OPINION: Welcome to Lusaka Very Honourable Lusambo

The stunt by Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo to catch red handed traffic police officers mounting an illegal roadblock has gone viral. Lusambo has been a busy man since taking up his post in February. The sworn disciple of President Lungu had a rough takeoff in Lusaka with his critics threatening to make his life in the province very difficult. He was largely dismissed as an attention seeker and authority worshipping personality that even his billboard welcoming himself to Lusaka was deemed an eyesore.

Lusambo took all this loathe in his stride and immediately got down to work. Five months on Lusambo has slowly won over the sceptical and highly opinionated Lusaka mass. He has not won them over through doing extraordinary things but has focussed his energies toward the daily routines that irritate the ordinary mass when accessing public services, and free WiFi is not one of them! His surprise visit to the Lusaka provincial administration office where he chased employees that turned up late for work was just another example of how attitude change in the public service could be instigated. He has made it routine to ambush public institutions in widely publicized stunts. Just when his shadow had begun to slide away Lusambo popped up with just about the most juicy catch in traffic police officers that rank among them most corrupt public servants in the country.

Some may not approve of Lusambo’s methods but he helped highlight one of the biggest cancers eating away at the country’s conscience-petty corruption. The small gesture Lusambo has pulled could go some measure in helping change mind-set across the civil service if it is replicated by other top ranking government officials. It is not enough to dismiss Lusambo as merely an attention seeker when he has in less than five months at least managed to alert society to some of the ills that most people just opt to whine about. Rather than condemn Lusambo maybe the number one bootlicker as he prefers to call himself deserves Lusaka Province’s support. After his shadow still looms large on the Copperbelt where in a short time he managed to leave an imprint. Well done Bowman! Maybe Lusaka should now truly welcome Lusambo.


  1. Wwew

    Well done sir good job

    • Jonas Sampa

      Only lusambo and mutati are working abashala kuwayawayafye.


    U ar the man of mens n continue with the same spirit God bless u

  3. bk

    Wrong doers will not like you. Well done keepup, Hounorable Lusambo

  4. chabota

    Job well done hon lusambo continue with your concern

  5. mp

    Well done lusambo, welcome to lsk

  6. Bowman is very hardworking.it's only that people criticize unneccesarily.takwatanakaso.good move traffic police officers are very corrupt .once again well done ba minister.

    keep on working hard ba minister.it’s getting out of hand.Ba traffic bena bali chilamo

  7. Arthur

    well done bowman
    bachilamo bakabolala

  8. Brashe L/stone

    Honorable also come to Livingstone and see how these guys are doing things here, they have taken traffic as if it’s their shop,it’s country wide.

    • Esau Phiri

      He is called Lusaka province Minister… Look for southern province minister and remind him of his works… People in the government offices are busy getting paid without work… All because I ticking’a

  9. Sir

    well done boi

  10. Nkonkosheni

    U other minsters can’t u copy from MR LUSAMBO? Eg mr chilangwa? Unless ifya Explo.

  11. Black Token

    Ba minister well done and Lesa amipalewe,and we need to see other senior gov’t officials to be in line with what you are doing, ala ku Nakonde twanaka with such kind of officers who are corrupt at Ulongo police check point.

  12. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle mbast

    Good moove hn

  13. Mwine mushi

    Good move hon. These people troubles us a lot. They sorrounds industrial areas, compounds, even town centre streets. Its too much.


      bamudala baleya kuli cruitment centre nomba apa yaba kapokola to make sure that everything shuld be transparent.

  14. washangepikashalubemba

    Well done Mr Lusambo continue with hard working ,,, Kanganja must be resign or fired that useless traffic officers.

  15. mwape david

    Visit even in Kitwe,police officers their even saying that we don’t touch to the sararies chess them catch them we are tired of this some of the officers

  16. Paul Zulu

    Job well done my minister, these guys have became very rich, but don stop there go even to higher ranks officers they’re the ones who sent the jnr officer. And make these offences reasonable not K450 no reduce the traffic offences to UpTo K50, that you’re going to reduce corruption.

