Bar Patrons Arrested in Kitwe Police Operation

A combined team of Police and Kitwe City Council officers on Saturday night raided liquor trading premises in Nkana East, Chimwemwe and Ndeke leading to the arrest of some patrons.

Kitwe City Council Public Relations Manager Roy Kuseka said the action was necessitated to enforce compliance with stipulated operating hours as guided in the Statutory Instrument Number 64 of 2012.

He said a number of patrons were detained by state police while health inspectors confiscated beer and trading licences from bars found operating beyond 22:00 hours.

“Owners of the affected bars are expected at Civic Centre on Monday to show cause why their licences should not be revoked for violating the law despite repeated warnings from the local authority to observe the law,” Kuseka said.

He has warned that the operation will be extended to other areas within the city.


  1. Concerned citizen

    Good by the police and council city officers

  2. Uncle mugabe

    good move boma,also you should start arrestings even the drunkers and the camba smoking….cos twacula sana namacamba ku kapoto kuno mwebuteko…..

  3. Gift

    Good move lets make sure every bar owners respect the rules and roles

  4. thabitsa zuze

    Good development

  5. thabitsa zuze

    I was also caught in kwacha for drinking around 09:00hrs and that turned my life well done ba police please put more enforcement at kampwena market too much ba chakolwa

  6. Dexter belemu

    good move Zambia Police

  7. Thomson

    ati they should show cause? I’m sure the cause will be in monetary form

  8. Starboy

    Na mauled nayena issue them with licences so that they can be operating beyond 22 hrs, balatwafwilisha twapapata

  9. Starboy

    Na maule nayena issue them with licences so that they can be operating beyond 22 hrs, balatwafwilisha twapapata

  10. Easy Easy

    Arrest even drunkards? Nimwela za nyoko?mind your business!

  11. Febian

    Good work

  12. Peter Kubala

    Mwabombeni BA zp amaule naba chakolwa mulebekata ngayafika 22:00hrs

  13. Cyrus livermore camstar clc

    Yes it can help us even the killing of people will be reduced

  14. Jomwa

    Good move but don’t be corrupt by some individuals

    • National councillor

      Zuze you are a real man,your testimony can change so many lives.

  15. Mr. K

    Shabeens operate 24hrs per day. Why no action?


    Corruption free


    Pls police well done .but why Lusaka police are not arresting all the law breakers .people are busy selling in town starting from 16:30

  18. Mesheal mutema

    Bt by bt we ar moving ahead reducing confusion.Congratulations officers.

  19. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Good development.

  20. nsama

    good move

  21. Evans Mwelwa

    Good more in Chimwemwe.too much shabins they start drinking as early as 06:hrs some of this shabin are owned either by friends, relatives or Council police officers

  22. Samuel

    Laka best best

  23. Tawonga

    May you please continue city council and ZP so we can have peaceful and noise free nights.



  25. Surveyor

    Even those who sleeps in the road after drinking arrest them, kukoleewa bupuba.

  26. Gogimy

    Why Kitwe alone what about the rest of the country?? Does this mean the whole entire country has no police offices and council police. These are questions people responsible must answer without fail

  27. chama

    Iyoo awe sure boma ilebomba.

  28. DDO

    Tatwakaleke pantu twalibelela zero 1.Even if u start frm early hours wil b buying in bulk ama tek away muchungulo for babalaza reasons.Ban beers if u thnk u ar real stars.kwati naimwe tamunwa.where do u tek those beers u confiscate?Tiyankeni.

  29. Berrington

    Kikikiki 😂 😂 please arrest us tingachinjeko

  30. Mumbunda

    Ngatamukwete money eyakunwina nishi u want to arrest pipo? Shankongole esho balenwina abanenu!

  31. Janja ganja

    Good job

  32. Jah Man

    These arrests were long over due. Are some operators allowed to operate during national mourning?
    Kitwe has good vast virgin land in the outskirts of town, why not sell land to these bar owners so they operate from there instead of having young girls go to parade themselves at these residentials areas, to the delight of Bar owners and their patronage to pick their CHOOSE?
    This operation is ONLY a now thing bar owners ‘ve always gotten back to their bad old ways of late closures AND loud Music. We feel for residents who share a street with these bars.
    Just watch this space. Comment

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