Pastor Sinyenga Pleads not Guilty to Defiling Own Juvenile Daughter

A Kitwe based Pastor who allegedly defiled his own daughter who is a minor has pleaded not guilty to one count of defilement in the Kitwe Magistrate Court.

When the matter came up for plea, Alick Sinyenga pleaded not guilty to the charge after it was read before him by Principal Resident Magistrate Chongo Musonda.

Facts before court are that, Sinyenga an elder of a named Church, of House Number 930 in Buchi Township did have unlawful carnal knowledge of the minor on their way from overnight prayers.

Sinyenga has since been granted K 10,000 bail with two working sureties and will re-appear in Court on 20th August, 2018 for commencement of trial.



  1. Mr. K

    Do not. Mention. Jesus. Name. In. You. Life. Time. .amen

  2. HH

    He will know the true Jesus, you shall know the truth and the truth shall set u free

  3. Mr dundumweenze

    But zoona ine mapastor ayambakunidabbwisa,pastor sure kunyenga mwanawako kuchoka Ku over night shame zoona,nabo bakapokola iyo ndalama yamene bavomela kuti unkalile panja nabo shame because it’s a corruption chifukwamilandu apaniyambili plus under age.

  4. Kipushi dobo

    Juju process your assignment and produce free molecule as output

  5. Abraham

    Fake pastor, GOD his watching.

    • Whiteson

      …. “God is watching” ? he is watching pastor defiling helpless girl??? watching???

  6. Jom

    May God forgive you pasor


      kupusa chipastor after you shattered my vagina now you attempt to do the same with your daughter??????????????????????????? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  7. uncle sam

    his inocent until proven guilty!!!

  8. Mr Peace

    What does take for someone to be a pastor?Is it praying in tongues,wearing suites,casting out demons,attending church every Sunday or what?Coz nearly every one you see carrying a Bible on Sunday is a pastor or pastress.

  9. Easy Easy

    Son of a bitch,where is your wife?You are the same idiots who steal tithe, commit adultery—— fool,idiot…………..!!!

  10. Easy Easy

    Nenze naibala,ndiwe ‘pastor’ sinyenga or kunyenga?fool!!!!!!

  11. HOMMIE 24

    thats what u re told to do if u are an ambitious poor pastor who wants to become a wealthy popular prophet its either u fuck ur mum or ur doughter,he chose his doughter instead.stupid

    • vic

      it is true thats pure juju what about the evidence and the statement from the woodwicked daughter.

  12. Chicco

    They were not supposed to give him bail because he will intefear with the victim.This fake pastor why can’t they just lock him up for good. Thats why I say this country is not a Christian nation.

    • Shimza

      Wt kind of a pastor ar u trying to test ur own daughters salt shame shame shame 👊👊👊👊

  13. Sebele

    Ba Chicco, Even if there was only one person remaining and believing in God it would still be a Christian nation by oath of the President Chiluba. Even if your never maintained marital purity of sticking to one wife and never sleeping with another woman after marriage till death you don’t change your DNA to be your father’s child. The only thing you can do is purpose in your heart never to do what your parents did. Others I can’t change from being a Severe or Zambian. Zambia is Christian nation.

  14. Nazo Nazo

    Churches must be properly regulated,Yesu alitulanga elo apashile amakwebo mu church,bushe kanshi takwaba ba RTSA ba ma church busy singing ati I love you too much Jesus, you are not even ashame,You wanted to tithe your daughter in a special way,iwe ufunika ku nyenga MOSI manje iwe wanyenga MUNTU.

  15. Truth man

    He should have been charged for incest as well.Why only one charge someone sleeping with his own daughter or maybe he has disowned her after seeing that he is in his own shit!He must go in for life imprisonment.

  16. Coolguy

    Guys how much do doctors earn in zambia

  17. Ozone layer

    his it a pastor or poster truely if u are a pastor u can’t do that

  18. peter chipoya


  19. Chikasa village

    These are effects of congo dust and witch craft..How can a father mount his own daughter honestly?? Uyu chatile alefwaikwa ukumutungula ikandi coz this is so inhuman..Bwaima nokwima pamwana, your own dota? Atase imbwa iyi

  20. Kambawino

    Foolish pastor.



  21. Thabo


  22. lameck zimba

    my God forgive this so called man of God.

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