RTSA Sheds Light on Speed Camera Installations

The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) says that there will be no waiver for fines there have been recorded on the newly implemented electronic management system.

Addressing a media briefing, RTSA Chief Executive Officer, Zindaba Soko said the installation of cameras on major roads was part of the strategy to reduce road traffic accidents.

Soko said that there had been sufficient prior notice to the general public on the installation of cameras.

He said that the period of payment of fines would be extended to 30 days.

“We are not going to provide a waiver for fines that were recorded as pre-notices for the placement of cameras were issued to all members of the public. However in light of the foregoing we wish to state that RTSA will increase the period for payments of fines from seven days to 30 days from the period of infringement,” he said.

Soko said that the move had been prompted by the increased vehicle population against increased road accidents.

“The particular move was to address the increase in our vehicle population which has resulted in increased road crashes on many of our roads in the country. The number of vehicles increases by 280% to 700, 000 in the year 2016,” he said.

“As a result road fatalities have also increased from 10 per 100, 000 vehicles to 13.8% per 100, 000 vehicles in the same period.”

He added: “In 2016 alone 2,206 people died in road traffic accidents related therefore is the aim of government through RTSA to significantly reduce these numbers and increase efforts in road safety.”

Soko said that RTSA has trained members of staff to deal with the equipment that is highly effective.

“The cameras detect various road infringements including speeding. Camera technicians have been trained on the latest technology using a live camera, which also has the capability to conduct night operations,” he said.

On August 23, 2017 the government of Zambia signed a 17-year private-public partnership concerning the concession agreement with Intelligent Mobility Solution for the design, installation and operation of a system and solution for vehicle inspection, registration, road safety, law enforcement and traffic surveillance countrywide.


  1. ziezi

    This is a good development if RTSA through the government of Zambia installing cameras in some major road around the country.hence it will bring sunit on the road as well as reducing some criminality of knocking down of street light.congratulation.

  2. Big man

    Some of the fines are just too much. I think it reasonable for offences like over speeding to be purged at K 100 . Why is the government stealing from citizens .

    • National councillor

      Big man I drove a vehicle for several years without a drivers license cause I didn’t mind paying a fee of k80.The problem is that you people care more about money than the lives of others.Life is more expensive than k450.Complain on fees like toll gates,road tax that have nothing to do with accidents.

  3. Hanizyy

    Think twice bose

  4. Jom

    Job well done

  5. Haatobolo mungwanyoko

    Mr zk thanks for your job and you are a hand working man indeed. Now how are going to do for these cadets who don’t obey the traffic rules.sitting on top of the moving vehicle are you not are wear Mr zk

  6. abilima

    In addition, will RTSA ensure that minibus drivers stop their buses on bust stops and in the designated area. There is so much fo.olishness among this crop of drivers. Install cameras at these spots as well to check this dangerously criminal behaviour.

  7. Razor

    First you need to update your records. E.g what happens when there is no cell phone number to that particular vehicle how will the owner be notified. He won’t even know if there are any fines outstanding. You need to come with a system online whereby when the owner enters the reg number all details of that vehicle appear such as the when fitness is due, when road tax is due, any outstanding fines etc etc. Also what will happen to GRZ vehicles speeding? Who will receive the sms and who will pay? Including other boma vehicles like ZP, ministers, PS etc

  8. Truth man

    RTSA could be breaking the law as well if they charge drivers without following procedures as laid out in the Road traffic Act.E.G. How do they warn the driver who has committed the offence and also if the offender denies the charge and opts to appear in court.Have they addressed these issues.

  9. Skm

    Kindly put the road signs on the speed when one enters a speed camera zone. In short revise the speed limits. Signage is really poor on these roads and they should be visible enough.

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