Even the National Restoration Party is still strong enough to dish out suspensions to party officials with its Lusaka District Chairman Richard Malilwe suspended for alleged gross misconduct.

According to a suspension letter signed by Party Disciplinary Committee Chairman Kennedy Chipasha, the Party has slapped a six months suspension on its Lusaka District Acting Chairman.

Chipasha said the committee had found Malilwe guilty and was however not remorseful of his action and allegedly went ahead to disregard advisable channels within the party.

“You are therefore suspended from your acting position as Lusaka District Chairperson and all party activities for six months with immediate effect for gross misconduct,” the letter read in part.

Chipasha has further noted that while on suspension, Malilwe would not be allowed to comment on any party matters or representing the party at any function until at a time the suspension will be saved or lifted.

He says Malilwe is however free to appeal against the suspension within 7 days.


  1. Bk

    Don’t defect displine is cardinal royalty defines a man

  2. Zambian

    Ifipani fimo kuwayawaya fye, no MP no Councillor, ati political Party. Na ine nalapanga akapani kandi mwe. Ishina likaba………….TWACHULA PAFULA POLITICAL PARTY. President, Mr ZAMBIAN

  3. Zambian

    Amashina ya ma MP yandi niaya….I will just filled one MP per province, Ku southern Ku kaba Mr Muchinga. Ku Northern Mr Western, Ku Western Mr Luapula, Ku Eastern Mr Southern, Ku Muchinga Mr Northwestern, Ku Northwestern Mr Eastern……… Others Will come letter, stiil consulting.

  4. Rocky

    At one point, this party NAREP used to attract a lot of members. If not, it was among the big two opposition parties in the country. From nowhere, it started shrinking like a candle. The big reason is simple, Mr Chipimo came into politics with a lot of brilliant ideas when majority of zambians had one man in their minds (Sata). No body could pay attention to his manifesto.If Chipimo could have consistent, by this moment NAREP could have been the biggest opposition party in the country. It seems there are block. Not even taking part in the by elections.


      atase bafikala mu ka narep akaso fucked up can’t even buy a bottle on mineral water


        if there is a party which stinks like COWDUNG and compared to UPND its NAREP

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