  17. Mr dundumwenze

    Amen my minister, all people of dundumwenze are behind you now, sata died but we have seen him thru your hard working Bwana,not iyo indoshi ya muntu Edgar lungu, come also to kalomo to see what is happening, you our president from today,ba road traffic awe mwandini kusegula Che gate uzapeza bakuyembeza pa gate.

  18. yes

    We’ll done Honourable don’t stop your good work, and leave idle ministers alone. Know that all police Officers are corrupt.

  19. Musakanya

    Well done honourable lusambo

  20. Maulu Hamunjele

    Also help the country on fire tenders where much more was lost!!

  21. PKM

    Mwabombeni Mapongoshi, Mwatulubula Kubusha.

  22. Jay Ross

    well done sir Mr Lusambo you did a great job sir, help us sir..

  23. Andrew Monde

    We lack such men, is a practical man in did.

  24. lameck zimba

    well done lusambo we need such ministers if our country is to be free from corruption.

  25. Zebron Thole

    Thumbs up to the Pro

  26. Alexander saimbwende mushala

    Well done honorable Bowman lusambo

  27. Starboy

    Ba Lusambo come here at Lumumba side market, cadres are busy collecting levies of which we don’t know the projects they are using this money for. Come at night and hide in the drainage near the market, then catch them around 15 to 16 hours when they start collecting

    • Oliver bashi ivy

      Mukwai Balusambo mwabombeni epashili pak u lens cos these people are thieves , there being the government down .. Imwe abantu

  28. BB

    Good Job Mr Bowman

  29. zabwino palibe

    Uzamuziba Yesu!!

  30. Kabalu

    Bravo ba honorable Lusambo may the good lord grant you good health.

  31. King cool

    Mr Lusambo job well done, but we need also the minister of Labour mama Joyce Nonde to look into this matter of the so called investors , how they are mistreating the workers. Especially in a company where they are few people. Lastly but not the least the domestic drivers and maids .

  32. Smockpat

    Good move ba minister,
    Bt the government should revise there fines, it’s to much high k450 and above so drivers opt to bribe offices k200 thn giving that amount, so reduce fines to reasonable so tht it ll b easy to pay at least k50 in tht amount yu cnt corrupt an officer actually I’ll evn claim for a receipt

  33. Meeky bwalya

    Congratulations sir

  34. ks

    visit chongwe chek point

  35. Bmk

    Job wel done.fear no one,we are behind and God is seeing what you are doing.Those who help the poor people,God does help them.I love your fearless stancy .Go !Go!dear .May God bless you.


    Corruption is everywhere in all 4 corners of our county Zambia,not only traffic officers can do that but also nabashala they do.If we can go round and investigate,how many people can we caught red-handed The Bemba say’s changa baseka uwacelwa,another saying kabwalala nipakuboko.My advice to all my fellow motorist,pliz Let us stop doing ifyamubunfisolo we’re the one Ku forefront giving traffic officers money without asking for the receipt when been caught up,we should follow the traffic rules accordingly

    • Chefyeniko ama charges we can demand for receipts. We are not idiots to pay K350 When if l pay a police officer K50 he will let me go

      Mwebantu twacula

  37. Moses kinda

    Well done our friend Mr Lusambo. Keep on fighting hard.

  38. Moses kinda

    Do not listen to criticism from the lazy people

  39. Moses kinda

    Soltech Production

  40. Sims v

    Isalute you Hon.Be blessed.

  41. Kalifunku

    Bowman means Boma ni Lusambo
    Well done minister.

  42. mwandu

    Continue with same spirit Mr honourable bacilamo

  43. Zambian

    Indeed well done minister. Somebody will complain that he is intruding in my portfolio. Watch the space. But keep it up

  44. oscarmwale3

    Good job

  45. Mr. K

    Mr. Lusambo is now rated as high cop as he is the only cop who can arrest police officers. Thanks

  46. Jebediah Munachonga

    Lands for sale in chisamba district some 80km away from Lusaka in chipembi area also in kanakantapa settlement area contact me 0979440154. 0963088322

  47. Mwewa

    Excellent move continue serving Zambian people

  48. Done

    Mmmmmmm even pa ngombe clinic come and see

  49. Victor Lungu

    Well done Ba minister thus a good job you are a hard work man

  50. Mbuzi

    I wish one day he will be mines minister

  51. MBO

    Well done sir for your work continue the same spirit. Sir now come and see here solwezi

  52. Kennedy Mwenya

    Bravo! Bowman L.

