17-Year Old Boy Narrated How he was made to Eat own Faeces by Tokota Boys

A 17 year old boy has testified before the Kitwe High Court how he was brutally beaten by a 19 member gang commonly known as Tokota Boys on 30th April, 2018.

This in a matter, 19 members of a gang commonly known as Tokota Boys are charged with three counts of causing bodily harm, wounding and poisoning and abducting contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

Facts before the court are that, in the first count, the 19 jointly and whilst acting together with other persons unknown with intent to harm, injure or disfigure did cause bodily harm to Cuthbert Nkonde.

In count two, the 19 are charged with unlawful wounding and poisoning contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

In count three, the 19 are charged for allegedly abducting or kidnapping a 16-year old boy.

When the matter came up for commencement of trial, the 17 year old of Mulenga Township told Court how he was brutally beaten using sticks and stones.

He has narrated how he was made to eat his own faecal matter by the gang members while he was being beaten.

“I was made to stand in the middle of the gang members after i was dragged into a Noah vehicle which led us to the same place in the bush and one of them got a big stick and said that I should be doing whatever I was told. He later called a small boy to bring a sack so that I can defecate in the sack and eat. He told me to eat after hitting me with a stick and I started eating,” he said.

“After I had finished eating I was told to dance to a song by 408 empire titled ‘Walitwishiba ifwe’ (Do you know us) I was instructed to remove everything by Mwamba (gang leader still on the run) they said that they were going to kill me and they later made me to lie down and they started stoning me, He narrated.

The Juvenile went on to say he was beaten on his right hand with a big stick.

“Mayweather (Group Leader) later received a phone call and he moved away from us. I later picked up my clothes and shoes and jumped into a drain and I started running away. Upon reaching the end I stopped and I started dressing up. I ran until I found some women at the mountain who were praying and asked them to assist me call my father, I had talked to my father and the women gave me a K10 which Iused as transport to go home,” he explained.

Kitwe High Court Judge Timothy Katanekwa has since adjourned the matter to 23rd August, 2018 for continued trial and all the 19


  1. Richard


  2. Bravo

    Indeed he is a hero of his own life, wishing that those boy are heavily charged and the police must catch that leader by all means

  3. sethh

    A touching story


    try or means to catch that leader

  5. wakumawa


    • empire

      Mwati nibiza muntu wanga aba ndiye bantu bochita sacrifice without second thought 😀

    • MML

      True like said, Wangs of sin is death.


    Innocents pipo are jailed everyday without worsting time,but why these idioticarys are been toralated….useless judges we have in zambia.

  7. Luckson

    Please get rid of them,,,, sentence them to death, we don’t need a Boko Haram gang in our peaceful country ,,,,, if the Zambian authority can’t do anything send them to the international criminal court please….Such kind of development is the same thing that brings poverty to our country because new investors will feeling uneasy to come to our country,, maybe even chase old ones ,,,,plz government do something

  8. bafikala namaso

    u judges are not serious,y are you waisting time to judge them? y are you behaving so stupid

  9. Luther

    These gang stars must be sentenced To death at mukobeko
    these youth are soo lazy just because they smoke and drink these strong beer
    these people must be put to death this is abomination

  10. Kaps 1

    They are waiting for someone to corrupt them is either the victim or the tokota boys.

    • Muntu

      I also think so. Our judiciary system is rotten indeed. They behave like they are living in another world until it happens to them thats when they take action. Its so sad and unfortunate

  11. Moffat Banda

    Those people must be jailed,I think this people should be judged by judges from outside copperbelt.who doesn’t know them.

  12. zizi zizou

    Let the law take it cause to this juvenilethorgs

  13. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Too bad. And no mercy.

  14. mando

    Make sure bamangiwe, sinifuna masobela ine ka. “am commander of the nation”

  15. Hanizyy

    What else are you looking for you want someone risen from the died to come and testify that these boys killed me.

