Mwanakatwe is Acting President

Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe will act as President in the absence of President Edgar Lungu and Vice President Inonge Wina.

Mwanakatwe has been handed the instruments of power as President Lungu attends the 38th Southern African Development Community (SADC) Heads of State summit.

The theme of the summit scheduled for Safari Hotel from August 17 to 18 is “Promoting Infrastructure Development and Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development”.


  1. HH

    You be the next president,

  2. phillip

    this is really a blessing

  3. Joezman

    Congratulations but mukazi siwo truster


      I hope in acting capcity she will not borrow beer from maela night club

    • Bruno mars the moonshine jungle masterzz

      I dont care.With no foods awweeeee nothing is good

  4. Voice of the voiceless

    Mwilufwanya ifintu mayo weso

  5. enos phiri

    Comment u are allsame trully,with really blessing from God


    Were is Bowman lusambo?


    Mayo don’t sing any thing coz baza minamizila

  8. willson

    Comment congratulation mayo

  9. willson

    Comment u are a blessing from god just act nice good things still coming for god bress u mama.


    Good job mayo.

  11. McFadden Musaba Mwansa

    Comment , congratulations mum just seek God grace and wisdom things will be fine it’s just 48hours, you can do it mum.

  12. Razor

    It’s always the vice that acts when the office holder is away. Now this is bringing confusion. Who is in charge is it mwanakatwe or inonge.

    • Naps

      Mrs Inonge Wina is out as well if you don’t know

    • Elis phiri

      Yes it is supposed to be the vice president acting as president.But the president and the vice are both out I guess.

    • Uncle Bizzo

      Ba Razor read the all story not the headline only before you pass your comments , the vice president is in Turkey that’s why the story states in absence of the president or the vice president the finance minister will act as the president , you’re not the only one who does that


    I’ve never seen a dull person like Razor, so you don’t know that Inonge is in Turkey I think you belong to the dustbin or pitlaterine or a dirty cunt whatever you like


    Comment congratulations

  15. Chilufya

    Comment HH will not eat anything when he hears mwanakatwe is acting president. Mayo mwandi Magileti, lesa ukupalilile till you become full time female president. Congratulations once again!!!

  16. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Congratulations my MP for Lusaka central.

  17. Hazard

    congratulations untee but don’t act like kabimba follow instructions

  18. Mr dundumwenze

    Lungu why kukonda akazi muncito zikulukula monga izo, where is bowman lusambo the wisest man in pf

  19. mengmoreler

    wat of minister of hom affairs?

  20. Ainsley Simumba Mr

    congratulations to my minister of finance mama



  22. frank matoka

    They are just fulfilling what mr lungu told them, bcoz Mr said ubomba mwibala alya mwibala so leave them coz that’s what you wanted

  23. Mozeb

    Finance minister will act as president in the absence of Edgar Lungu and inonge wins. Nomba ba razor blade. Likili mwacibelenga ati Shani. Visit your can you remember. Mwilatusebanya. Ukubilima. No wonder you always pass ama sily comments. Learn to read in full and get the meaning.

  24. KGB razor spokesperson

    sorry guys safusa anadya phula zooona nalakwa no funsa pa first

  25. Starboy

    Ma Zambian ministers ma blockheads you charge us ma 30ngwe on Facebook and WatsApp forgetting that these media platforms are not Zambian, no wonder 50 years after independence we are still using the British laws because you brains are lame, you can’t manage to rule your own country mwembwa mwe

  26. one

    bt dnt get anything in dat offerce

  27. Damisiano

    congratulations women.

    • Mama no mama

      Congratulations remain focused hon minister in your acting position gender equality

  28. Bright Mhango

    Am sure it’s important to think before you comment.margret mwanakatwe she is very intelligent woman and sure she can look after the nation properly than Bowman lusambo to mention one.if you remember president lungu was once reporting to madam Margret at Barclays Bank.people stop this habit of commenting nonsense at social media

  29. lombe

    dont trust a lady she is very easy to be convinced she can sale the country.

  30. Zambia FK

    Congrats Maggie,
    Kindly note that any of the four senior ministers ( Defence, Justice, Home affairs and Finance) can act in the absence of the President and vice.

  31. Mweene


  32. samfya 1

    Ati youth empowement for sustainable development when they are doing nothing surely…..

  33. Banda Joshua

    Zambia u have freedom of expression continue with hard-working

  34. Mr. K

    Who is acting vice president?

  35. Afrozed

    Is it weird that this is actually a good choice for acting President? Imagine if it was BL…. Some people would get slapped again just to make sure that they felt the first one…

  36. Malisopo

    Comment:Congratulations it all comes with those trials.

  37. Obuseva

    Malawians are passing buttons to each other

  38. Willson Smith

    I hope all will be well…

  39. Cryton

    Any way wat can we do

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