruption,en i hate corruption.So pipo who suporte corruption are only idiot….But i like the man called great kalu…

  52. talala musonda

    kalusha bwalya is a disgrace to Zambian football.

  53. MasterP

    @Ba BBC bena litako lyeka lyeka lyabuta ukwesha panshi, the issue here is about Kalu’s corrupt status not his iconic or legendary. That’s well known that kalusha Bwalya was a super star but after that in both FIFA AND FAZ eras he has been corrupt at its highest peak, nomba BA intelligent pa world bakata kkkkkkkk bushe ni pa Zambia mwabelela bukabolala nangu mwaiba ati if we ni clean game. Swine BBC waumfwa?

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