UPND Suffers More Defections as Kanyama UPND Officials Join PF

The troubles around the UPND grassroots structures have continued with the entire Kanyama Constituency officials defecting to the ruling Patriotic Front.

UPND has been grappling with mass defections of local government officials leading to by-elections in several wards.

The trend is not slowing down with another batch ditching the troubled opposition political party.

Full statement:



LUSAKA, ZAMBIA, 15th August 2018 – Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) Kanyama Constituency has defected to join the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) today, 15th August 2018.

Those who have defected include:


  1. Godden Chooka – UPND Kanyama Constituency Chairman
  2. Isaac Majulu – Constituency Youth Chairman
  3. Ms. Janet Hamweete – Constituency Trustee
  4. Ms. Doreen Mayenda – Ward 12 IPS
  5. Clement Mwene – Ward 10 Youth Chairman
  6. Ms. Yvonne Mulemeli – Ward 10 Chairlady
  7. Chrispin Muyaba – Ward 10 Treasurer


And speaking on behalf of the Secretary General Hon Davies Mwila, PF Lusaka District Chairman Mr. Stafford Kayame welcomed the new members and assured them that there was still sufficient room in the boat.

“We have previously been competitors but today we are here to complement each other as members of the same family, building on the vision founded by our late President Michael Chilufya Sata and now under His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. This vision is about building a better Zambia for all. You are welcome into the Boat,” he said.

He said the Secretary General had insisted that those joining the party ought to adhere to the ideals of the ruling party and has since asked them to go and bring more and more people into the boat.

“Be good ambassadors of the patriotic front. From here, go flat out and be fishers of men and women, including our youths still out there to come into the boat. This is where they belong. Let me also assure you that Zambia has a listening President in President Edgar Lungu and his PF Government. Yes, there are tough decisions that we have to take to make a better Zambia but be assured that we mean well!” he stated.

And speaking on behalf of the defectors, Mr. Chooka who has been Kanyama UPND Constituency Chairman for the last five (5) years said the decision was arrived at after witnessing PF’s development in Kanyama and other parts of Lusaka. He also bemoaned the lack of vision and clear vision in the UPND under Mr. Hakainde Hichilema.

UPND has had strong structures under Mr. Chooka as Chairman in Kanyama constituency until now when they have fallen to PF

Issued by:

Sunday Chanda

Media Director – PF



  1. innocent

    One wonders what is going on mu UPND.Stop living on a comfort zone that all is well coz the defectors are of lower ranks.Wake up from the slumber and start the rebuilding.


      Ba President Hakainde…..where are you sir? Have u also defected? Please surrender the party presidency to Garry Nkombo. Your time is up!!

    • android 7

      ba innocent, kanyama was the stronghold for upnd in lusaka but ba katuka ati it has not affected the party.
      2012 they will have two presidential petitions, for 2016 and 2021.

    • Muso

      They must have been destroying UPND from inside, let the join the thieves. Forgive them when they come back, but never trust them again. Just insure they have not stolen party funds and materials.

  2. Bols dry no mixer na chi cigarette

    People just follow where is money ,its okay they can switch come 2021 no rooms for cowprits. Hehe UPND more power


    UPND wl win 2021 elections, jst watch the space.

    • HH

      these fools are couples njala munyumba check the list three prostitutes and three fuckers

      • Hanizyy

        That’s bad language being old man like you, if you don’t have word just be quiet

  4. HOMMIE 24

    UPND is under the enfluence of gravity.. falling like walls of jericho..

  5. Ba Mwaata

    Reality tells it all HH were are u hiding come out fast & tell us wat is happens in our party not to remain quiet wats your problem..atasee!!

  6. Mr. K

    Hakainde and mwamba pangs for panga is working against them pipo don’t want to work with proud and self-esteem and foolish pipo. Come all and stay in the boat for peace

  7. electric

    UPND the sleeping lions

    • George mwape

      This simply show that violence Does’ not work.

  8. Chrispine nyirenda

    Izula bayangana let’s go pa BWATO.

