Kang’ombe’s Reformist Plan Suffers Resource Drought

Despite embarking on several programmes to better the City of Kitwe, financial constraints at the Kitwe City Council are frustrating implementation of various ambitious initiatives.

Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe has complained that many programmes initiated are not being implemented because the local authority only has limited resources.

He said the District has a lot of problems which cannot be addressed at once due to a lack of resources.

Kang’ombe has since pledged the commitment of his office and that of his councillors to ensure that all programmes initiated aimed at rebuilding Kitwe are implemented before the end of their tenure of office.

“We have got a lot of problems in Kitwe, a lot of you start one problem, you have to attend to roads, we have no money to do everything at once, we started the process of cleaning our parks unfortunately there is no money to sustain some of these programmes, we have no money to do just what we are expected to do, so there are these challenged we are facing which are normal in any institution,” Kang’ombe said.

He has appealed to the business community and other cooperating partners to work closely with the council and take part in the modernising of Kitwe District.

Kang’ombe said private partnership remains key to developing Kitwe adding that the Council alone cannot manage to attend to all programmes.


  1. Ziba zako

    Long term strategic planning is part of your mandate sir. Be realistic. Work 1) within your means 2) with an eye on resource generation to pay for these projects. Kitee, with all those businesses cannot fail to achieve projects. Plan well. Impose fees etc

  2. Snr Citizen

    Prioritize your programs more especially water leaks (NWSC) and portholes that are mushrooming and ever increasing in size by creating a Porthole “Crack Squad” that should be stopping small portholes from growing into expensive repairs!

  3. Simpemba kauya Arnold

    The co operate world must come on bord to help this noble work by our hard working mayor

  4. Truth man

    The business community and indeed the residents of Kitwe pay a lot of money in rate fees what do you use this money for?You campaigned to solve the problems of the town of Kitwe for you to become mayor now you say you can’t solve the problems.Is this admitting failure or what?The population of Kitwe is very small and you have the largest number of mines in Zambia viz;Mopani shaft ,Mindolo shaft ,Chibuluma shaft,Chambeshi shaf tincluding Kagem and Grizzly mines.All these pay a lot of money in rate fees to the Kitwe city council. Show us a balance sheet of income and expenditure for your council since you became Mayor and we shall know the truth! These are serious matters.Kitwe is a city bwana! Stand up to the challenge and solve problems don’t admit failure so early.Is this the reason you have no running water in the toilets at the civic centre.This is shameful.The people of Kitwe deserve the best not people who cry failure!

    • Truth Man you are 100% right.

      Truth Man you are 100% right.

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