First Lady Impostor Gets 2 Years

A 26 year old man of Solwezi’s Kyawama Township has been sentenced to 2 years 6 months with hard labour by the Solwezi Magistrate Court after he was found guilty of impersonating First Lady Esther Lungu.

Reagan Maluso, 26, has been sentenced to 30 months imprisonment after he was charged with six counts of obtaining money by false pretences.

Particulars of the offence are that, Maluso, 26 did create a fake facebook account impersonating First Lady Esther Lungu contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Maluso is alleged to have swindled unsuspecting members of the public using the fake facebook account on the pretext that they will access empowerment programs.

Solwezi Principal Resident Magistrate Davies Chibwili found Maluso guilty and later convicted accordingly and sentenced him to 30 months imprisonment with had labour.


  1. ack b

    he is a leaning aid

  2. Hanizyy

    Make sure you also correct the remaining ones in the field OK

  3. Promise Tembo

    So sad

  4. Benny

    He needs punishment 4 stealing monies

  5. HOMMIE 24

    Not jst the first lady alone am also being impersonated find these criminals n bring them to book


    somebody is impersonating my name

  7. Chrispine nyirenda

    If you don’t know how to steal don’t try this on FB.

  8. Shi aliko

    Nzelu niweka

  9. Evergreen


  10. FGM

    Equally on this platform some crooks have been impersonating HH are ECL . Zambia Reports trace and reprimand them. Their low quality English clearly testify that.

  11. Dj Hamuchigushe

    Good job. in fact go through all fb accounts for public officers including her honor the vice, finance minister etc there are many fake accounts in their names. bring these lowlifes to book so that others can learn from them.

  12. Sarah Chileshe Ngona

    This is very really and very disheartening. You would be thinking you are communicating with the First Lady of his Excellence when in actual fact these people are just waiting your time. So sad. Make an example of him.

  13. David Jestele

    Let the law take it’s course and continue punishing these culprits coz they have swindled a lot from people and should given maximum sentences…

  14. Joseph chishimba

    Paipa pano dizmo

  15. Francis

    The idiot needs the deserving punishment. Remaining ones should be dealt with. Thanks to the law.

  16. Kamwaya Shikuwa

    Ithink that’s nice development and also make sure even those doing the same are caught and given a stiff punishment so that they refrain from their bad deeds.

    • Martin mwenya Kalembwe

      Police well done to arreste that guy

  17. Easy Easy

    Poverty and its problems!! kkkkkkkkk

  18. George mwape

    Malibu yakuilombela jail him.

  19. Razor

    All such pipo no matter who they impersonate or whatever their political inclinations deserve to be punished.

  20. Purity

    It shows the level of poverty.

  21. Fkay

    Punish even those he swindled, they are the ones promoting corruption, why pay for empowerment,,, we compain of corruption but we are in forefront

  22. ICT

    Prototype of asset, pips we need.

  23. Boom

    Ok good job, now we want the next news with more than 10 people

  24. Ngandwe

    Too bad

  25. Nelson itelIT

    We are tired of these Facebook hackers

  26. Renard

    This is really sad,,,,

  27. Shanty G

    Yes am happy, catch another one “balicilamo ba pompwe”

  28. Herbert

    Iyee so sad

  29. Trigga

    Initiative is never taught

  30. Lasford kangwa

    Their main go through fb accounts you catch them.

    • Francis

      That guy should be taught a lesson to show others that Boma imanga.

  31. Francis

    That guy should be taught a lesson to show others that Boma imanga.

  32. Plan z

    26yrz, nimwana mulekeni,bcoz nchito zavuta kuma youth,sangalingane nawa kuba maketani or nkuku.Creat beta jobs noti ku quarry ku ma somalian.Joblesnes bringz plan B:(njala ibaba ka!)

  33. Team kukhura

    No Mercy.Not even Presidential pardon.

  34. Davido

    This is zambia

  35. mawema

    Somany croocks on.thé facebook peporting minister cage them there are bad elements in thé society .

  36. fiction

    mmmmmmh…..how do u pay to be empowerd? why not use the money to start a project of your own? any way kialo kya mali!!

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