Four Cops Caught Receiving Bribes from Motorists

Four Zambia Police Traffic Officers were this morning caught unaware for mounting an illegal roadblock along Mungwi road and getting money from motorists without giving receipts.

The officers, two males and two females upon noticing the presence of Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo attempted to escape and when the minister inquired if the motorists were being issued with receipts, the officers said the receipt book had run out.

And Lusambo upon further inquiry discovered some money hidden in a nearby guard house and when counted, the money amounted to K2, 250 for the 2 hours they had mounted the roadblock.

Meanwhile, Lusambo is disappointed with the corruption going on in the Zambia Police which he says is tarnishing the name of President Edgar Lungu and the government.

He said he will ensure that the four officers identified as Charity Zuze, Sergeant Laban Bwalya, Constable Moses Chinga and Chibesa Mukela are reported to the police Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja so that action is taken.


  1. Dj Hamuchigushe Ta

    I will return at sunset to be further informed.

  2. wayzam

    That is real life. Eat before you day my friend

  3. Chipe

    Job weldone Honorable minister of Lusaka province. You have seen it for yourself. This is happening every where you find the police mounting a roadblock.Very littlemoney enters the government coffer. The remaining officers you learn from this today,you are not innocent becauce you do the same. Careful you will be caught and loose your jobs.

  4. LUCAS

    The minister is now twice showing commitment at his duty, were are others?by that way,we can end corruption in our country, congratulations Mr.minister sir,you are a truly servant of us.

  5. Zobreego

    Good job minister. Do the same at chongwe roadblock just after airport roundabout. There is too much stinking corruption there. If they can collect that money for only 2 hours what about the whole day? Let us automate the system. RTSA should takeover all roadblocks. The police should be fighting crime. It really tarnishing the good image of my president and our country zambia.
    Am also surprised that ACC is dead queit. Does it really need to take Bowman Lusaka (Lusaka typo error ) to fish out these rogue cops from the service when ACC can do undercover operation sure? Let ACC employ me as their undercover investigator so that I can show them the true side of corruption. If that is not corruption then let them tell us what it is. If I were the president I would promote Bowman Lusaka to minister of home affairs with immediate effect.

    NB: where there is LUSAKA read as LUSAMBO I didn’t pay my 30 ngwee tax for internet that’s why my phone is misbehaving I guess.

    • Jk

      Kikikikiki sonkela mwana 30n,nipa Zed mwana nakunya tax

  6. Rk

    The minster is just wasting his time,since the all government officials are corrupt, period!

  7. lameck zimba

    this is just the begining even ministers are corrupt God is watching over you oneday you will be exposed.

  8. Mr Peace

    One Bowman

  9. James MPH

    Great job minister I support u

  10. chobs

    Well done honourable, we suffer a lot in roads, continue with that work

  11. taxi driver

    hehehehehe paipa pano, continue f?ishing them

  12. enos phiri

    Comment job well done hon ministor

  13. jimmy chulu

    Good job Mr minister

  14. Talented top

    Mubomba mwibala alila mwibala “quote coming true!”

  15. Andrew Monde

    Good Job, we eat but don’t be to careless.

  16. Mk

    Well done Ba minister, don’t just end there,dig deeper

  17. Davies Mwila Jr

    Hmmmm paipa pano

  18. Easy Easy

    All other ministers should work like that not making silly over used statements in the media.He (Bowman) has shown the way—-action in Government departments not rhetoric tendencies to please ECL at musebenza,wake up!!!!!!!

  19. Clement Chileshe

    Don’t fire them, just warn them since they are not the only ones – Former KT318 Transport Manager (General Mukuseka)

  20. HOMMIE 24

    K2,250 within a short space of 2hrs thats fast.pliz surrender them to us [ghetto dwellers] we deal with them acordingly.. thiefs


      bring the female cop bitch to me so that she reads my name loudly after which I will insert my name in her small juicy pussy which has extremely tall pubic hair and one million metres of clitoris

  21. KGB

    ngatawachitapo mtobeliwe


    These cops squeezed my balls when I was being interrogated over corruption at ZAF this same bitch pulled my testicles now it will be the opposite her clitoris and labia minora will be pulled with a hot pliers

  23. Razor

    Imwe why not sending lusambo his share? You see now he follows you around if you don’t send his cut.

  24. Winnipeg Nyirongo

    “Ubomba Mwibala alya Mwibala”. These are the words which came from the President. Now leave the corps alone because they are just being sent by their bosses in Zambia Police Service. Interrogate them and you will hear what they will say? I’m NOT supporting them but they are not doing this on their own.

  25. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Job well done minister.

  26. GUNDE

    These are very junior officers, there should be a very big Whale involved. It is not possible for this to go in noticed by Senior Officers. This is the kind of vigilance we need in leaders at all levels. Minister go to the bottom of this and extend it to other provinces, most police officers will start looking malnourished and most of their projects will stall. God help us.

  27. Mr dundumwenze

    Let me appreciate your job mr Bwana lusambo,but be careful because very soon lungu will fire you for your commitment to the nation, but chonidabwisa all those names are from one tribe why so ba Bemba? This tribe No discipline in our country.

  28. mengmoreler

    Hmmm!bt ba boss once said ubomba mwibala ulya mwibala.now wat has gone rong naba buju z it ka salary kuchepa or wat?any economy crisis zoona.

  29. DD

    Kkkkkkklkkkkkkkkkkkk wapyamundzi fire them.

