Govt Hands Back Black Mountain to Jerabos

Government has handed back to small scale miners commonly known as Jerabos the infamous Black Mountain in Kitwe two months after operations were suspended following a mine accident that claimed eleven lives.

Mines and Minerals Development Minister Richard Musukwa made the announcement in Kitwe with a series of conditions that must be adhered to before commencing operations.

Musukwa at a media briefing said government will not compromise on any of the conditions set to avoid the reoccurrence of a mine accident.

He has directed Chapamo Mineral Resources a group of small scale miners to ensure that all set conditions are met without fail.

Musukwa named some of the conditions set as fencing off the mining area, installation of closed circuit cameras (CCTV), engagement of security personnel to police the area, provide identity cards among others.

“As a matter of urgency, reorganise your structure to ensure coordinated operations, conduct and obtain approval for an Environmental Impact Assessment consistent with the type of operations authorised by the license to take onsite and offsite environmental impact, erect a security fence, engage security personnel to police the area and provide identity cards to ensure there are not unauthorized persons at the site,” Musukwa said.

Meanwhile, Mr Musukwa has disclosed that the investigations conducted have revealed that the mine accident that claimed the lives of 11 people were as a result of noncompliance to mining regulations by Chapamo Mineral Resources.

And Chapamo Mineral Resources Managing Director Kelvin Tembo said the small scale miners will adhere to all the set conditions before resuming operations.

Tembo who could not state when operations will resume said all stakeholders will be engaged to ensure smooth operations.

Government on 20th June, 2018 suspended operations at the infamous Black Mountain in Kitwe after an accident claimed 10 lives on the spot while the 11th died two days later.

Since then government had instituted investigations to establish the cause of the accident.


  1. Uncle D

    Mwandi kaya

  2. Muse

    That’s good lf series of conditions will be taken seriously

    • Benny

      Ba Jerabos multi fipuba why can’t just plant vegetables ask ur boss 2 give u enough land near rivers where u can grow veggies mwembwa mwe doing that(illegal mining will cut your penis and u will have no more children

  3. miles

    Wafwa walema again…

  4. kwanza

    now that they have seen that elections are near they have given it back so that jerabo’s will vote for them because they know that they are the one’s who make it possible

  5. Self nyokozi

    That’s the only problem of these people. They put things in place when they see that time is not with them, soswe mumpoto too much ukwipikwa

  6. mr

    Sicandal pa sicandal again

  7. Ma

    How can something killing people be given back this is the same as killing and not democracy

  8. Francis

    we are people who benefiting as source of employment not this so called investors. the Chinese and Indian. Better to let the jerabos to run the black mountain.

  9. Shi aliko

    This is Zambia anything can but expect more casualties from that black what ever

  10. Evergreen

    Very soon we will start feeding our children’s with gun powder not knowing that it’s an hazard to our health

  11. FGM

    Doing things after consulting is the only way wisdom can exhibited.

  12. Hendrix ludo

    again nifwaa shaisaa my Kitwe yaaaa

  13. Hendrix ludo

    make sure safety z matained **!ba Kitwe c u they ***:

  14. Truth man

    That land belongs to Mopani , how did chapamo acquire that place? Is chapamo a registerd company or what? Are the workers at chapamo registerd with Napsa?

  15. Razor

    Another disaster in the making.

  16. Chapamo

    Leave me alone pliz ba pompwe

  17. Babakeni

    Ba Jerabo remember Safety rules about your health. Else TB and Cancerous diseases, long term and expensive illnesses await YOU.
    WHERE ‘ve you been given as a hospital for occasional CHECK UPS by your Mines Minister?Comment

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