Canisius Banda Tears UPND Strategy Apart

Former UPND vice president Dr Canisius Banda has hit back at his former political party labelling advocates of ethno-centred politics.

Banda has come out of the woods in the aftermath of Dr Faustina Banda pulling out of the Kasenengwa parliamentary race at the last minute without warning the UPND.

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This is my response to Stephen Katuka’s statement that ‘Bandas are a problem.’

What Stephen Katuka must know is that his party, or any party in Zambia, will never win an election without the Bandas, insulting them, therefore, is both idiotic and suicidal.

Bandas are not the problem. Bandas are merely intolerant of treachery, ethno-centred politics and idiocy.

In fact, Bandas make very good servants.

Stephen Katuka, the UPND secretary general, must let sleeping dogs lie.

He must leave me alone on my path of nationalism and patriotism. I can be politically acerbic, strategically poisonous to the dreams of his party. I am not of that mind bent.

Stephen Katuka is a friend of mine. Either Stephen Katuka mispoke or now there is something cancerous about his mind.

Stephen Katuka knows that I am not the problem. He knows that I was the solution to UPND. He knows that I nearly made Hakainde Hichilema win in 2015, and that, by omission, I made him lose in 2016.

Stephen Katuka knows that, without me, the UPND is now very lame, mortally wounded.

Stephen Katuka knows that  the problem in the UPND is his boss Hakainde Hichilema, Hichilema’s own deceptiveness, treachery, lack of sincerity.

Dr Faustin Banda is merely an isolated symptom of the cancer that has now become the UPND. Worse is coming. More people, even closer to Hakainde Hichilema, will soon deceive/betray this pitiable man.

This is karma.

Hakainde Hichilema has deceived many people in his political career. I am one of them.

I, as a victim of his treachery, I am one of the witnesses of his duplicity.

When you plant deception you will reap deception.

Hakainde Hichilema is now merely harvesting what he planted. His is a classic case of chickens coming home to roost.

Today, it is not surprising that he is surrounded by a dangerous horde of infidels.

Hakainde Hichilema is today very insecure. The number of those deceiving him will only increase. Because he has been practising deception himself, he too now will suffer deception.

As age old wisdom tells us, as a man makes his bed, so must he lay in it.

Stephen Katuka by attacking Bandas is merely consolidating the community perception that his party is only a sick platform for the Projection of ba Toka pride.

The education that Faustin and I have, but Stephen Katuka doesn’t have and detests is the very bedrock upon which the foundation of a united, peaceful and prosperous Zambia shall eventually be built.

Let him just shut up and come to me we have coffee or Thobwa, and laugh at and discuss/analyse the laughingstock that he himself admits UPND has now become, whilst at it. We are friends after all.

Dr Canisius BANDA

Development Activist

[Former UPND Vice President for Politics]


  1. small banda

    Ba nzelu from Ku mawa,BANDALISTICS√

  2. HH

    I don’t care about you, talk what ever you want, my party is steal intact

    • Madiba

      what? It has stolen ‘intact’. So the harmony we see from outside is fake?

  3. James Mphande

    Once a member his saying like this to his former president HH kanshi he knows what HH were discussing rubbish about Zambia wait and see UPND is going nowhere

  4. HH

    Thus why I only want tongas not these idiots from chipata they make me insult them…vakuchipata vinapwalala.

    • dickson manda

      Hh is going to win 2021…tb Joshua prophecy

      • Hebk

        Boza. Only in southern province which is only a fraction of zambia.

  5. Hollywood

    Uzamuziba yesu

  6. Easy Easy

    I don’t think Katuka is wrong.Are these doctors of deception or dishonor? Who doesn’t know that you were ditched because of your unpopularity? Don’t deceive Zambians over your failed political dreams.Where is your Post Newspaper where you were a columnist? Ask your colleague Rupiah where his bootlickers and praise–singers hid after the ‘Sata’ massacre, (William) was also the Sanko of Zambia at that time.Politics are for hard nuts not dirt–bearded infidels who think have studied enough. Wake up Bandas before we conclude!!!!!!

  7. Shi aliko

    Ndeloleshafye upnd just join pf

  8. Tobias Ngambi

    What’s wrong with these Banda!
    Shame on you.

  9. FKay

    Ba UPND let’s just join Tayali or green party, we are expiring soon

  10. Gogimy

    Its very wrong for big man Steven Katuka to point out at Bandas to be wrong duel las accordingly 2 his studies

  11. reply

    Am disappointed with MR katuka and upnd,how can he point out that bandas are problems is he not practicing tribalism?