    • ZNBC DG


  30. kanene

    Most corrupte government in Zambia,pf,thats my opinion

  31. Chipe

    Changa baseka uwacelwa

  32. homohabilis

    Yes too much corruption in zambia.mr lusambo pliz find out if the selection of police were taken in a Godly way or it was also affected by this headman so called CORRUPTION …..aweeeeeeee kwena bucushi ubu mweeee anyway its last days don’t worry bakapokolola

  33. jah

    well done mr lusambo but it was clear for anyone with a silogane, which say ubomba mwibala ulya mwibala can u evestigete that siloga….?

  34. Abraham

    ” ubomba mwibala formula ” by pfool govt.

  35. Baby George

    While Kampyongo is singing that there is no corruption among the Cops.

    • james kaumba

      Police women and men why idle to be caught, by a civilian, a Cadre,u must be so foolish officers,fire them me on just absconding work while I was sick I’m fired by The Comdr in Chief

  36. captain chanda

    That’s very disappointing to me as one of the founders and strong pf cada. Am still waiting for a job petiently and those fools a busy stealing from our people . let them be replaced since they are caught in daily light. Direct punishment with the law.

  37. KLVN

    that’s where they thrive

  38. Andrue

    Nichoipa maningi kutenga ndalama za Free ,how I wish sembe banthu aba ba so,,,, amapitako na ku ma churches ,coz kuli kusonkha ndalama zilibe ma reciept na kweve. zinangu zili che bwino coz its written in the Bible, manje izi zinago awe sure..@@@@@……no Z.R.A…….ni zii maningi……

  39. Great Sin

    Well done Honourable Minister for being proactive! Public service is about integrity and professionalism dear friends.

  40. Wilson tembo

    They are not the only ones ask the lG Minister his one of them

  41. Collins mwamba

    We are tied of buying them food,paying school fees for theychildren, paying bills for zesco and water companies. They even stop using there salaries. Please sir can you please pass through serenje, mukushi, kapiri, kabwe,manyumbi, prospect, chisamba and kabangwa too many roadblocks we re reaching our homes with empty handed because of roadblocks we are losing trust from our wives and bosses.

  42. Barotseland

    Foolish Minister why jumping in your fellow counterparts shoe and you the most corrupt foolish Minister. To hell with you Cadres


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  44. Damisiano

    punish them don’t fire them because every one is practicing corruption in this country.

  45. Mimikays

    But zoona bambi abantu fipuba.Learn to give cred8t where its due regardless of yournpolitical affiliation twapapata.Ushitasha endoshi ine.What those 4 cops did is disgusting. Remember you reap what you sow

  46. talala musonda

    those police officers must be fired

  47. martin chiyesu

    Fire them banyandule

  48. bk

    Wrong doers will not like you. Well done Honourable and keep up

  49. Jsm

    Bowman U Should Have Started With Yo Fellow Ministers

  50. ChurchBoy

    Bowman boma!!!

  51. Mwine mushi

    Ubomba mwibala alya mwibala.. Viva my President… ECL2021

  52. washangepikashalubemba

    Useless traffic officers plus Kakoma Kanganja very corrupted..

  53. mwape david

    Boma ilibe change so their were just keep on keep on keep on keep on…

  54. lombe

    high cost of living in zambia, salaries are not enough.

  55. Sakala

    Yaba at pf 2021 unless balibe nzelu will vote for you,but people who are very serious to take this country forward will not vote for you,i was thinking that hh anama,because he told us the way pf they are .

  56. Elton Halwindi

    coruption live in people,its beta u hav seen for yourself mr lusambo.

  57. Uncle Bizzo

    Well done minister , but those police officers did not mount that illegal road block without their superior ‘s permission ,so let them mention who allowed them to do so and will see that it’s chain

  58. Zabwino palibe

    Bowman yu ar also corrupt and stop kusobela na boma bamatutuma ba boss kupanga za lunch na talk time manje iwee wayibala bwanji scandle yama chinese,leave us plz madam wanga bakamumanga Zambia wil be an animal farm for all.

  59. Uncle Bizzo

    Good job minister, but what you were suppose to do first you would have secretly visited central police early and see how many cars especially mini buses are been arrested and discharged without receipts you would have found that more than 200 buses have gone without receipts and how much is that, the K2250 you found with those officers is just peanut, superiors are the most corrupt

  60. Daniel

    Make sure that they regret even to be an officer this is corruption deal with them according to the laws of Zambia

  61. mazpower

    good job mr. Lusambo

  62. zakaria mazba

    Let them back to the village start farming again;one woman I will marry fumu ndine

  63. Nicolas

    That s what happens when the Hunter becomes the hunted.

  64. Wapyamudzi

    Baka walala Bali pa luangwa bridge. Please those officer bakuba.Boma iyanganepo.Those Police officers are thieves especially two Tonga police officers like getting money without receipts next it will be you.watch out.

  65. AB2

    Hon minister, you have done a good job. but also try to walk around zambia and do the same especially in eastern province, katete and petauke districts to be specific.
    people are tired of feeding the police officers

  66. Maybin BABI

    Y boma you doing this everyday you are in the road to take money for the people is that job u have only to do boma DO SOMETHING FAST

  67. FGM

    The corruption currently obtaining in Zambia can be effectively curbed by a leadership that is not compromised by the same vice. I salute you minister Lusambo..

  68. Luka banda

    Go ahead with the act Minister

  69. talala musonda

    those police officers should be fired.

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