Kang’ombe Engages Treasury Directly Over Councils

Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe has taken the bull by its horns over the cry for councils struggling for funding from the treasury by dealing calling on Secretary to the Treasury Fredson Yamba.

Kang’ombe who doubles as Local Government Association President Christopher has engaged Secretary to the Treasury Fredson Yamba to enhance funding to local authorities.

The youthful Kitwe Mayor, who recently complained on limited finance in councils to finance ambitious programmes said there is need to increase Local Government equalization fund and its timely payment for services.

He has also proposed piloting the collection of part of revenue from motor vehicle licensing, toll fees and electricity as stated in article 147 of Republican Constitution.

Kang’ombe said there is need to expedite the amendment to the Ratings Act for councils to collect rates on properties not yet on title to improve service delivery.

He said the Ministry of finance needs to help councils pilot the utilisation of ICT in avoiding cash handling by officers.

The Kitwe Mayor also emphasised the need to sell the idea of creating a Social Housing Fund to help councils upgrade unplanned settlements using the existing Cement levy.


  1. palata minina

    Good idea

  2. Ama dance wama bosele

    Nice move, though I think this should exist in every Zambian cities

  3. edgar chibuta

    Theses are types of leaders we need in Zambia and for sure the youth full politician has proved to the outside world that he puts the interest of the Kitwe residents first.Am adance yama bosele you are right

  4. Percy

    Kang’ombe you are the cream of youthful leaders we want. So innovative, geared to improve operations of councils and standards of municipalities. Bravo!!

  5. mwalanga j

    good ideas ba Meyor another one am adding
    partner with Nkana water to help collect flate rates and ground rent, Nkana water as come up with pre paid water So if i to pay for water in January which is first quarter i should produce flate rates and ground rent from council then i pay for water same same the way we do with RATSA we go with insurance before they can allow you to pay Road Licence

  6. mwalanga j

    i mean receipts for first quarter which is January and second quarter in july every year so that we help support our local authority to deliver good services ( bane)

  7. Bashi K

    Bravo honourable Kangombe! I also want to suggest that KCC should improve on debt and rental collection. For example, at masuzyo ndeke market council shop tenants do not pay rentals and KCC is comfortable about it. I’m aware of some people whose debt were cancelled at K40 000 by President ECL and today these same people have continued to accumulate fresh debt and KCC is holding meetings abt lack of finances. What kind of money do you want when u have uncollected debts in millions! Peoples have personalised council property ati bcoz they used to work for the council! Honourable if people can not afford to pay let them leave them to those who can bcoz it is so painful and discouraging to be paying while others are not paying waiting for the next campaign period for their debt to be written off! Honourable please look into this matter it might be a solution to your financial problems! Thank you.

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