Kitwe Juvenile Narrates how Pastor Sinyenga Defiled Her

A Kitwe Pastor has denied defiling his own daughter whilst returning from an overnight prayer meeting.

Pastor Alick Sinyenga shocked the court by saying that the victim was not his biological daughter.

And the 14 year old testified before the Kitwe Magistrate Court on how she was allegedly defiled by the named pastor while they were coming from an overnight prayer meeting.

This is in a matter Sinyenga an elder of a named church, of house number 930 Buchi Township is alleged to have had carnal knowledge of a minor on 25th July, 2018 contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

When the matter came up for commencement of trial before Principal Resident Magistrate Chongo Musonda in the Kitwe Magistrate Court, the juvenile narrated to the court how the accused had canal knowledge of her in a Toyota Spacio on their way back home from evening prayers around 23:00 hours near Buchi Hotel.

“When we reached near Buchi Hotel, he parked his car and locked the doors then came to the back seat where I sat, he removed his clothes and asked me to undress then forced himself on me, whilst there was a knock on the window, he then quickly dressed up and moved back to the front, when he noticed it was police he used the other door and ran away but was later apprehended,” the 14 year old narrated.

The Juvenile later told the court that she did not scream while the accused had carnal knowledge of her because of threats she had received.

Principal Resident Magistrate Musonda has since adjourned the matter to 28th August, 2018 for continued trial.



    Comment last days church elder, this pipo don’t deserve to be in the community

  2. Kalapula Francis,

    The name “sinyenga” says it all. He’s a baboon!

    • Tabepa

      The name itself ati “Sinyenga” atase emo balepandila. Destroying our future wives these f*kn devils

    • Imprezza

      My though

  3. Luck muwaya

    You shall reap what you sow, God is not mocked. pumbafu pastor.

  4. Dr. Zimba Emmanuel.

    What a great shame on this pastor and to all his friends!

  5. Luther

    Too bad…… Ba Elder doing such…. Repent

  6. Emmanuel Zulu

    Nyere pakaiche, alinyenga sinyenga

  7. Zephe

    I stil dont undrstnd why dis matr z taking 2 long 2 conclud.Chimangeni chabe icho!Mwana akamba d way it ws ad police saw it all.The girl ws found with bruises on hr vagina..what else do we want 2 knw.?No bribes! Giv hm 18yrz with hard labour

  8. mwango

    Comment Another polepole deserved to be hanged


    Who is she if not biological daughter? My lordship let it die in prison. Castrate it.

  10. Saraphina phiri

    Weather biological daughter or not what he did is inhuman. He should be punished.

  11. Ndoti Ronard

    This man is a destroyer and not a pastor.He reserves to be given some stiff punishment to provide a lesson to potential defilers in waiting.

  12. caleb

    zambian courts are rubbish this case ma go in water

  13. Chikondi

    So sad. What is the problem with certain elderly men? There are a lot of prostitute around, why didnt he pick one if he was desperate? Awe!! Repent pastor, didn’t you hear the Holy Spirit stop you? Very embarrassing. Shame!!!

  14. Mercy k

    Even the name itself, Sinyenga! He can’t be normal

  15. Bright

    Zina chabe nimilandu kikikikiki mupelekeni akalimeko

  16. GOEFRY

    That pastor deserves heavy punishment, let him be a lesson to other pagans.

  17. Daniel

    God shall judge

  18. Riffa nkhoma

    Apa palibe nkhani. The police themselves are the main witnesses. Just arrest the nigga

  19. Kensplash

    Chi jubeni cabe and let him go.

  20. Nazo Nazo

    The moment the former man of God says it’s not his biological daughter says it all that he was guilty,being in the company of three can save lives,pastors should avoid spending time just the two of them with the opposite sex.

  21. Imprezza

    My thought too.

  22. Morgan Mubanga

    Corruption is smelling in this case why doing the Dilidaling we need proper investigation into this matter the police, Te judge and the pastor should be questioned well.

  23. Morgan Mubanga

    Corruption is smelling in this case why doing the Dilidaling we need proper investigation into this matter the police, The judge and the pastor should be questioned well.

  24. Saboi Lutambo

    Hmmmmmnmmmm. . were z dis world going????

  25. nishanty

    let him be punished



  27. Concerned Citizen

    If he is guilty then indeed he will be persecuted by the court of law. However, there was a knock on the window and the pastor dressed quickly and saw a police man and used the other door to run away, if that is the case I feel the same police man who apprenhended should be a witness and brought to the stand.
    Why adjourn when their is a witness, if indeed the Pastor ran away then he was and he is guilty. Adjourn for who? This is how corruption comes in.
    If the judge thinks by adjourning the hearing to another day will show how they working then shame on them for they are delaying and waiting time.

  28. Stan MAPULANGA

    This pastor of nowadays they pretend but they are satanic worshippers punish him so that even others lean we are tired of these so called pastor

  29. Kamwendo minjila

    The so called pastor is evil minded. His behaviour is synonymous to that of a pig.

  30. Only One man

    who are we to judge the court it’s final and they are not going to spare him, aende cambe kumulima cipuba.

  31. Innocent

    This case is straight forward plus the high witness are the police what is there to investigate.

  32. Patrick Lungu

    Bapole-pole Mr PK Chishala referred to last days. Anyway may the almighty God bless that poor girl

  33. Brian

    Some pipo are like animals give him punishment so that he can be a lesson to others

  34. Ngosa

    Kkkkkkk Sinyenga sure!!!!!! Namashina yene!!

  35. MATHEWS Mwinuna

    And the problem is this guy is belled and is out of the sell. I met him yesterday. around 11:00hrs I personally know him. court help us because as far as i know this case is unbearable

  36. Gladys

    Where is this same pegan called a pastor at the moment.i hope he is in a cell room coz he should not Rome around he Will rape another girl.chapala kwati nyemena kubaiche baicha

  37. Chitalu

    He Is A Pentecostal Demon…Mufumyeniko Amatole Uyo Cikala.. Why Even Taking That Demon To Court? Do U Wand To Be Bribed?

  38. Collins shingwe

    Just the name”Sinyenga”kkkk bwafya and you people mukaleishibako utuntu…I think aba bantu balafwayana pantu how come they were just two on a car..

  39. c-easy

    The world is going to an end….God tweleleni

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