Chavuma Woman Buried Alive after Gravel Collapses on Her

A 57 year old woman has died after the ground collapsed on her as she dug gravel in Chavuma District of North Western Province.

North Western Province Commissioner of Police Hudson Namachila said the incident happened when Prisca Simungole in the company of her colleagues were digging gravel along the Chinike-Chingi Road.

Namachila has explained that the process of digging the gravel whose use is yet to be established was being done in a manner that compromised their safety.

He said the woman had a heap of gravel slightly above as she dug which compromised her safety.

“Yes I can confirm we received that report were 57 year woman died after being buried by a heap of gravel, she was in the company of other women who reported the matter to police,” Namachila said.

He said the deceased was pronounced dead upon arrive at Chavuma District Hospial.

Namachila has since urged women in the area against engaging in such business practices that endanger their lives.


  1. Chobs

    Government pliz try to help old people

  2. palata minina

    Its bad mwandi why edged in such a business

  3. Florence

    woman are now digging graves . she has reaped what she planted

  4. Zambian

    Ba Florence did you read the story properly or not? She was not digging a grave but gravel to am sure sale and put food on the table for someone. Mum MYSRIP.

  5. Kalubale

    We such thing happens it shows a curse on ECL and his cabinet ministers,the blood that woman is on you.
    Cursed be all that steal national finances woe be unto their familie that enjoys illgotten wealh let them never know peace for they have been fattened on money meant for the poor zambians,now dying tragically as they hustle to put food on their tables.
    A curse for Edgar and his corrup associates,may the Lord quickly pay them arccording to what they are doing,

  6. Oliver

    Too Bad To The Family

  7. Oliver

    Pliz Government Help Yo People

  8. Luther

    Denm! Sorry this old lady M.H.S.R.I.P government insure that old people are considered not just considering your family

  9. Raymond

    Were does the tax we pay go to cause people are suffering yet the government has a lot of money… Busy buying ma BMW for government leaving people in adject poverty awe mwe..

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