Rising Imports Hurt Local Fish Industry-Kampamba

The Government says the fisheries and livestock sectors are under threat from rising imports of cheap fish and meat products coming from Asian Countries.

Fisheries and Livestock Minister Kampamba Mulenga says continued imports of cheap animal products will stifle domestic production growth and contribute to the vulnerability of the national economy if the country does not invest in local production and processing.

Mulenga said the Ministry has observed that imports of cheap fish and processed meat has sky rocketed in the recent past and there is urgent need for that country to invest in processing for domestic consumption and exportation of finished products.

According to surveillance reports by the department of veterinary services, University of Zambia and the World Fish, there is no evidence of Tilapia Lake Virus in Zambia but the country is at high risk due to fish imports.

She said the policy of the government with regard to fisheries and livestock is to make Zambia self-sufficient and a net exporter of meat by 2015.

Stakeholders in the Fishing industry have expressed concern that the government has imposed on the importation of fish due to the outbreak of Tilapia Lake Harvest in some countries will result into a lot of revenue loss for Zambia.

And Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institutes Executive Director, Chance Kabaghe says most fisheries companies rely on importation of fish to cushion the 87,000 metric tonnes per year deficit the country.

Kabaghe observed that any suspension of imports will increase the price of fish and promote smuggling.


  1. Mr dundumwenze

    Why from Asia?

  2. Benny

    In some parts of Zambia we have limited number of fishes especially in mwense where we used 2 find it difficult 2 eat beef and fish

  3. HOMMIE 24

    YES! any suspension of imports wil increase the price of fish n promote smuggling.let fish famers work hard n export aswel

  4. Lolo

    Hommie 24 you right. Honestly speaking how can the fish from as far as Asia be cheaper than our local produce??? So in short you want to be exploiting us right?

  5. HOMMIE 24

    Lolo its about negative work zambia the attitude of people towards work is poor

  6. Easy Easy

    Fish ban can continue even for 15 years so that we first finish Asian fish and later eat ours.Good idea comrades uuummm?

  7. Julius

    I see no reason Zambia can be importing more fish from Asia when yet we have a huge water bodies in the country. Infact with those imports we make of meat and fish,it’s a risk to our health due unknown chemicals which they inject into these products.The government has to do something about this.

  8. Mr dundumwenze

    Thanks Julius,easy easy you are still young in your mind.

  9. Stephen Mkandawire

    Plse let all Zambians be warned about fish coming from Asian countries. For one reason or the other Asians don’t eat this fish which is exported to Africa. Rumour has it that it’s because it is not real fish.It is genetically modified or just cloned

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