The Ministry of Higher Education through the Higher Education Loans and Scholarships Board, will pay sponsored students studying at the University of Zambia (UNZA) their Term II Meal Allowance for 70 days by end of day on Friday 24th August 2018.

According to Ministry of Higher Education Public Relations Officer, Chiselwa Kawanda, said that the remaining 69 days will be paid as soon as more funds are released to the Ministry in the coming weeks.

“The students will be paid 70 days out of the 139 days for term two and the remaining amount will be paid in a few weeks’ time as soon as additional funds become available,” said Kawanda.

“We would like to urge our students to exercise patience during this period as they wait for the other payment to be made” she said.



  1. Mabuku

    OK I knew Zambia was broke but not this broke , the government should come clean about our debt crisis

  2. FGM

    ZRA claims that it collects the monthly revenues as per targets. But funds are not disbursed according to the budget. Some leaders should open up. In education grants and sanitary pads for pupils are not given as promised in the budget. Is the budget another mere rhetoric statement aimed at cooling the ever expectant citizenry?

  3. Sparo

    Nonsense! What on earth is? wrong with the Government? If you look at the revenue they get from us, you will be perplexed. Why are they failing to clear out the innocent student? This doesn’t make at all!

  4. I.chibwe

    What’s the meaning of this . Can someone investigate this calamitous behaviour over the future responsible who are going to move our land forward.

  5. Looters

    Do not worry donors will assist God is with us

  6. Truth man

    Go back and read the budget for this year again you certainly find that there’s a deficit, on top of that there are the un planned journeys by government officers.Dont forget the servicing of loans we owe the international community.It is tough to run a country.These politicians don’t sleep.

  7. Simbe simbe

    We need to be strong bane, individually not depending too much

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