Watch Out, Look who is Re-Enforcing?

Traffic offences have been in the limelight the last few days with Super Bowman playing super cop beating police at their game. But there is that one band that should take the front role in traffic affairs-Road Traffic and Safety Agency (RTSA). It seems that have not been sleeping. In this brightly lit garb, you will definitely not miss them. Happy weekend folks.


  1. Shi aliko


    • Gabriel M

      Im very disappointed with Mr lusambo Bowman the way he handed those traffic police which led up one losing her life due to unprofessional Mr Bowman lusambo ,M H S R I P and my condolences to the departed family souls friends,workmates as well Guys lets use our Authorities in the professional way

  2. Simataa siloka

    Thanx. Let come that may!


    nice one

  4. Mugabe

    I think r a t s a it’s much better than zp these guy their work straight forward things

  5. Hon. DB


  6. Gogimy

    Its bee a routine this time around for some police traffic officers to knockoff with huge some of money. Some do so called cilimba ca k1,00(one thousand kwacha) every day. Tuloleshafye at nizzzzzii

  7. Ba Passion

    I’m here for comments only

  8. Gibson Ngulube

    Nice to hear that story guys

  9. King cool

    One simple reason that RATSA and it’s government fails to understand is that,,, the offenses charges are too high. Just for not wearing a seat belt in a car you will be charged K270 with a receipt and then in your pocket there’s only a K50 then I tell the police officer , that I have a K 50 and he says bring !! Do you think I will refuse to give him?? Why can’t I fail to give him? It’s because it’s a small amount of money that I can afford to pay. Passing the red light you will be charged K3000 and I have a K100 if give it to him you think He will not accept it? In short the charges are too high, in this way corruption will never end. Let government revisits the charges.

    • National councillor

      King cool that is not the way forward,you just Wear your sit belt and obey simple traffic rules for your safety and others. Then you will be the first one to stop corruption.

      • Methews

        Read what he is saying, he is just given the example about the charges that are too high, if the receipt charge is 450 then I have 40 in my pocket, then I tell the police that boss I have 40 pls, then he get that without a receipt, one I save my time, but If the government can reduce the charges then everyone can be paying not those charges of 250, 450, these we go on

        • GANNY

          Comment I think National is right, the problem is that, if you pay the cop, yoi woll still be a danger to yourself and other road users, so, follow the traffic rules and avoid confrotation with the cops.

    • Francis

      Well spoken

    • Macdosis

      that’s a good comment, they should revisit their Charges it’s just too high..

      • Field Snr

        While it is true that good citizens need to abide by rules for their good and the good of others
        It is important to note that the current charges are high in the face of our current poverty situation though I will not encourage any responsible Zambia compromise with the laws of the land

    • Dayan

      Let the govt revist these charges and traffic offenders will be paying tye govt not traffic officers…..

  10. longwa

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh awee na .ba RATSA Bafunika but do not pay them cash kano ku bank

  11. JM

    Thats wonderful King cool

  12. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle masterzz

    Wow!! thats good

  13. Jonas chama

    Lets hope the law will be effectively renforced

  14. Carol

    Thats the move sir i like yo spirit

  15. Nicole

    The whole lot of that ka police diva,stealing in broad day light.look at how she froze,what a shame
    .manje muyamba Ku lova ,so that u see how hard it is to make kwacha.fools.

  16. Grant

    Research has shown that high traffic charges is the recipe for high corruption on the road and a reduction on Govt. revenue. Howeever, high charges are aimed an promoting voluntary compliance. police corruption kills everyrhing. Sad.

  17. HOMMIE 24

    as it stands materialistic life stye guranties sutisfaction.we are all addicted to money n what it can buy.ZP or RATSA there are all the same.. there are all thiefs..there all corrupt..there all criminals jst like YOU and ME

  18. Me

    Charged to remember my own safetie 😂this govt not selfish 😷😫

  19. Jay chelsea


  20. Razor

    Reduce traffic fines then corruption will end. No one wants to pay a bribe for a traffic offence but when you weigh K300 to the state against paying K50 to the officer then you choose the latter but if the official fine was K50 then everyone would pay with a receipt.

