Zambia has seen a number of political rivalries over the years with the King Cobra versus Levy Mwanawasa perhaps ranking among the most vicious.

But now another modern day rivalry has taken root in the Zambian political space. Presidential spokesperson Amos Chanda and National Democratic Congress (NDC) party leader Chishimba are at each other’s throats.

Chanda, by nature a cool headed person seems to have blown up under incessant attacks from Kambwili who has never tired lumping the Presidential aide with innuendos.

It is not that Chanda has let out some expletives in a widely circulated telephone conversation with Kambwili that is surprising but that the Roan Member of Parliament is complaining about insults. It is a territory Kambwili should be as happy as a pig playing in mud.

Let us just say Kambwili complaining about anyone insulting him is like the pot calling the kettle black. Kambwili got as much as he rottenly gives.  Kambwili is used to picking easy targets and getting away with it. He takes pleasure in picking on easy targets that just soak in his venom. Does Kambwili really have the moral right to complain about insults? Is not his signature China Nyanyo ranting still trending?

Did Kambwili not confirm he was recording the conversation? Is the motive not clear from the outset? Chanda simply handed Kambwili his wish. He had been spoiling for a taped showdown and Chanda gladly gave it to him.

So what is the fuss about this funeral Kambwili wishes to stage?


  1. Augprina

    These two are hegoats!

  2. Leon



    Ck power

  4. skb

    MY COUSINS!!!!! Recording a coversation with the sole purpose to gain POLITICAL MILAGE is not only IMMORAL but also UNDIGNIFIED for a person who is day and night dreaming of oneday becoming PRESIDENT of this nation. KASHIMBA CHIMBWILI , you can not sink lower than this. Rember kuli ba Mumbi Phiri you appologised over the issue of tissues.

  5. Makeni boy

    I can c hw childish ck z,firstly,recording the convrsation 2 find a fault from mr chanda,secondly,complaing about a fire he hmself ignited.Ck u ar not 2 complaint but 2 maintain yo childishnes.Mutu kukula but no nzelu bwino bwino.i thnk u hav a virus in yo brains,cam i can flash it 4 u in my computr.
    Mr chanda ,try 2 avoid a fool 2 avoid noise coz at last pipo wont notis the difarence..

  6. Victor Kayonbo

    Viva CK for ever!


    Ck for life CHANDA WASULA

  8. Hebk

    Ck is the master of insults. He has only swallowed a bitter pill.Ck followers if you think it is right for ck to insult everyone then you are very wrong .let him know that he is very childish and not a presidential material He is only a basket mouth …

    • ROKA

      Tell us the insults he produces!Look at what apf leaders insult him whenever they visit the coppebelt!When he answers back at I he is insulting. Let’s be fair please!

  9. Francis

    You can’t tell difference between ck amf Chanda.lest judge according. no insult or bad language people of zambia.

  10. Mr. K

    God protect chsnda

  11. hasty

    Comment Rubbish article,taking sides

  12. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    I love ck so mach

  13. ROKA

    Is this opinion written by chanda himself? Surely what insults does CK produce? He simply calls a spade a spade!!

  14. ROKA

    Tell us the insults he produces!Look at what apf leaders insult him whenever they visit the coppebelt!When he answers back at I he is insulting. Let’s be fair please!

    • Jackson Bwalya Sense

      Just recently u insuted telesale a sinier police officer ati,nshili mwume wakunyelako amasushi

    • Hebk

      Kambwili has no respect for anyone. Not even the president. We dont like people like ck. He has no respect. The truth pains. Kano ene ukutuka abanankwe.

  15. Done

    Chishimba u are 100% a dog

  16. James Mphande

    That’s why some leaders to lead Zambia mmm like the way chishimba is childish


    Done or Mr dog you are 1000% dog


    Mr James your father is too childish and your Mather is Wes

  19. Dr Fonicks

    These two acted unadultly. do they think we cherish unpalatable language ? when you are in public limelight, there must alwsys be some constraint whenever provoked. both of you are a disgrace to the nation. why do nt you tame your language

  20. jj

    but this article sounds like the one who wrote it is favouring Amos Chanda.
    though chanda nd kambwili ar all childish

  21. Biloko

    Where is the kateka in all this I miss supper Ken he would have allowed Chanda leave to go and exhaust the insults.It is not right for a public official to insult like he is in a tavern not withstanding the so called provocation. I grieve for tax paying Amos for insulting.

  22. Gunda

    The English adage, ‘Don’t argue with a fool… ‘,has vindicated itself on this!

  23. Umuntu kupepa

    GBM to rejoin PF in the coming few days. Let us pray for him so that PF members welcome him.

  24. Charles

    Amos succumbed to temptation.He is normally cool unlike his adversay.However the phone conversation was between the two but one of them decided to air it for political gain.If you know you have no skeletons in the cupboard Amos just remain cool even under blatant accusations.Take a leaf from the the late FTJ.He never lost his cool amidst a barrage of accusations left right and center.It seems if CK became presido he will torment a lot of people.

  25. Hanizyy

    We don’t want wamafumo Ku stertehouse

  26. Wiseman

    The presidential spokesman shouldn’t act like a politician! Kambwili is a politician but Chanda is not .

  27. Bmk

    Gentlemen!Gentlemen! Politics of insults is long gone with the old school.Is it too difficulty to be mature in politics? Both of you need each other for the well being of this country,region,Africa and World above.Stop being limited to your bellies.Think big,and focus beyond yourselves then all of us will smile.I wish God’s hand on both of you.We love you and need you in all aspect of life.

    • AMOS

      if Kambwili becomes president I would change my nationality and I would switch off Zambia if it was a switch mbolo yako Kambwili

      • KAMBWILI

        if I really get annoyed nobody can touch me but pliz Amos my weakness is to talk about COPS then there you hit me below the belt because I will start my FAINTING GYNMNASTICS

  28. King mutale

    That is madness at its best.

  29. Junior Citizen

    Awe sure!No wonder we need dialogue as soon as possible failure to dat we heading for doom

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