  16. chonse man or mr everything

    Z.P you don’t even supporse to take those boys to court;you would have sopporse to kill them you have that power to kill,you just wasting time.

  17. Mercy banda

    Those tokota fools should b sentenced to death y do thy keep saying the matter z adjourned wen thy hav full evidence

  18. augie-love

    WHAT is the JOB Of the FAST TRACK COURT? We don’t need these socialmisfits in our ccountry. Castrate those psychopaths bebecause the mental trauma they have caused to that boy will never depart from his life. I believe he needs counselling and our love and support. I might not be shocked to hear that he has committed suicide in the near future. I believe he wàs sexually abused too. I can only imagine the pain being a boy. I believe they wanted to initiate him. But the Lord saved his soul.

  19. phiri

    Tokota panyo panu bafikala .punish them

  20. phiri

    Just open fire on them

  21. Mr. K

    Let them eat human dung before being hanged soon

  22. Santos

    just crucify those devils…you crucified the innocent Jesus Christ wat about those demos

  23. Haatobolo mungwanyoko

    But kwena the judges we have in Zambia kaya mwandi what are you waiting to arrest those killers.are they cadaers or you Mr bowman to come visit you

  24. poor pipo spokesperson

    Why are we waisting time with this young killers who have caused people not to live in peace but fear is in each and everyone from copperbelt that these gangs of this are have turned many lived in something else the leaders of so called Tokota and other lived sons of the devil,the hundreds,and some in lusaka have also followed to do the same to tokota boys,here in lusaka alone every area has alot of them who are misbehaving more than tokota boys.The judiciary system in this our country zambia is becaming to weak due to corruption,sentencing those bad youths has taken too long when the evidence is their.Let those youths who have choosen not to live with people be jailed before others who have started calling them selves as the NEW TOKOTO and seem to be more dangerous to our communities,lives and a nation at large.So it’s now your time(Judiciary) to do your proficient jobs,the police and othee relevant authorities did their work.Twapa pata bashi mafumu.

  25. Tule

    Aaah just kill them… there is nothing to talk about

  26. Abraham

    Very useless, boys.

  27. Godwin Mwale.

    Comment They have to call a boy and a palents of aboy so that they decide what a judge can do.

  28. Gogimy

    This trail has taken too long especially that its something to do human like. Quickly, quickly let courts of law take its cause and let useless Tokota boys stiff punishment so that other Tokota to be could refrain the behaviors

  29. Dr. Wonder

    Its indeed sad narration and the spirit amid those people lives much to be desired. I suppose counseling and medical care be taken on the lad

  30. Mr Peace

    Plz plz,let these boys eat their own faecal matter till they die.

  31. juju

    Bt ba juge y muleposa inshita umuntu ukumuklisha ifiiko mafim

  32. Mr dundumwenze

    This is the first time in my life to hear such a bad news,but what I am suspecting is that those guys their parents they are so rich no wonder the judges delayed the matter, last week that same court did the same thing why? Bwana lusambo please help us fire those fooling judges to much corruption in Zambia, crucify those Jews please.

  33. Sakala

    Zoona Mr dundumwenze I got your point,there is foolishness to the judges .

  34. Shi Mwenya

    Pls take them to Mukobeko

  35. WIZZY

    take them to mukobeko so that they feel ifyo cikalipa

  36. Moira

    The jury should not take this case lightly! These boys are demons! Can such characters be reformed?

  37. FGM

    The security wings should mobilize and ensure that the whole gang get arrested and jailed. Such chaps should be dealt with stainly.

  38. Daniel

    Government look deep into this matter

  39. lameck zimba

    Please do not wast time on those devils mukobeko is waiting for them.

  40. Kukeng'a

    That was attempted murder plz jail them for life. As a mother who has gone through labour after watching that clip l felt labor pains

  41. King Hazard 👳👳👳💂👷👮

    imwe those guys are dangerous send them to mukobeko nangu bapaseni ba grass botles badye

  42. Pelekelo

    I understand these boys have backups ranging from law enforcement officers up to ministers, so the law won’t take its course as expected!