  9. Alexander Saimbwende Mushala

    “ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND” says Sejani. UPND will continue on this crumbling trajectory as long as HH is at the helm of the party. With HH as the party president the party is still perceived to be tribal, regional, practicing politics of hate and insults yet what Zambians want is development to be taken where they are. This is for sure the fall of biblical Jericho.

    • Nzelu niweka

      Mushala am not Tonga but mind your language you are the same people who are backwards like sata once said uku shalila kwati matako

  10. Ashamo Makofi

    Truth be told, there is hunger in ZAmbia and no money in people’s pockets. You can only conquer this by belonging to PF but once PF looses power that will be the end of the boat. Everyone will migrate to the new party in Government because this has been the trend. Even former presidents are in the fore front of ditching parties they once led while in Government. For once let us be principled.

  11. mbawala

    nt year its GBM joining PF ur welcom 2 de nations party

  12. mbawala

    nxt year its GBM joining PF ur welcom sir 2 de nations party

  13. Mugabe

    We don’t care very soon President HH is coming into power me forward forward back wards never I a upnd since 2001 mazoka was the President a I will not move to Pf paya farmers noooooo

  14. Teshakuno

    Becareful as you receive your colleagues.Watch

  15. Akan Tyson

    HH is a good leader who has got a vision for this country but he is being mislady by his followers

  16. Chule

    For sure, this is a strategy for UPND, they want to be in the boat and get more data. It’s not true defection, no. Watch the space!!!!!!!

  17. Putin Trump

    I told you Zambians love boats than cows. So this trend continues till 2021 wayaya kalandawe!

  18. Himmler

    These are all economic saboteurs. They are joining the looters. I can do the same given a chance. It makes economic sense in an environment of abject poverty and joblessness.

  19. Sama

    Guys don’t follow politics and don’t forget that politics moves with time enjoy today suffer tomorrow no one stayed on power for ever so if you don’t know what is coming tomorrow keep quite and wait.

  20. Shi aliko

    We will feed them

  21. Evergreen

    Hh you are also welcome feel free

  22. Zankalewa

    Upnd has vanished for real this time

  23. Kunbucha


  24. Shi aliko

    Maybe it’s because of eclipse who knows

    • Tom London

      I appreciate the upnd tactical move infact it has started working and thats why hh and gbm are quiet .
      those who have defected are being planted into pf to distabilise the pf political machinery . watch things between the lines these are not true manoeuvres . sorry for revealing this %%% upnd forward %%% with the untouchable hh and GBM . the upnd has now entered the pf bedroom . tiye nabo wina azalila . bakoswe will realise this when it’s too late . in fact the money given to the so called defectors is now being used by the upnd under ground political intelligence .

  25. Welcome abena zed

    Lero, lero!!! Simanje Guy Scott said the ones who will remove PF from power are not yet born. Zambians have said no to tribal & violent politics. Thnx chairman.

  26. MANFIELD maurice

    Thoz that are defectn ar foolz!


      You fools who are supporting bakoswe mu mpoto,I know that they want Zambian people to died with there ideas. 2021 no more PF, it’s all Forward chabe.BA kabwa open your mind and think it PF are idiots.

      • Dina

        HH+GBM they are coming in 2021,how come a person in 2015 he had 3 billion and this time now .more than 30 billion,are u death ? Open your eyes to see what is happening in the Zambia UPND FORWARD HH+GBM (2021seriously take over) Pf koswe and kabwa we don’t want you stupid. Kikikikikikiki !!

  27. Razor

    Politics of the belly as late munkombwe used to say.

  28. Bobo

    UPND went with mazoka it will ré borne i think now it should 88years to come.

  29. Nam...Namu..

    I’m also defect from PF.

  30. Truth man

    It is very boring to see and read about defections all the time.Go around Zambia and capture other issues ZR !Be creative.

