Chipata Council Shuts Shoprite

CHIPATA City council has shut down Shoprite Chipata for embarking on an illegal expansion project.

Council public relations manager Kameko Manda said the local authority closed Shoprite for failure to comply with their operation licence.

Shoprite has remained closed from Saturday with security guards turning away clients.

It is not the first time Shoprite is running in trouble with local authorities with Kasama Shoprite having suffered a similar fate recently.


  1. Augprina

    No one should be above the law. Shoprite needs to comply without fail moreover money is being lost as a result of the closure.

  2. Hazard

    ooooopos bad for them

  3. King cool

    Let them just comply , instead of delaying the business.

  4. Evergreen

    well done ba council

  5. Igwee

    Just comply quickly we want to start buying

  6. vincent


  7. James tembo

    Plz may you comply ,

  8. Simon

    Pliz just comply we are dying… We need to buy…

  9. Daniel

    Just comply with the government than run your business in a normal way

  10. Razor

    This is old news. They were shut last week.

  11. David Newton

    Ba council make sure
    Bazebe yesu

  12. Godfrey

    No one is above the law . Let shoprite comply

  13. Nathan

    pliz comply ,,,,,we need to start buying

  14. Josie

    please mwebantu just comply…We need to start buying our groceries

  15. Benny

    Government also need 2 open up a new shoprite of its own or we are getting used with south African shoprite imagine if we differ with them we need 2 send them packing

  16. Easy Easy

    Let shoprite remain closed. Marketeers take this opportunity to sell your goods even rotten ones.Good idea comrades uuhmmmmmm?

  17. Miles B

    Shoprite, just cooperate with the law.

  18. major one

    Mmmmmm shoprite

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