Suspected Kalulushi Witch Escapes Lynching

A 47 year old man of Luombwa Compound in Kalulushi District on the Copperbelt Province escaped unhurt after a mob descended on his house on suspicions that he practised witchcraft.

The victim identified as Geoffrey Nsama of House Number 11, had Police to thank for their quick intervention after a mob attacked his home.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga who confirmed the development said the wife to the victim had alerted members of the public that her husband was keeping a snake (Ilomba) and a tortoise in his home for witchcraft practices.

Katanga said the residents who were angered then descended on the victim’s house breaking the bedroom window but police moved in quickly and dispersed the angry mob.



  1. Babaz

    That person deserves to be beaten

  2. kkanyo

    burn him pliz

  3. Gift

    I don’t understand if the wife can go out there to tell the mob instead of escalating in it to pastor or Man of God,I think that’s not a wife it’s a snake herself

    • Megatron Ape

      Gift, shut up! Now does it mean because she’s his wife then she should support him even if what he does is Wicked?

    • 🇲🇾

      Gift boi ucindike!ngacakuti witchman is your relative. If we were us we would have been Bent him be citadels day truck (6)..

  4. cryt

    Comment:awe mwandi

  5. Justice

    Did the police find the evidence in the very house?can u clarify !

  6. Dala

    Yes ! The article is incomplete . Did the police find the exhibit ? I like the bevaviour of Women . They reveal secrets about their spouces once provoked . I think she knows a lot about that monster if not a witch .

  7. Easy Easy

    She is a stupid wife. Police were supposed to be informed first.Both are witches only that they had differed.ldiots!!!!!!

  8. Mwila

    Let him repent for his sins God will definitely forgive him



  10. Luther

    Awe mwandi, you know that your partner is a witch and you still be in a relationship at the end you want people to kill him for what?? The wife too is a witch



  12. Gift Kabaso

    Gud Observation By Justice,pliz Giv Us Complet Imformation.

  13. Fiction

    stories here are becoming booring!!! too short, give us full stories. as for the witch. mutobe ilibwe.

  14. Daniel

    Show him mercy but God him will do the rest just caught him than take him ku police

  15. Marson

    You’re all fools.

    Witchcraft is a load of BS, used to control people.

    Certain Christian groups advocate the existence of witchcraft, so that they can be the counter to it, again, to exert control on people.

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