Hichilema Marks One Year after Treason Release

Today marks exactly one year since opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema was released from Mukobeko Maximum Prison on treason charges.

The nation fed off the diet of his 100 day incarceration after having blocked the Presidential motorcade in Mongu.

A lot of things have happened since his release, with the much flaunted turnaround in his fortunes by his supporters still elusive. Ironically the UPND curve seems to have taken a nosedive since that time. Perhaps the biggest legacy the incarceration left was the pledge to dialogue by all key political players under the mediation of Commonwealth Secretary General Patricia Scotland.


  1. Mr. K

    The lesson he lent was that Zambia has a legitimately elected head of state he. Will never do that again

    • Babs

      Zambia’s present leader is not legitimate. That is why ECZ is still under lock and key

      • Mavuto

        Lessons from Zimbabwe:
        Nelson Chamisa’s court challenge is basically divided into two parts. The first argument is based mainly on the arithmetic/statistical errors (intentional or otherwise) comparing ZEC announced figures to the ZEC provided election results CD, the v11 and v23 forms. The second argument is based on the procedures followed by ZEC (and other interested parties) prior, during and after elections which might have compromised the election results.

      • james kaumba

        Legitimate elected kikikikiki,wabekyobe

      • james kaumba

        Legitimate elected kikikiki,INTERNET 30n, fyo nse is paying tax, God help us!

  2. Trigga

    1 year from prison but no impact
    The decreasing, money finishing
    The day we will vote for u it will be pay back! That’s my worry! But not way keep trying kuluse lwabena Zambia but you have failed to convince the people how you will govern!

  3. Trigga

    He thought he would be famous manje. Adabwa ba UPNDma ba dabwa he is not loved by majority zambians

    • Angel.s

      You full don’t try angin to repity this we are suffering in Zambia see now the companys they don’t want to pay the work’s sarales for example go to oriental company to see what is happening there .and the President is not saying enthing .the fulls party pf vaupuba at part you people you are just stilling maney in bank of Zambia

  4. ndamwumfwa maisa

    who is this HH and what has he contributed to the nation apart from bringing in tribalism,lies,advocating violence failing to accept defeat and now making our strong opposition party loose grip making zambian reputation poor to the outside world which our folefathers suffered for and this nonentity HH whose father is not known blafing about one year after treason what has it got do with poor zambians? so even you reporters whenever u want to come up with articles pls i beg of you for granted bring issues that can benefit zambians some pipo are not important to zambians but to there family members and cows, that is why they ve kept on loosing elections and seeking simpathy for what?.let me tell u HH and yo fellow failure GBM you never rule this country if u not change your ways and the problem is you are surrounded by ba inde bwana type who cant advise you even when the things are bad . The issue of pipo defecting from pf is real wakeup and do what is right by restructuring your party ,just step down let others try as well and support them at a distance if you mean well to the nation we will support and respect u at the sametime dont be a fool ba HH be wise you are being misled, now all your councellors are gone next will be your MPs and last will be chi GBM no lufumo kwati ni nkumba and you remain alone.

  5. Hanizyy

    Careful HH you was going for good in prison atill death

  6. Chrispine nyirenda

    HH I think you have learned one or two things boma ni boma

  7. Chrispin chonda

    Don’t go back hh just for the pipo who doest have anything

  8. Chrispin chonda

    You are the next president of Zambia go go Zambia go go GBM ,HH




        mr president don’t worry about poor people like chipu gbm and hh banabampatila but my come for me GOD BLESS you thankful

  9. mbawala

    i cn advse u 2 stop porticas

  10. HH

    Thanks for all your comments it was not easy, it was more like a prison break.

  11. Bwalya mupeseni

    It was a good leason to all 🇿🇲 zambians

  12. G-Bally

    If he committed an offence,why is he not in Prison. Very fun only God

    • GBM

      uyu chikala ndamweba muma meeting that people including your family and workers don’t like you because of your cow-dung-filled mouth

      • katebe ngosa


  13. Scott

    What type of Zambians are we having by commenting rubbish. Zambia is there today tomorrow and in the future with different leadership in place. Nothing wrong for HH to remember his remarkable release from prison. Each person has only one vote. Your opinion is yours alone. What the country is going through has a cause. Can we mature and help to change the current scenario to a better one.

  14. Mr dundumwenze

    Thanks Mr Scott mau yanga wayasiliza yonse,

  15. james kaumba

    Zambia twasebana

  16. FGM

    African politicians are a problem. No wonder , one son of Africa said, ” Africa doesn’t need POLITICIANS but LEADERS to preside over the affairs and resources of the African continent.

  17. Am so Tonga

    One philosopher said the behavior of any leader dipicts the behavior of his followers, in simplicity, like leader, like followers. its sad to see a Zambian insulting while his markets are sold, hamard with tax and still insulting using only 5 joeles of energy left in his empty stomech. HH don’t mind them they ull still insult the day u will reduce tax and give them conducive trading areas. They ll say Chikala nimukaali uyu. Because they leave,eat,sell and harvest violence and insults.

  18. Mr wick

    All things are linked.

  19. MANFIELD maurice

    That’s my president. insult or no insult he’s still our leader.foward!!

  20. Andrew musha

    Hh for life

  21. Joseph Munthali

    Hh is blessed

  22. Nsijokeli munsi

    Don’t mind them HH they have run out of words.All that comes out of their mouths are insults.Go go forward HH…!

  23. Hams

    Comment:upnd nankwe nankwe win or loose mpaka litente nidununa forward chabe.

  24. joyce zimba

    Go go hh💃u are next president.

  25. Stensa mighty

    Important thing is to know God…. That’s all!!!!

  26. King mutale

    Thanks my president hh,you are a good man

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