Andrew Banda Demands Apology from UPND SG over Bandas Jibe

Former President Rupiah Banda’s son Andrew has asked the UPND secretary general Stephen Katuka to apologize to the Banda’s over his recent remarks that they were a problem.

Banda who is a member of the UPND inner circle and known to speak his mind said he takes great exception to people like Katuka who attacks his father whom he described as a statesman who deserves respect.

He said Katuka should deal with Dr Faustin Banda who last week disappointed the UPND after he failed to show up at Chikungu Primary School to file his nomination despite being adopted.

Katuka’s acerbic remark on Bandas aimed at the runaway candidate and former UPND Vice President Dr Canisius Banda has proved politically toxic for his party annoying citizens from Eastern Province.

“He referred to us Bandas as bad people because of what Faustin did last week or because of what Canisius Banda did. You tell me, how does my father come into the equation surely? My colleagues know very well that I am associated to them and they expect me to just keep quiet while they abuse my father because the statement from my secretary general swallows the party in, it means that’s the position of the party. And the sad part is that I personally know how much respect Hakainde Hichilema has for my father, they are putting him in an awkward position,”  Banda said.

He said Katuka would do well to apologize to his father and all the Bandas because they were offended by his statement.

“I want Katuka to apologize to my father and us the Bandas. I am one politician who believes in politics of persuasion not politics of confrontation and I take great exception to any politician whether in my party (UPND) or any other party or any citizen who continues to abuse an old man like my father,” he said.


  1. Mr. K

    Fools look like you. Why did u join them?

  2. Hanizyy

    Did he name your father or he said banda, but no name, why you want him to apologize to your father than.

    • c200

      hanizyy ba katuka specified about RB. gather information before commenting.

  3. ack b

    Andrew join part ya bathu ba zeru pf.

    • Pervious

      You are very stupid my dear for commenting that statement.

  4. Alexander Saimbwende Mushala

    “ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND” says Sejani. Andrew you mean you cant see that this party for a few tribes and it is the preserve of TONGAS only. I can see you are in the wrong party where your presence and contributions are never felt and appreciated by the TONGAS in UPND. Like your father just join UPND where it people from all tribes are embraced

  5. Benny

    Kkkk the speaker was right there is a problem with Bandas in UPND

  6. Alexander Saimbwende mushala

    “ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND” Says Sejani. Andrew you mean you cant see that this party is not for you but for a few tribes and the top leadership is the preserve for TONGAS only. I can see you are in the wrong party where your presence and contributions are never felt and appreciated by the TONGAS in UPND. Like your father, just join PF where people from all tribes are embraced.

  7. Mr dundumwenze

    When a person say sorry understand him,mistake is a part of our lives,but members of upnd don’t attack Andrew Banda’s sorry because some people have a evil spirits,they will send the rubbish comments,just forgive him go forward.

  8. Mr dundumwenze

    Alexander saimbwende mushala we don’t want people like you in our country who has such kind of language,learn to respect other tribes in our country,zambia is not for Bemba or Easterners.

  9. fisunge

    Mr dundumwezi try to understand the topic and then comment ok no one has said zambia is only for bembas and easteners so don’t confuse the public with tribal thinking you have when one is wrong it doesn’t matter where they come from choose what to say in public thats why sukulu niya bwino

  10. PHIRI.s

    Mr katuta is totally wrong and he has to say sorry coz he offended banda,s country wide, he,z a human being who opt to make mistake. Banda’s & phiriz are major populated names who make up chipata high population density. So simple plz our SG, say sorry,no divisions of tribes, we are one. Bantu bomwe. Pf & upnd beer drunker.

  11. Leon

    He looks older to be a son

  12. Kombokombo

    Ba Saimbwebde Mushala. When you refer to upnd as Tonga led, are you also insinuating the Pf is Easterner and Bemba led only. Be objective and don’t bring in politics of tribes

    • KATUKA


      • JMB


        • Sebele

          Such silly comments like those of Marika are what is leading to government formulation of laws to track abusers of free media platforms. Very soon you will be tracked if you continue insulting on this platform. Remember you registered your Sim card so be responsible. Mwikala apatalala mwine apatalala.