  12. Concerned citizen

    I think Mr katuka has a problem he should have just talked about the person who disappointed upnd in kasenengwa and not bandas. That person HH ba Ku chipata twalipwala it’s not being wise because

  13. Bluno marss the moonshine jungle

    Getout with your idiocy

  14. Evans sinyangwe

    Say wat ever u want to say but iam still upnd supporter

  15. uncle sam

    sorry sir we r not yo traditional cousines!!! bo pwalala ni ndani chipata or bala n’gombe ???

    • HH

      Katuta,mind your language nowonder u are losing every election******useless

  16. steven matabishi

    Upnd for ever

  17. Shimza

    I lky UPND bt don’t insults de pipo frm eastern province, chipata pliz 2021 it’s ur tym

  18. Awisi Joyce

    That statement by katuka is very retrograsive the upnd is already viewed as a tribal part.I thought they should continue making efforts to rebrand upnd.How many Bandas will now stop supporting upnd because of such a careless statement

  19. Frank Bwalya

    Why CAN’T canisius banda leave upnd alone and move on with his life?? It’s idiotic to always attack upnd. Is he not satisfied with the big money he was given by his tribesman lungu?

    • Shi aliko

      Ask your self that question Frank bwalya

    • M.M.

      Ba Frank Bwalya, when someone says Bandas are a problem, you expect them to keep quiet. Dr. Canisius Banda is reacting to a provocation because he is a Banda.

  20. Razor

    Pilgrim you operate yourself so much. If you were indeed a factor in making the upnd win or lose then why didn’t the PF offer you a position and poach you like they have been doing to the upnd candidates.

  21. hasty

    Comment Ati no party can win elections without the Bandas,rubbish.That is not the reality of the matter u DH.

  22. James tembo

    You have wake up big banda going on

  23. kashif

    Mr banda is not a factor

  24. vincent mukema

    We need hh coz we hav been misruld by ichipuba edgah lungu

  25. Demantonia

    We need hh coz we hav been misruld by ichipuba edgah lungu

  26. Andrew Monde

    Zambian politics indid no serious issues but mockery only.

  27. Kalawa

    Zambian politics are becoming boring each day that passes.

  28. Pk

    Politics a dirty game.. 😯😯😯😯

  29. William chanda

    yu pipo stop insulting our president lungu no sense, we are going to make ka hh as ambassador in PF 2021 ni lungu tubomba nabalipo wht z ka hh face kwati takwenye 9 months bateke mwandi lungu

  30. Jimmy

    No insults fellow Christians. God gives us leaders. For now let us solder on. If God gives us another leader in 2021, well and good. We receive. Come on brothers and sisters. Easterners and southerners are in unity. We love one another in Christ Jesus.

  31. Mr. K

    Katuka. Has started. Digging. A grave. For. Upnd. Fools. Banda’s. Are. Part. Of. Presidential. Leadership. In. This. Country. Mind. U. 2021. Is. Pf

  32. Mr dundumweenze

    Kaunda where are you? Where is nkumbula,kapwepwe and other freedom fighters? I know some left us may their souls rest in peace,kaunda please within a week give us colonial government because not all tribes enjoy in this country,if not so give us balishana not ma insulting awe twakana.

  33. abilima

    Mr.ka tuka is a very fo.olish man. He is not a tribal cousin to Easterners and so he cannot hide under cousinship to run away from this careless talk. He has just subtracted from the dwindling votes for UPND – good thing is that HH is so d.ull that he does not publicly withdraw careless statements by his senior team members. And their so-called intellectuals usually remain mum.

    • Capable

      Ka Katuka katuka abaku Chipata…very sad for upnd.!!


    Wiseman, from eastern Banda’s Zulus, Tembos , sakalas,mwanzas, sokos Nyerendas, Ngomas,Nkhomas, Lungus, Gomas,Nyirongos,Njonvus etc and all the bembas you have read what he has written insulting us and on public. Do you no that insulting on public it’s any offense H H you never be the president of Zambia, but when upnd drop it’s going to fight and win the presidency of Zambia, I promise you HH God bless you. In case my number is 0968382119

  35. Gillette

    Negative or positive criticisms makes Zambia normal and healthy, getting hurt only indicates wrong Zambian or Zambians. We are all one living in one village known as Zambia.

  36. Leon

    why did the majority of voters shan the mayoral and councillor elections,answer, they want to change the government from PF to upnd that’s even the reason upnd is talked about even at state house why not talk about other parties it means upnd is heavy weight come 2021 upnd takes over

  37. lameck zimba

    we are all equal in the sight of God no insults one zambia one nation.

  38. The electorate

    Comment:one thing that makes upnd to keep falling is that they like blame games,better take a retrospective of yourselves,i concur with the doc go hav coffee with him you might as well get one or two things from him.

