Elephant Tramples 2 People to Death in Chama

TWO Chama residents have been trampled to death by an elephant which is terrorizing people in Mwalala ward of Chama North constituency.

The first victim was killed by an elephant on Monday last week while the second victim was killed on Monday this week.

Mwalala ward councilor Fatwell Thulu said the first victim met his fate when he was cycling with his friend from Zoole to Katangalika area.

Thulu said when they met the elephant the victim and his friend jumped off the bicycle but the elephant chased him and later killed him.

He said the second victim was a woman who was killed on Monday.

Thulu said the matter had been reported to the department of wildlife and national parks adding that officers were already in the area to control the situation.


  1. Zephe

    Let d wildlyf dpt tek quick action bfore mo lives ar lost.May the souls of the deceased be inthe hands of the almight God.

    • Vincent Chola

      May the lost soul rest in eternal peace.. God we cry unto you

  2. kalulu

    Kanshi Elephant’s got pressure also pa zed?
    May that soul rest in peace

  3. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    Chahenipa chomene kwa senga anyane. Government come in please.

  4. Daniel

    Officer please take action fast before many are gone

  5. Febian

    Why they don’t just kill it coz this is unfair to people

  6. Looters

    It’s like it has a time table why Mondays and if I kill it I will be locked up for years and the meat eaten by who knows

  7. Vincent Lungu

    Too bad to the family who have lost their beloved ones may their SOULS rest in GOD ‘s hands

  8. Marko


  9. cyrus thulu


  10. saijent


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