Luwingu DC Cheats Death

Luwingu District Commissioner Patrick Chanda has been involved in a road traffic accident.

Chanda was involved in a road traffic accident on the Kasama-Luwingu road.

The District Commissioner has since been admitted at Kasama General Hospital.


  1. kedrick siame

    To bad GOD protect him to get well.

  2. RAZ

    Get well soon you are a great leader to our Nation.

  3. DO

    My brother too bad God is with you.

  4. Gogimy

    Hoo!! What happened??

  5. James Mphande

    Tooo bad zoona

  6. Evans sinyangwe

    God is still with u our lovely leader

  7. Peace Lover

    Oh God! why this Kasama-Luwingu road becoming so cruel?
    Because it’s barely a week when Lupososhi Mp was involved in an accident.
    Juldan bus and Likili bus all in the same road, why?
    God help us and a quick recovery to the DC.

  8. The jungle master bruno mars moonshine


  9. Chibz

    Too bad!

  10. Soche

    Be careful next time,coz u pipo you are so careless pa road


    Too bad for the accident.May god save him so that he resume work

  12. Chinika Michael

    We thank God for saving your life. As Luwingu residents, we still need your good services. Get well soon, dear!

    • Musonda Mutale

      We thank God there was no loss of life. But honestly speaking we have to be very careful with our speed/weight ratio of the vehicle we are driving. Latest Toyota hilux is a lighter vehicle with high speed range. Let the nation be careful in managing the speed of this vehicle.

  13. David chola

    God will help you.

  14. Shimza

    Too bad God wth u 🙏🙏🙏

  15. Easy Easy

    Cause of accident? Mr Reporter furbish us with complete details not crude reports!!

  16. Dickson Mtine

    I speak God intervation to you sir

  17. Chabala abel

    He’s gonna be fine soon

  18. hellen

    Too bad out dc get well soon

  19. Billiard Lishiko

    God protect and comfort the DC coz with he will find solace

  20. G-Bally

    May Lord for him.

  21. Richard Meaba

    Ba DC too bad may Our God intervene

  22. Razor



    the lord be with u in jesus name

  24. Phiri

    It’s too my brother.

  25. Petthis

    It’s too bad my brother.

  26. Henrybwalya

    Too bad



  28. MyKey

    Too bad

  29. chileshe m

    Wishing u a quick recover.

  30. Thindwa

    This is the same vehicle which collided with a light truck yesterday just after lukasha kasama mungwi road and not luwingu kasama road.

  31. bayawe

    quick recovery ba DC

  32. bayawe

    quick recovery ba DC we need you to work more ku lwansase

  33. Mupeta

    To all motorists using that road, may you kindly stop overspending…. The road is just too good.

  34. Mupeta

    I meant ‘overspeeding’ To our DC.. Get well soon boss.

  35. damisiano

    too bad wishing him a quick recovery.

  36. pkay

    get well soon ama DC

  37. Danniel mwansa

    may the Grace of our Lord Jesus christ and his protection be upon you,you are the great leader

  38. Mr. K

    Jesus. Is. Bread. Of. Life. Whoever. Believes. In. Him. Will. Get. Life. Recover. In. The. Name. Of. Jesus

  39. Chibs

    Mulenashako speed guys.sory may living God b with u in Jesus name.

  40. Royce mweene

    May the almighty God protect your life God is in control we will be praying for you

  41. Mr dundumweenze

    Pipo can say sorry but me I will say Don’t forget to repent Bwana

  42. Mumu

    It is not kasama luwingu but kasama mungwi

  43. Anita

    Get well soon my leader God his with u owez

  44. opposition leader

    Why did he drive himself instead of his driver?and were was he planing to go?government find out this.coz its abuse of public vehicle.

  45. Maybin

    Quick recovery dear

  46. Maybin Mwaba

    Why did he drive himself instead of his driver? Well I wish to advise the Government officials please don’t misuse Government properties you have the Driver and why driving yourself and where were you going?

  47. Musonda Denniscious

    Too Bad, get well soon.

  48. Tall boy

    “Cheat death” How?

  49. Hambani

    Too bad

  50. Rabbi M Kangwa

    Oh God sorry for that

  51. KEN

    Get well soon my dear D.C we will continue praying for u

  52. Henry zulu

    Imwe bamene munapitako kusulu zodula. Luwingu DC cheats death what is the meaning kodi?

  53. James tembo

    Too bad DC get well soon

  54. Daniel

    Our dear heavenly Father protect and guard this person

  55. Shadrick

    God bless Mr Chanda to walk up well please God

  56. Wazanga

    Coming from ukusefya pa ngwena am sure too bad

  57. jb

    :'( too bad

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