  53. Simpemba Peter

    Maybe if he was Home Affairs Minister the public Order Act would have been fairly applicated.

  54. Angoni

    CHIPATA is no exception with the traffic cops corrupt conduct which is the order of the day. Each morning a dozen cops load themselves like goats being ferried to the abbatoir instead their destination on the outskirts to corruptly collect their daily revenue from mini buses and taxis. The loot is stashed in their Office to be shared in the evening according to the rank of each Officer with the boss getting the biggest chunk of money extorted from motorists.

  55. lameck lusale

    wel done ,,,we ll b convising dem nw,,,on de road,,, tikavutana,,nimukopa chee nakumleta kwanu ba minister

  56. Elizabeth Mphande

    Well done Hon. B. Lusambo.
    Welcome to Lusaka once again!!!!

  57. Hanizyy

    Good upcoming leader tiyenayo lusambo please visit mtendere clinic also.

  58. mr life

    Boma ni boma

  59. mr life

    What about labour office were is the minister of labour people are suffering ku ma chinise investors no off plus less money please goverment help us we are parent any family man.ba edgar lunga remove madam joice simukoko ku labour office is not doing anything we want people like boma lusabo thats the development we want people of zambia but labour office is very week and corrupt ku ma investors.

  60. Teshakuno

    Lesson to us all including the Minister Himself. Stop also shouting at yourwife.

  61. Jesuits

    Lusambo was born to be a leader not a primary school head boy. Careful. Leadership is about execution

  62. Jomwa

    Let other ministers learn something from lusambo and mutati, don’t just sit and drink some drinks in your offices ,you must help the the president to clean the nation in one way or the other, go go lusambo ,your works are seen even to the youngest people, let them talk evil but you are guarded by God

  63. mushala

    This is the kind of readers we need continue working hard Minister

  64. Bwana

    Come to Mpika also

  65. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Job well done minister. Continue doing so

  66. Lolo

    Ico chisebenza nasomology talibe mushemushe. Imwe navizungu muli really really

  67. Chanda

    Well done. Chambishi police officers need to be handled in such a manner as well. Keep it up Mr lusambo.

  68. zuze douglas

    Sir well done. We thank the President for transferring you to Lusaka. The job is not complete yet. Visit rodblocks at Makeni Turn off and Rosedale Farm. Mr Phiri is not a good commander being in uniform is NOT always being on duty.We have been attacked men unoform even they were not on OFFICIAL DUTIES when they need lunch. and talk time. Keep up this batle.

  69. John

    Bowman is not for Lusaka,he is ours kabushi ndola. Show them my boss

  70. Weston chola Bunda

    At least not all hope is lost, we have a man out of those who call themselves men by the name of LUSAMBO well done minister u are our favourite. We are behind you honourable, bakabwalala bapompwe bamunshibila insala bacilamo kabili tapali ulekanya.keep it up tulemona ifyo ulebomba

  71. down

    Commentyou have done a great job

  72. Chiumya aaron

    Welcome ba minister but my advice take a step father by putting something like paying through banks, reducing fines they charge to much put a system that will help to abolish this cancer destroying our country

  73. Bm

    Honorable, we have started seeing sata coming back from the grave in the name of lusambo. Go ahead ,help the president to clean up the country. We have so many selfish people who are using public offices to their advantage instead of the people. Look at the way council people give themselves plots, umuntu umo nama plots more than 10 ayakushitisha.

  74. Chimuka Moono

    Very committed man. We need more of your sort. Well done.






    Lesa ni lesa chaachine Baatata Ba Bowman tuulubuleni niimwee lesa aatumine chaachine God bless u VIVA BOWMAN 🙏👍


    Iifwee ni baa Lusambo fyee baambi kuwayawayafye 👍 a vote for From Ndola

  79. Bayooka sesa

    Soltech and Zambia… Where things are taught to be done technically…. Job well done sir…….

  80. Martin simwinga

    Twachula nabakabolala mwandini twafweni



  82. Kasongo baldwin

    Thank you boss we hop these people will change for better

  83. Reuel

    Life is unpredictable, honestly I never believed in Hon Lusambo but somewhat he has proved to be a distinguished leader. His style is pretty outstanding!! “Eko sulile ekopa noko”!!

