Great Kalu Celebrates 55th Birthday

Former FAZ president Kalusha Bwalya celebrates his 55th birthday today. It may not exactly be the best time to celebrate his life milestone but the 1988 African Footballer of the Year has often divided opinion.

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  1. Jones mwewa

    Happy birth day Ba great Kali.wishing u many more happy returns bamashina

  2. Jones mwewa

    Great kalu

  3. Percy

    Great Kalu! To date you are the most celebrated footballing talent this nation has produced. In spite of your personal issues with FIFA, you deserve commendation for your extraordinary performance as far as Zambian and Southern African football is concerned. Happy birthday.

  4. Kankoyo beer

    People are cowprits its his birthday but wen he was banned ati corrupt leader here its Great Kalu

  5. kantanga Jackson

    Wishing you happy birthday the great kalu

  6. Viva


  7. HOMMIE 24

    Kalu is 55.. that means his 60+ age cheating is common in the sport of football

  8. Hamasisa

    happy birthday great Kalu.my former best player in africa the Kalu.

  9. Alfred samp

    Happy birthday great kulusha

  10. Chansa Chishimba

    Mwabombeni mwaiche wandi .Ebwaume, kulumbulwa.

    • scare crow


      • KUPUSA


  11. Collins mwamba

    I don’t have anything to give you. But I only have time to wish you a great birthday my super man. The may the almighty GOD add more years in life so that all your enemies can see u step on them.

  12. Chrispine nyirenda

    Happy birthday to you the great son of Africa in terms of football.You have made Zambia on the word map keep it up

  13. Mwali

    Happy Birthday our Great Kalusha Bwalya. Even though I lost track on soccer, you were my icon growing up. When others called themselves names of other foreign players on the pitch, I called myself Great Kalu. I played left and always at number 11.

  14. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    From psv

  15. Big boss

    Corrupt Kalu!

  16. Chipe

    Happy birthday kalu

  17. enos phiri

    happy birthday great kalu–ushitasha mwana wa ndoshi

    • Bwana

      Kalu, men in football. Ok happy birthday to you.

    • Easy Easy

      Make it the last birthday you are announcing atase!!Out of my sight please!!

  18. Mk

    U used to make me and others very happy on the pitchd, corruption aside. Happy birthday great kalu

  19. Mochias.net

    Whats importnt about hs b/day?all thz yrz we nevr knew about hs b/day.jst becoz of hs corrupt issue.Nansoni mulibe.Banchot!

  20. wayzam

    Great kalu. Happy birthday

  21. last Ngoni

    Chris Phiri; I guess you are dancing on top of your office table, that Kalu can’t enjoy his birthday in peace. Shame on you.

  22. Joseph Sinkala

    Happy birthday brother Kalu.Be strong it’s just a phase you are passing through. Cheer up Kalu.May the Allmighty God give strength to pull through.

  23. Great Sin

    Happy Birth Day to you my friend Great son of the soil. Let’s learn to apportion credit where is due.

  24. Great Sin

    where it is due

  25. Razor

    Not so great Kalu now that you don’t have access to bribe money how are you going to celebrate extravagantly as before?

  26. Barnabas mumbi

    happy birthday kalu,u are the man

  27. Alex Mvula

    Happy Birthday Kali. We all have dark sides. Enjoy your day.

  28. Daniel

    Happy Birthday great Kalu.

  29. Mesheal

    Happy birthday anyway.

  30. Charles Mushobwe

    Too many happy memories not to say happy birthday to the great.

    • Mabvuto chuza

      Happy birthday ba kalu you v made Zambia proud.ignore these jealousy idiots.

  31. Tobias Ngambi

    Happy birthday our Legend!!!!

  32. hasty

    Comment Happy birthday Great Kalu,Those who hate u are jealousy of your achievements.Forever great!

  33. edgar chibuta


  34. Theophilus Musanshiko

    Happy Birthday Greater Son of Mother Zambia We Love you dearly walk with your head high

  35. mukenga

    Nothing to celebrate but we just hope you can be brought to justice for the $80 000 you deprived FAZ or better still pay back. What you’ve done for nation doesn’t give you the right to steal. Remember Dr Chiluba(RIP) did a great thing for most Zambians but was brought to justice when it was found he had plundered. Who are you to be an exception.

  36. Elizabeth

    Happy birthday Great Kalu, ibukishako kampompo, kariba pa nine mess, ifinyau Ku kwacha, amansangala, ifigulugulu fya bread. Our parents prepaid for them, lndoz bakery, pa vulanda, pakefi, kuwest, , pamalela, kukanjoyo, I send you a local ban and umukaka. Remember we used yo get for free especially for independence day. Kukikiki twalebanka. Remember. Jeremiah 29:11 is your focus

  37. Mr dundumwenze

    Thanks kalu jealous chabe ya visilu, happy birthday my man.

  38. SIDO

    Happy birthday to you King Kalu. Keep your head up, just know that no matter what you going through, you have people always supporting you and will always be on your side

  39. michael

    Its a blessing to have a day or year added to your years.Happybirthday one and only Great Kalu Zambia has ever produced.Godbless you even in your future endeavour.I thank God for you child of God remain blessed.

  40. Kel

    Feel good great kalu I’m kelving kaluu…..mansa-zambia

  41. Wilson mulwanda simfukwe

    Happy birthday to you one Kalu I miss those free kicks just outside the 18area you made us proud. How I wish one player can emulate you the better

  42. Mutale

    Happy Birthday, great Kalu, when God says yes no one can say no. Praying that you become the first Fifa African President. May God grant you many more years

  43. Jayally

    Happy birthday Great Kalu


    Happy birthday wish u many happy returns

  45. Chishala . Gideon

    H.B.D Mr great

  46. Amano

    In societies where corruption is abhorred Kalu should not even be wished a happy birthday in this manner. He has brought shame to our country.

  47. Albert

    Would like to wish great Kalu a happy 55 birthday. May the lord add more positive years ahead of u.

  48. Chongani phiri

    Happy birthday to you bigmañ. Li
    fe is a merry go round ,you are an icon indeed .God bless you and guide you always.

  49. Open Analyst

    Happy birthday Great Kalu.

  50. talalamusonda

    corrupt kalusha bwalya

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