15 Nabbed for Illegal Land Allocation in Chingola

The illegalities around land allocation have landed Chingola people in trouble with police arresting them.

The 15 were found illegally allocating pieces to unsuspecting citizens that was recently advertised for development in Gymkana area.

Chingola Municipal Council Assistant Public Relations Manager Dona Mbalwe said the local authority has partnered with state police to bring to book all individuals engaging in illegal land allocations.

She said the local authority in the company of state police visited the area after an alert from a member of the public who found the unscrupulous individuals carrying out illegal activities on the said piece of land.

“More than 15 people have been arrested in connection with illegal land allocations in Chingola, among them are two believed to be master minders of the illegal activities in the district, they are in police custody and we will be opening up dockets to prosecute all the culprits,” she stated.

Mbalwe has further warned individuals that started tampering with land near Chingola Town Cemetery and along Kasompe Airstrip.

She said the local authority will not spare any individual found illegally allocating or occupying land in the District.

Mbalwe added that the Council has stepped up efforts to retain the status of Chingola being the cleanest town by curbing mushrooming of unplanned settlements.



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