          • COMMANDER DAVID.

            be carefully coz your line it’s still same or you changed that name point How.

      • Henry zulu

        God forgive us for we are sinners. Political inclination should not separate us but invite different ideas in a friendly atmosphere. The demand for the apology is his opinion and what follows thereafter?

  13. Chrispine nyirenda

    Mr.Banda you are just waisting your time in UPND surely you mean you can’t see with your necked eyes.

  14. Zed-UPND

    Read my name and shout yo dry lips

  15. HOMMIE 24

    if u have observed bandas country wide make up a huge number of thiefs,frauds,criminals etc.though its not every banda i feel katuka is right in some way

  16. T K ZOEUS


  17. Shi aliko

    How old is he

  18. Evergreen

    But nika shikulu

  19. Zankalewa

    Mbeba zakakotesa

  20. Kunbucha

    B and a when you combine them they form banda

  21. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    KATUKA, you are not Katuka foolish.Iwe mushala Alexander you are a big fool stupit.And Mr Andrew, keep cool ok.

  22. Mr dundumwenze

    Fisunge leave me I want to enjoy Facebook with my big phone,face book siyabambuya bako,mavuzi yako iwe chikala.

  23. Jeff colby@ g.com

    P/see people learn 2 respect each other? This pl
    atform is not meant 4 insults.

    • Shi aliko

      Even some words you say they are more like insults

  24. Joseph.mwape

    I’m surprised with Andrew. I thought that was a joke. SG hasn’t insulted any one. HH please deal this issue inside.

  25. Teshakuno

    Let’s us control our emotions. Tuletemwana bane.

  26. HOMMIE 24

    undrew in zambia one canot define corruption without the name of ur father bwezani banda former presido.of all the bandas his the most crooked under nomal sucumstances he wos suposed to be rotting in jail

  27. Kawezya

    The politicians should be sensible and stop making stupid and generalised offensive statements in public. Some issues must be addressed internally. Some people have no business with up nd whether you are a Katuka or Banda. So give us a break please!

  28. Skb

    BANDAS are the easiest people to live with .That is why you will find BANDAS in Malawi, BANDAS in Mozambique , BANDAS in Zambia , BANDAS South Africa and BANDAS in heaven!!!!!! We are very gentle by nature and we respect all. When you provoke us , the BANDAS will not fight you, but our cousins the PHIRIS will not spare you. Mr Katuta, this is Political siucide. Eastern is watching!!!!!

  29. Jebediah Munachonga

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  30. Patrick Mwale

    Mr. Katukas statement was very provocative.Indeed,he must apologize to the Banda’s and Eastern people at large.These are the same people who perpetuate tribalism in Zambia.He was not honourable in his speech.

  31. chris

    Upnd is the party for Tonga’s,sorry Mr Andrew banda go back to the party of victors.

  32. Truth man

    Where does Katuka come from? Is he not from the north and playing tribal çousinship with the easterners.😃

  33. Truth man

    The so called National team led by FAZ is also for bembas and easterners. Yes or No ?The people who talk too much about tribalism are tribalists themselves.I have seen tribalists come and go for the 60years I have lived in Zambia. What have they achieved? Zero! Just work hard and achieve your dreams bwana!

  34. Razor

    Katuka just say it was a joke and move on.

  35. Bwalya

    Live him he is like his leader they don’t know how to apologize


    Mr katuka sir , sorry that you have no wisdom and on top of this you are equally insulting the INOCENT one’s . We are with you sir antill we see you crying over this or you just appologys . Wismen from the east I promise you ,in case my number 0968382119 thank you and God bless you

  37. musonda machila M

    Which party is for every one you fool all the parties in Zambia are tribe it was worse in FP carry out your statistics and the composition according to regions.nfact UPnyD has scored and FPr.No political party will unite Zambia we are heading ………………….

  38. David Jestele

    Let us not fight over spilled beans but have respect for one another,one Zambia one Nation…

  39. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Mr Katuka, just apologize. You will loose nothing. Just do it.

  40. Ricky lumamba

    Comment kikikikiki , people of Zambia, do you eat politics ?

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