Battle for MMD Rages On

The Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) leadership contest still rages on with the Felix Mutati group appearing for status conference in a matter arising from a petition in the Constitution Court by the National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda to stop Dr Nevers Mumba from staking his claim as MMD President.

Nakacinda is asking the courts to declare that the convention which was held on 20-22 May, 2016 was correctly convened.

The MMD CEO also wants the court to declare the decision taken by the NEC members on 30th January, 2016 not to hold a convention, as an illegal act as it was against the provisions of the Constitutions of the MMD and that of the country.

“a) A declaration that the decision taken at Lusaka on Saturday, the 30th day of January, 2016 by the National Executive Committee (NEC) not to hold the convention is contrary to the provisions of Article 60 of the Constitution of the Zambia as amended by the Constitution of Zambia Act No2 of 2016 and Article 14(1) of the Constitution of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD);

  1. b) A declaration that the tenure of the President and that of the members of the National Executive Committee (NEC) who are elected at a regular convention is co-terminus and as such the convention was correctly held from the 20th-22nd day of May, 2016.


c)A declaration that the proceedings and all resolutions decided at the NEC meeting held in Lusaka on Saturday, the 30th day of January, 2016 be declared null and void ab initio;”  reads part of the documents obtained from the registrar at the Constitution court.

Further the MMD wants the ConCourt to declare that the convention held in 2016 was legal and that Felix Mutati was duly elected as the President of the former ruling party as well as to stop Dr Mumba from masquerading as an official of the party in accordance with the law.

From the Supreme Court ruling in Kabwe on 10th April, 2016, directed the party leadership to directly petition the Constitutional Court as matters referred to were constitutional in nature and are therefore in that courts rightful jurisdiction to hear.


  1. Mugabe

    Foolish mutata and his illegal mmd part stop that nosence ok

  2. Mr. K

    Dr. Nevers mumba failed to run the party despite being strong that time what promises is he going to give in order to run the party? He is known to be a liar. Keep away from the party

  3. Jabulani Zulu

    Can some one educate me on this one. What is real there tp fight for in MMD? Is this a party that can bounce back to power or it is just a vehicle for the few in leadership to be used to collect money from the donors?

  4. bk

    Both Nevers and Felix are failures. Felix failed to perform well when he was a minister of finance, president Lunngu dropped him. The party has died a silent death. Mr Nakachinda take over Felix is eating in the PF he seems not to care we shall support u. Nevers should go to the pulpit and bring back the lost sheep to God.

  5. MMD

    Mutatis MMD is illegal. What he should do is stay in pf.

  6. ok

    MMD infighting has cost what it is now. Even FTJ Chiluba ( MHSRIP ) were he is resting is shocked to how his party has been swallowed by a once 3rd strong party in the country. Mr Nakachinda find another leader to replace Felix. Nevers has lost vision for the party.Hold fresh cconvention to choose new leaders Felix has no interest in this party.

  7. Given Kambikambi

    I fail to understand why mutati is this arrogant, why can’t he just stay in pf and enjoy poor people’s money. mutati posterity will judge you guys without mercy I promise you.

  8. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    I love you Dr Mumba

  9. Shi aliko

    Just change the name of the party no one can vote for it unless fools it has become saven spirit or captain solo

  10. Mr dundumwenze

    Felix Mutati nichivule

    chabe chisilu chamuntu, pf and mmd,one person cannot serve two masters.

  11. D.MBEWE

    Comment : Nakachinda your convention was illegal as you were not the right person to call for a convention because you were already expelled from the party at the time. Our courts have well qualified layers that is why the gave back Dr Nevers Mumba the MMD as the legally elected president of MMD. I am so disappointed with you Nakachinda and Mutati for once again breaking the laws of the land ,I urge the courts to now ARREST Mutati and Nakachinda immediately. Go Go Dr Mumba , you are indeed a strong Man, you deserve a chance to give government checks and balances.

  12. Asiff

    Fighting for control of mmd is like two witches fighting for a tortoise shell which contains nothing or two dogs fighting for a hundred year old bone which contains no trace of marrow. Look at your friends like die-hard mmd youth coordinator. They are now in high places masquerading as saviours of this country which is neck deep in Chinese kaloba.

  13. Asiff

    Living in Zambia is good. We can’t redeem ourselves from poverty except cry and gossip all year round. We are peaceful. Even the thieves that steal the little available financial resources are also peaceful. Long live Zambia.

  14. Razor

    Mutati was only planted by RB on behalf of ECL to cause confusion in MMD and fragment the opposition. His reward for that was a ministerial appointment.

  15. Fiction

    am hoping a true leader is out there somewere coz i think for now zambia as no true born leader. ukula lwila ifyabupyani


    Mutati you are a disappointment to many who trusted you. Right now we don’t know which party you belong to. Twapapata please mwilufya abantu.

  17. kk

    Yes gentlemans where is this named felix mutanti his pf or mmd?

  18. HOMMIE 24

    why talking about MMD when we have more serious issues in the country that needs attention.lets bury the past [MMD] and leave it behind and stay open to new n better ways of improving this country

  19. Hanizyy

    Mumba go back to God’s work

  20. FGM

    For a try, Zambians should pursued the following economists to draw an economic road map for Zambia: Ng’andu Magande, Yusuf Dodia, Nawakwi, Mutati, HH and a few other economists that have practically benefited from their qualification. Zambia needs a pragmatic economic paradigm shift if we are to emulate The Tiger Nations.



  21. Nation at large

    mmd is not a party to fight for it’s completely died .



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