Kitwe City Council Seizes Fuel from Illegal Dealers

The Kitwe City Council Police has seized 80 litres of petrol and 13 by 20 litres empty containers from vendors engaged in the unlawful sell of fuel to buses and taxis at KMB and Bulangililo stations.

Kitwe City Council Public Relations Manager Roy Kuseka said the move is a precautionary step to safeguard lives of members of the public and commuters.

He said Bus stations are not designated fuel selling point as they are a danger to public safety.

“Bus stations are not designated points for sell of combustible petroleum products such as petrol which should be handled with due care by licensed vendors in accordance with the prescribed conditions in the Petroleum Act Cap 435 Section 4 (2) of the laws of Zambia,” Kuseka said

He said Markets and Bus Stations Act Number 7 of 2007 empowers Kitwe City Council to manage and operate bus stations in line with the existing laws such as the Food and Drug Act Cap 303 and the Public Health Act Cap 295.

Kuseka has since warned that offenders risk being prosecuted as the Council police continues to monitor all the stations to curb the vice.

“To avoid compromising lives of commuters in case of fire caused by illegal fuel vendors at stations, drivers of buses and taxis are urged to refrain from buying fuel at bus stations, Without clients the vendors will eventually run out of business and the scourge will disappear thereby ensuring safety for members of the public, vendors themselves, commuters and drivers,” he stated.

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  1. Sj

    Ba Kitwe City Council police you’re giving us good impression that you’re hands on where problems want to sprout, but also (Council) dig deeper to find the Source/Supplier of these Flammable substances too. They will need to be brought to book should they (Suppliers) continue. Comment

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