  39. Nations at large

    Katuka should term his mouth don’t he that there is a lot of Bandas who supports UPND

  40. Charles Chimfwembe

    By Mweemba Habazoka

    The United Party for National Development (UPND) was formed in December 1998. The Party turns 20 years old in December 2018. Today its desperation has reached an all-time high because time is running out for them to either deliver the country or their soul. The patience of their 20-year-old-financiers have continued to wear thin and thin by the failure of the party to deliver as per their promise despite the financiers’ unwavering financial commitments that resulted in its leaders’ immense wealth which they stand to lose as per deal they signed almost 22 years ago in the run up to infamous privatisation exercise in Zambia. The UPND is fixed between the rock and the hard place as on one hand, Zambians have refused to toll their line while on the other, UPND’s top leadership especially its past and current President’s rented wealth is threatened by its true owners, the mining conglomerate, Anglo-America, which continues to fund Hakainde Hichilema through Brenthurst Foundation in South Africa.

    On 25th August 2015, Hichilema, while addressing a rally in Chingola vowed to chase Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) and bring back Anglo-America. See:


    Did he say that? Yes he did because his masters asked him to!

    That statement was not an innocent one but spoke to everything that UPND and Hichilema are all about – fronts of white capital with interests in Zambia’s mineral wealth!

    *How it all began:*

    The former illegitimate mining corporation that lost its mining rights to the Zambian government in 1970 has never rested. In the wake of multi-party democracy, this corporation saw privatisation as an opportunity to regain its mineral rights across the country. To this effect, it fronted its ‘men’ both in government and in the private sector to champion their cause. Hichilema himself was one of the fronts of the foreign interest that resulted in him landing a top position as Lead in the Sell of Subsidiary assets while late Anderson Mazoka, a former employee of the Anglo-American Corporation would lobby from within the Party as a member of the MMD at the time. This ‘well calculated’ ploy gave rise to the inflow of cash to individuals involved most of which would be used to buy off some of the strategic government enterprises that would later leave many Zambians out of employment and thrown into untold destitution. Hichilema himself benefitted immensely from this transaction landing him and his birds of the feathers, strategic businesses.

    I can borrow from the words of former Zambia Privatisation Agency Director, Mr. James Matale who in an interview with Bivan Saluseki on the Sunday 16th of December 2007, described privatisation as an act of unprecedented vandalism.  Yes, it was, and what is even worse, the vandals would return to claim to be messiahs to the very people they wantonly condemned into misery. How cheek!

    Hichilema along with his colleagues sold their souls to the powerful business interests and in the process lined up to take pot luck of this country’s enterprises and assets as though they were goods falling from the back of a delivery truck.

    This ploy would later fail to deliver results to their ‘masters’, all thanks to the street savvy of the Fredrick Chiluba’s government. The government refused to offer some fake corporation established to procure the entire mining conglomerate to the annoyance of monopoly capital that had already invested heavily through the greedy Zambians both in the then MMD government as well as in the privatisation process. In 1998 when the privatisation of the mines was almost concluded, the schemers had to engage into plan B. This gave rise to the birth of the UPND in December of the same year 1998 with Mazoka as its leader and with an even heavy flow of cash from the foreign corporation for party mobilisation. They pinned their hopes on the disastrous outcomes of a poorly implemented privatisation to muzzle power and ultimately deliver their promise to their financier.  It follows therefore that UPND was never founded on any grounded political ideology other than as a tool for foreign monopoly capital hell bent on recapturing the country’s natural resources especially mineral deposits throughout the country.

    *Setting in of desperation*

    In all their schemes, indications have always looked to be in their favour but ending in the opposite. First was the loss with the privatisation, then the election in 2001 to Levy Patrick Mwanawasa. It is no telling how a party led by a former branch Chairperson of Bauleni Compound could mobilise such huge sums of funds for campaigns if not being bankrolled by the foreign interest for obvious reasons.

    The financiers suffered yet another setback with the death of their principal on the 24th of May, 2006 a few months before yet another ‘promising opportunity’ for business interest as elections were fast approaching under which UPND had earned itself a lead place in the UDA Pact seen as a formidable force to unseat the MMD of Levy Mwanawasa.

    However, there was a problem, since UPND was not a political party as its members believed it to be, but a well-orchestrated business interest formation operating under the puppet strings of international big business. To retain its interest, the financiers had to bring on board one of its own to take the lead and continue from where Mazoka had left it.

    To make it easy for Hichilema’s ascendance, Mazoka’s cousin, Rex Natala on June 6th 2006 would initiate a tribal campaign that would eliminate other eminent and better suited contenders following the, ‘only a tonga must replace Mazoka’ statement. Bad as this open tribalism was, something worse was brewing underneath. Hichilema was to be made leader not only of UPND but of UDA as he was the only near alternative having been a core proponent of the ‘evil genius’ agreement between the UPND and its funders.