    • Euve

      The charges are too high. In Tanzania the highest you can pay is k160 so in this case pipo prefer to pay k50 to the officer than to pay the exaggerated k450 450

  21. Luther

    The matter is too senstive for Lusembo to continue behaving like that.

  22. sirga

    corruption is all over infact it begin wit gvmnt workers kuno they ambulances to transport mkula trees and ivory

  23. Mr dundumwenze

    wonani vikawalala ivi muma uniform no nsoni, fire them all put the new blood in their positions.


    Bonse fye chinyo or chimo chine. There is no difference. Kabili balebomba mwibala.

  25. Fiction

    tollgates? rats? thieves(trafic oficers)? the worst thing is zambia is to small a farm. anyway bonse tubomamofye mwibala

  26. king

    well spoken mr national councillor but lusambo must stop that habit

  27. SIDO

    This “nigga” Bowman needs to slow down. The nigga has been going round checking on them “niggaz” who be reporting late for work and shit. Rumour has it that, his brother at Ministry of Lands in Ndola, that nigga is never on time. Someone needs to check on his brother and see how that mother fucker always reports late and shit to work

  28. Mr dundumwenze

    This guys they are too fit especially ichi chilikumbuyo chiwoneka ntota maningi .

  29. Jacksonkaminsa

    The work for these officers us to make sure motorists are following traffic rules BT them are now using that to make money I don’t blame them the majority are school drop outs.

  30. Damisiano

    Corruption can’t finished in Zambia.😕😕😕

  31. Jonas Sampa

    If lusambo is serious with corruption he should also go to intercity and markets to chase PF cadares this week the he will be proven to be working not what he did.

  32. Fortune

    Bowman is moving in the right direction… the inly mistake i find is he started with the police…. police have been helping as a great deal… they are very understanding people…. at times u dont even have the money to pay them right away they can even agree to be meet at a certain pub..

  33. Mbulli

    Reduce the charges period!!

  34. jomwa

    problem mu Zambia bacinjafye abantu and not system coz even these will be stealing heavily wat is needed is to pay them handsomely

  35. simapulani

    if police says give me k50 instead of k400 u think i can refuse unless am a full .mubbobbo be careful & slow down otherwise bantu bazakuloza bazakufuntisa,those who congratulate u they wil remain & u wil go alone.forgive those police officers & let them back for work.mind u evry one is corrupt in zambia.

  36. Mandona

    I blame both the traffic police and the motorist for compromising the charges, I you start negotiating the charges that is the beginning of corruption practice as you are not going to issue the receipt for the money which is below the stipulated fine. Therefore, traffic police should not negotiate the fine. It is either one pays the fine or imprisoned for failure to pay. Reducing the fine is not a solution as motorists will continue committing the same offences because it is affordable.

  37. Mulenga

    I second thoz saying ts high charges that led police and motorists to endulge in corruption. I think the govt is listening to wht pipo are saying. Reduce the fines u av exaggerated. Why is that everything is Zambia is on the higher side than other African countries??? E.g fuel,fines etc Can someone answer me plz.

  38. Chanza Joseph

    Just obey the rules without giving my small change of K50,K100 to any one and after my family well and I will loss nothing but protect my life on danger.

  39. ICT

    U think corruption will end, said who? No one can repel money ,we all need money in one way all other, cause we go by “more money in our pocket ” I repeat we all need money cause Zambian’s life z after money, no one can say I don’t want money have enough, solution employ we youths and decrease charges, how can one pay k450 while a very good volunteer who understand the standard living in zambia says bring ya unga k100,at that point a proper human bin whose medulla works well like mine, he/she wud prefer go for lower charge ……still loading let me smoke kipushi, dobo, mbanje,matokwani,lubanje,marijauna ,how get back to u later……..

  40. More money in your pocket and lower tax

    This is Zambia avic international


    ubomba mwibala alya mwibala

  42. Barotseland

    Those are foolish comments Dyndumwezi its not all Traffic officers that are corrupt .Why bittting a finger which feeds you. The same Traffic officers will assist you when you are trapped in your vehicle after a road accident. Think before you pass any comment .

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