  31. Bwalya masala

    People now seen development the opposition as nothing to offer

  32. James Mphande

    Njala zoona

  33. Mr dundumwenze

    Thanks Mr hh and gbm I was waiting this to happen in our part, zapwalala zoona zi pf bayinjoya kansi ndiye kusila kwabo ba pf, iyi ndiye go forward zoona,please upnd don’t shake,this is a real politics,wina a zanyela mu boat ma

  34. Joseph.mwape

    More people will join UPND next year. In politics it’s normal to resign and join another political party. PF you are fooling yourself. A normal person can’t join PF with this hardship. Viva HH Viva GBM and UPND.


    PATRIOTIC FLAT & UPND all so rubbish

  36. Albright

    I don’t think UPND will survive this is the end of article 79 of the party.

  37. ICT

    Nja yamwa hae aina lubilo

  38. chongo

    Ballot is secret, they want only to chew Pf money,mark my words.

  39. JBG

    Stop lying that they are just defecting to pf for and they will rejoin next year. Can you give your wife to your friend ATI anyengeko in order to get information from him? Let’s work and face the truth.

  40. Mr Does

    Yaaa!!! Too bad ba hh how can you run your part one boo!! Change leadership everything will be OK in my part not one man dancing his old tune up to infinity

  41. Benny

    Defectors are there 2 eat bread that is buttered

  42. Mr dundumwenze

    We can talk more with our thoughts but god’s will is what will happen, but pf government what you should know is that the one who is coming behind you is real leader want or not 2021 is not yours unless satana akankale bishop or pastor.

  43. Chisenga


  44. mushala

    Bafikala batabanjala

  45. Musalu

    I told you at I upnd yasila Bantu bataba bonse

  46. Done

    People who are saying that they are buying people they are just wasting their time can a normal person be bought and agree fools, they are running for themselves because of poor leadership that HH is conducting moreover the UPND vice president don’t have A grade 12 certificate.

  47. Daniel

    Winners never quit and quitters never win, let the cowards join them and I can see that those guys all they need is money not change…

  48. Mutwale konse

    Pf give thm oppotunity so that thy shud transpire wat thy seek,

  49. Award Daka

    What could wrong with the upnd? These defections aren’t normal. Something needs to be done in the upnd arena.

  50. lameck zimba

    HH where are you things are not place.

  51. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Kulibbe getout


    No need of any political parts people are dying country wide coz of hugger

  53. lazioto

    lets work hard and forget this thing called pf and upnd


    Time matters no one is bigger than the PARTY UPND we still stand

  55. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Go go forward PF. It’s only PF that can move forward.

  56. Kanitundila

    Upnd only two years pakati and u are losing yo wife’s in the name of banyengeko bazabwela tell me what are u going to campaign in 2021 with that baseness man who to make another name that he is one of richest in Africa because he just richest Zambia good u c them before they come to power example Moise katumbi he has helped people before having interest and u upnd u are just blogging our can cook bins late c that u a hart for people before u become president u but u are saying panga for panga what if when u become president and gbm vise president nankwe nangu balimukana kukasama tatwakalanda yikaba machine gun pa zero muyichindike thate why people are defecting basata use say ngatwauma abantu nokowonaula efikulwa tukatenshi were ever he talked peace that’s how gain popularity defectors were coming from luring party to opposition.

  57. Kanitundila

    (CORRECTION:): kaili upnd can not make corrections: Upnd only two years pakati and u are losing yo wife’s in the name of banyengeko bazabwela tell me what are u going to campaign in 2021 with that baseness man who to make another name that he is one of the richest in Africa because he is just a richest man in Zambia good people u c them before they come to power example Moise katumbi he has helped people before having interest almost the hall Africa but he says he is poorest and u plug, upnd u are just blogging our money can cook bins late us c that u have a hart for people before u become president, u are saying panga for panga what if when u become president and gbm vise president, nankwe nangu balimukana kukasama tatwakalande yikaba machine gun pa zero muyichindike that’s why people are defecting basata use say ngatwauma abantu nokowonaula efikulwa tukatekenshi were ever he goes he talked peace that’s how he gain popularity defectors were coming from luring party to opposition not like this ba vise imiponto hh kuyimfwa akaso

  58. Chisembele

    Fake news

  59. Ba independent

    Zambian politics

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