  43. Chimuka siamatika

    U judges be serious about dat issues don’t play with dem


    innocent pipo hav been jailed, wat of those idiots.

  45. Leo

    Bafunijwa kumukobeko che

  46. David

    take then ku abatuor tudye mfundilo?

  47. Mk

    U can run but u can’t hide.the boys were very dangerous to the community. Plz,cage them.we don’t need them


    May the court of law do something about this matter


    Do something about this matter

    • MR ZED

      the problem of our country has been corrupted.,even this case i think judges have been corrupted thus why they don’t take it serious..

  50. Skydivs

    Do something about this matter

  51. dickson manda


  52. Big gk international

    The prophecised people of the last days

  53. Rogan mwengwe

    You judges just send them to mukobeko prison.why wasting time.

  54. Dre

    Panishable by death……….. 💣🔫

  55. RDA TO KK 11

    Hung them Hung them Hung them

  56. Tokota

    this pipo need jesus!

  57. zuck

    lets hope the judges will declare stiff measures against these freaks…

  58. Kunbucha

    If this idiots where from s province they would have been given 25 years with hard labour

  59. Shi aliko

    I’m tired with this your so called toyota boy’s or what ever you call them

  60. doc Grey

    burn them on fire like the do in Angola fry them

  61. Team Carlice

    This are bad eggs u even know what to do with bad eggs, why wasting time

  62. ks

    u re stil wastn grz resources on tokota things? we ned fasttruck justice

  63. Damisiano

    Those are foolish boys don’t toralate charge them immediately.

  64. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle masterzl

    Hang them no delayments

  65. Chrispin

    boma Isenberg enza

  66. smooth

    Oh!!!no poor boy I feel sorry for him,if I was the judge I would rule that the tokota boys also eat their own faeces!!!and give them 30 years imprisonment with hard labour…

  67. Optimist

    The Real story

    Mayweather was never the group leader thou he enjoyed some command the leader “nigger rue” “English Tolo” second in command are in your custody but because of this fucked up system bakamulangafye dollar and these criminals will be out causing havoc if u set them free naimwe i hope they make ur child infact all ur children eat their own shit

    Fucked Up System

  68. Dj Hamuchigushe

    Lock those boys up and throw the keys in the pit latrine ask the ka so called mayweather nama yambushi to salvage the keys from the pit latrine and free his fellow retards. law enforcers kindly display “most wanted” poster this ka mwamba it won’t take you long before you find him with a chi tyre round his neck smouldered to death. tu tokota kwati pali natubantu. shaa!

  69. Hex

    If one of this kabwalala is discharged even on policebond we shall take the law in our hands

  70. H.B.S

    Real sad story….
    This is serious crime, abducting and sexual abuse have caused a big problem for many communities in the world. This is why most people in the world are opting not to have Children because they fear the kind of life they will find.
    The only best and sure way of dealing with this is *an eye for an eye* period.

  71. Cyrus livermore camstar clc

    Too bad they must also eat their fieces one by one also b4 they their death by hunging

  72. Snelson keso

    those people must be punished by God

  73. law

    The law is not working according, time is passing while these animals are still on trials,

  74. Martin mwewa

    Punishment is the only solution

  75. Vincent innocent

    why even adjourning the issue?
    those pipo are criminals niku bamanga chabe

  76. Fidelis mubanga

    Nothing is hiden under the earth for God watches on a distance, on the oppressed.



  78. Evans serenje

    They need to be taken to jail this is really a seriously matter how can they be doing such things to human beings like animals,am kindly asking the inspector General of police to issue that this Gang is taken to jail…

  79. kings martin

    too bad balingile ukwipaya abo

  80. Collins shingwe

    Mmmm!these guys hung them Ba court wht are you waiting for balatupwisha mwee

  81. c-easy

    They need Jesus Christ in their life.

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