    Any takeover by another person be it its then Vice President Sakwiba Sikota or its spokesperson Patrick Chisanga whose eligibility was already discounted based on tribe would mean a lost cause for their funders. That is how Hichilema had to move from the boardroom enjoying his wealth gotten from privatisation into the not known arena of politics. There was no way he would refuse his new deployment because he owed his wealth to the UPND financier’s generosity. The rest as you know are multiple losses.

    As the UPND approaches 20 years of its existence and over two (2) decades of foreign-based business interest’s consistent financing, patience has totally waned. Hichilema and UPND has failed to deliver any returns on their financier’s investments for such a protracted period. The party, especially its leader, has been given strict conditions to deliver the country to them by any means necessary or lose everything he has benefited since entering into a pact with them. This explains the desperation that Zambians have been subjected to since 2015. Hichilema and his UPND have tried with no success to destabilise the country with the aim of installing himself as President to the pleasure of his funders who he owes his life with no success. This explains such desperate manoeuvres that include but not limited to the following:

            i.        Calling for international suctions on Zambia to stifle the citizen’s livelihood so as to result in an uprising;

           ii.        Calling for a bloody uprising by his supporters in September 2006 when he declared that they were now freedom fighters who should engage in a physical fight.

          iii.        Childishly call on the Zambian military to emulate their Zimbabwean counterparts to take over power from the bonafide Republican President. The period saw a barrage of attention seeking publicity tantrums by HH and his minions in an effort to incite the citizens with no results.

         iv.        In his usual cut and paste style, Hichilema has not failed to relate developments elsewhere to the Zambia context. The case in point his copying on the South African developments that resulted to the recall of President Jacob Zuma, with him forcing his members of parliament to initiate an impeachment motion in parliament.  The subsequent development is the clandestine efforts to buy his way to victory by paying off members of parliament to vote in favour.

    This is albeit the fact that matters raised either rarely relate to the President himself or cannot be admitted in parliament due to their being active in court.

    It follows therefore that these desperate acts by Hichilema and UPND are acts of a man in political and economic intensive care unit whose life is dependent on financial life support machine to which his financiers hold the final say as to when it should be switched off.  

    Hichilema is a troubled man who cannot stomach the imminent loss of his rented wealth that some Zambians have believed he had earned genuinely. Now he is embarking on what Bembas term, *‘tufilile munsenga’*, he would rather, see the country burn up in flames than to live to see the day he will fall from grace for all to see how much of a phoney he has been all these years.

    I would not be surprised to see some more attempts by Hichilema and UPND to derail the government through more attention seeking antiques.

    Zambians should not be surprised, I repeat to hear that Hichilema and UPND is have taken Edgar Lungu or the Patriotic Front party to court all in the aim of wanting to show his discontented funders that he still has some life left in him.
    I am calling on all well-meaning Zambians to ignore and dismiss Hichilema’s and UPND’s attention seeking drama with the utmost contempt it deserves.

    To all the citizens, I urge you all to remain patriotic to the Country, stand guard to defend it against selfish people who want to deprive you and your children’s children their rightful heritance. We only have one country as such; let us protect it from villains that have hired themselves to the foreign business interests. UPND must be reminded that Zambia is not for auctioning to the highest bidder such as Anglo-America.

    Zambians can look to any other political party but not UPND. This is a party that entered into a pact with the ‘devil’ to hand over the country’s wealth in the hands of the monopoly capital.

    _The author is a scholar and once UPND in 2008. He is based in Sydney, Australia._

    • Chiseman

      Good analysis. Leadership comes from above, not mubukangalume, fellow scholar too

  41. Kasongo Wabaluba

    A leader that jumps from one tree to another shows no stability and can never be trusted to truelly fight for the plight of the poor. They have theor own interests at heart.
    Dr. Canisus Banda, you and your other colleague

  42. mwana mulume

    Canisius may defame or demonise HH but the fact remain that HH has built his life while he Canisius though boasts of being highly educated do present no iota of development mark that he can show the zambians the benefit of him being educated. He is such a person that no young intelligent man can choose to emulate as he is nothing but a chief bootlicker who survives on demeaning HH. Instead of him being a solution to many challenges zambians are facing today, he is actually the very problem. Can he count it development when zambians are made to pay more taxes under his nose. is he blind to the fact that due to poor management of our economy zambia despite blessed abaundantly with natural resources is rated as the most hungery country in the zambia. Can Canisius explain to poor zambians why they should pay tax for drilling their own Borehole using their own resources which is the duty of the government to provide clean water to its citizen Under UN CHARTER.

  43. k city

    the people joining leaving upnd and joining pf are only looking for money in pf you watch and see what will happen in 2021 it will be a surprise to many people

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