South Africa Bans Import of Zambian Honey


Pretoria Friday, 17th August, 2018


“But Zambia protests the ban as procedures and regulations have not been followed”

The Zambian High Commission in Preroria, South Africa has protested the fresh ban imposed on export of Zambian honey to South Africa.

In a letter written to South African authorities, Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa, His Excellency Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba stated that he had learnt with regret that South Africa has restricted market access for Zambia’s pure honey with immediate effect.

He said that this was because a consignment allegedly from Zambia was found to be contaminated with a disease called American Foulbrood (Paenibacillus larvae).

Mr. Mwamba has stated that the ban was done outside procedures and trade regulations.

He said the proecedure to impose the ban were breached and no official letter has been written to competent authorities in Zambia as required by trade protocals.

He also stated that no official results of the analysis and copy of import airway bill were provided for Zambia to authenticate and verify the source of such a consignment.

He said it was difficult to establish whether the matter was a misconduct of traders who sometimes mix various imports of honey products from other countries.

Mr. Mwamba has urged the authorities in South Africa to immediately reverse the ban on importation of pure honey until the laid down procedures and verification were done between  by experts from both countries.

He said if Zambian honey were subjected to irradiation as being proposed, it would lose its treasured and intrinsic value which ranks it as pure, organic,  and natural and a factor which gives it a choice presence on the market.

He said Zambia exports its pure honey to other markets such as the European Union where stringent regulations exist and if such a disease was detected it would not have had that market access to the EU.

South Africa has restricted market of Zambian pure honey.

In a letter written to South African importers of pure Zambian honey, the authorities stated that audit samples from a consignment from a farm called Musonda Chitalu and Forest Fruite, detected paenibacillus larvae(American Foulbrood).

The letter to South African importers states that to this effect, all consignments from Zambia should be subjected to irradiation and all imports permits allowing pure honey from Zambia have since been withdrawn.

But Mr. Mwamba stated that during earlier effort to lift the ban on pure honey market access to South Africa, extensive work was done to demonstrate that Zambia did not have such a disease present in its honey.

He said the pure honey export trade to South Africa was now booming which went in a long way to reduce trade deficit and trade imbalance  between the two countries.

He said the recent development negated such positive strides.

He has called on the South African authorites at the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in South Africa to engage with their counterparts from Zambia to urgently resolve this regretable development.

Mrs Naomi Nyawali

First Secretary Press and Public Relations

Zambia High Commission Pretoria South Africa


  1. KLVN

    If they truely found the disease in honey,let them follow the right procedure.

  2. Andrew Monde

    Its unfortunate, am happy with the stance Mwamba has taken,they are suppose to follow the procedure and engage the Zambian authorities.

  3. Me

    You don’t need a procedure to run away from cholera. The south African government is only protecting its citizens. Ban first investigation later if its not contaminated as thought, then issue an apology and trade resumes.

  4. Gibson Ngulube

    Lets be strictly with the product which are coming in Zambia guys be like SA don’t be shallow in mind white people there after to kill black people be sharp

  5. Kasonde Musonda

    The south africans are right. You cant just send chaff there with diseases and expect them to just accept it. We need good quality control measures. I bought some honey for my UK visitors and I m worried.

  6. anticident

    Zambian y are we behind the scene? Les not just be cheated any how to let our economy down.have the truth .


    It is a fact South Africa benefits more from her exports to Zambia. What Zambia exports is but a ”drop in the ocean” in comparison to South African imports. Going by what the South African authorities have done, some retaliatory measures must be taken by Zambian authorities such as increasing import restrictions on goods from South Africa. If you visit most of theses supermarkets yoo will notice that we allow milk imports as well as some other milk products like yoghurt which are hurting our local milk industry and must be banned forthwith. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

  8. Leonard

    Insaka ileti !!yayayayayay! You people Zambia is a rich country. Imweee baletina because our richness starts from trees, soil and the underground minerals which covers the entire Zambia. I will not die until I see Zambia and Zambians develop. The British plan! Zambia was going to be one of the richest country in the World because of what we have. And the whole world knows about this, Just pray for me before I die, 2025.

  9. Arizona

    They want to sell us every thing and we buy them from pick n pay and shoprite and we save our Money from FNB N ABSA Banks but now we wanna fight back with pure Honey but they feel bad???
    We can survive withoult SA????

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