  84. He Zukor

    Mr lusambo be careful ,kampyongo is not happy


    Visit Livingstone and clean up too much roadblocks and corruption

  86. N E

    Another man of action, pafwabantu pashalabantu

  87. Joseph

    This country needs a semi dictactor mind to to govern. Look at Rwanda today. It’s developing because there is rule of law

  88. Trowel mbuzi

    Maiko sata has resurrected thru Edgar lungu that’s y the president brought lusambo to Lusaka congratulations for that well thought move your excellence chagwa lungu!

  89. Sebele

    Mr Ndundumwezi Lusambo is implementing with the blessing of the President. Also note that despite Ndundumwezi giving ECL less ECL has focused on DDMZ for development. Your comments are not in good faith but lean on creating division between ECL and BL.

  90. Mr dundumwenze

    Sebele panyopako,we want lusambo because his work are excellent,not lungu weak and helpless president, ba ACC nabo nima rubbish just fire them we don’t know what they doing,they chew our money freely,sebele please don’t play with me just send your comments with your own mind not to comment against your friend’s comments,that is foolishness, sata won

  91. Mr dundumwenze

    Sata won 2011 election because he promised the Zambians that once you vote for me corruption will end,but see what is happening now mmd was better than this rushing unknown part because pf went with sata,only lusambo may will bring it again not lungu,always flying to London, Cameroon,japan,netherland,germany,egpty,canada and etc muyendela nkongole pa last azagulisa chalo chatu ukawalala uyu nkongole too much.

  92. Jazz

    While Lusambo is doing a commended job, What then is left for Anti corruption a commission and its officers

  93. Prince David Bvunguzile Shawa

    Indeed this us a job well done,an attitude change in our working culture is long overdue if we are to develop as individuals and a country at large,what Mr Lusambo is doing is what the Late President Chiluba F T J once did and it worked,the problem we have in this country is that there is no continuity if such kind of work,ministers must not just watch Hon Lusambo but must join in and work together to push this nation forward,this must not be a battle for Lusambo alone,the President:President Edger Chagwa Lungu too must take up this and must fire immediately those fund wanting so as to send a clear message across the country. What the traffic officers did is an embarrassment to the nation and those officer must be relieved of their duties and arrested,Mr Kampyongo(Minister) where are you?you support these road blocks;on Kafue road alone we have at time 3road blocks on a distance of 45km and about 2 speed traps and yet we have no presence of police in our compounds…

  94. Concerned citizen

    For the first time I have seen good comments from my fellow Zambians this is good . I love you my fellow citizens.congratulations my minister.This is hilarious.

  95. FGM

    How I wish PF adopted your 0% tolerance to corruption as the party’s public policy. Zambia would change for the better very fast. Schools , constituencies and councils can even start receiving their grants on time.

  96. Gift

    Good job mr lusambo lets accompany and support u at large to eliminate bad seeds and sends these seeds where they belong to

  97. He Zukor

    Well done bwana Lusambo,it shows the home affairs minister is a Calder, (umwana ashufwa atukisha abafyashi)Next Health and Labour ministers.Military have done there Job

  98. lusambo Bowman

    Thanks for support I thank the President for my appointment Edgar ,uhmwa and the lord God Almighty …..the people of kabushi thanks for your votes uhmwa

  99. frank

    Thats what we call hard working, corruption has destroyed our country

  100. Ziba zako

    We all know the traffic police issue. What is the long term solution

  101. Maybin Kalwenda

    Let the haters cry, well done mr minister, continue with the same spirit

  102. Stensa mighty

    Boma ni bowman


    Please try to pass by schools also and audit. Some heads miss use grants as their personal money. Pretending that the school owe me so much and gets all the grants given.
    Even on procuring school requirements, its the head doing it personally while there is a finance committee and procurement officers who should be doing those jobs. Some heads are too much money seekers and self pocketing not concerning school needs. Teachers are threatened as there are own schools but gvt properties.

  104. SIMMY JAE

    Nice stuff sir Hon:bowman lusambo

  105. talala musonda

    this inspection should be extended to Livingstone as while.

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