DRC Issue Arrest Warrant for Katumbi

The Democratic Republic of Congo has issued an international arrest warrant for opposition leader Moise Katumbi, who has been in self-imposed exile since 2016.

Justice Minister Alexis Thambwe Mwamba said on Thursday that he should be arrested wherever he was found.

But Mr Katumbi told the BBC the warrant made no sense.

How can they issue an arrest warrant against me and yet two weeks ago, they blocked me when I tried to enter the country? Right now I am in Namibia and they can find me if they want to arrest me. My reaction is that those claims are being made by empty drums, just like they say empty tins make the loudest noise. The people that are subjecting Congolese to misery are those in leadership making false accusations against me.

It is those who are stealing and killing people right now that should face the law.”

Mr Katumbi was hoping to get into DR Congo ahead of a deadline earlier this month for candidates to register for long-delayed elections in December.

But as he tried to cross over the border from Zambia, he was blocked by the Congolese authorities.

A wealthy businessman and former governor, Mr Katumbi left DR Congo in 2016.

He was later sentenced in absentia to 36 months in prison on charges he says are politically motivated.

Who is Moïse Katumbi?

Was governor of the south-eastern Katanga province for almost a decade

In 2015 he broke ties with the ruling party when he accused President Joseph Kabila, his former ally, of wanting to cling to power

His popularity is partly down to his role as the president of a great source of Congolese pride – football club TP Mazembe.


(Source: BBC)


  1. FGM

    Au and sadc have chosen to be mute on such a motive political issue that will lead to bloodshed and instability.

  2. Mr. K

    D. R. C has never at peace for. Yes and this one way of prolonging war in this country

  3. Julius

    It’s like the AU and the Sadc are toothless because they are failing to react.Are they there as a rubber stamp?

  4. Pistol

    Congo DR has become a time bomb . Just wait and see .

  5. zabwino palibe

    Well said katumbi i think Africa needs a new regime of evolution we hav failed to rule ourselves.How can you issue international warranty of arrest when a person was jst at the door step,law makers how do you interprete the law plz?katumbi jst stay were you ar once you step in congo they wil kill you.SADC,AU and UN were ar yu when people ar being trumatise in their own countries,wake up and intervene.

  6. Easy Easy

    Vi DRC futi?Kill one another or even finish through cannibalism you fools!! What a country! Full of wars and stupid assassinations, retarded minds and senseless Rhumba —music for monkeys!! Get out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Andrew Monde

    SADC should not fold hands in this mater,they need to help and ensure tenets of democracy are followed.

  8. Leon

    AU and SADC should be scrapped

  9. Tule

    when he tried to enter you blocked him, now you want to arrest him… Why didn’t you do that
    on the same day

  10. Me

    For your safety stay where you are my man,

  11. Bwalya mupeseni

    Sadc take action we need democracy in Africa

  12. Hazard

    Fi DRC think of ebola which is in your country rather than producing stupid warrant for innocent person ataa chikabila you are so stubborn

  13. John Mwila

    Au and SADC are fucking bitches, why failing to deal with ka DRC.That’s they are promoting nonsense in Southern Africa and continent as all.

  14. siame blessing

    au and sadc leaders are of same feathers with kabila so they can’t do anything. Trump should come in

  15. Evergreen

    God has already left Africa for real

  16. Shi aliko

    especially in Congo

  17. Shi aliko

    Africans we are all useless especially me I fale to tell the nation that there is a president who can fix the entire universe and that’s ecl

  18. uncle sam

    nowonder drc has no former presidents ,2 them exiel n a bullet is there tradition!!! lord have mercy.

  19. Mr dundumwenze

    God left Africa,he went with white people no wonder we are suffering in Africa,too much nonsense,selfish and we don’t want the richest people to rule us.in Africa only Nelson Mandela left a good example of leadership may God continue to keep his soul until we meet him in paradise.kabila is a great devil in Congo.

  20. JLC

    Comment DRC must b divd bcz it z 2 big.KATUMBI, mst rule katanga n change it 2 earthly paradise.we love him. Zambia will benefit alot once is Katanga president

  21. Wongani mbantu

    Kikikikiki….kabila law and SADC, AU and UN are watching this a reason wars never end in africa bcoz we hav omaga leaders. Katumbi is a free man bcoz he has case they would allow him 2 entre and arrest him DR congo and kabila is abusing interpol arrest a innocent man. Democracy has team limits not life limits bcoz u hav chosen 2 president of dr congo but time wil find u. Namibia shuld look after katumbi bcoz kabila can kill him so please protect the future president of DR CONGO.

  22. Aunt Jose

    Katumbi can make DRC to be a better country once voted as a president. Kabila just give chance to your friend.

  23. patriotism

    SADIC z a rubber stamp

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