Sven Recalls Kalaba

Chipolopolo coach Sven Vandenbroek has unveiled a 26 member squad for the September 8 Africa Cup of Nations match against Namibia opening the door for all eligible Zambian players abroad performing for their clubs.

Vandenbroek has recalled former skipper Rainford Kalaba who stars for TP Mazembe alongside club mates Kabaso Chongo and Nathan Sinkala.

During a media briefing at Football House this morning, the Belgian also named long forgotten Armenia based Lubambo Musonda and Hapoel Ra’anana defender Emmanuel Mbola.

Vandenbroek has also made interesting calls in the local front with in-form Spencer Sautu and Bruce Musakanya roped in.

The coach has also taken a dig at the local media for their obsession with getting information through the backdoor when he has been available officially to provide the information.

“What happened in the past I cannot judge, there are rumours, people are telling me things, but I cannot judge so everyone starts from zero. Everyone opens the door for the national team, if they are all willing and eager to play for the national team. I said it already in the past, everyone is welcome when they are performing in their clubs,” he said.

Vandenbroek said that the Namibia encounter was a must win match for the Chipolopolo if they are to have a chance of qualifying to the Cameroon 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.

“I think it is a very important game for both of us. It is a must win for both. We are both at zero points, so if we want to have a chance to qualify, we both have to win,” he said.

“If we go and look at the CAF or FIFA ranking, then we are the favourites because we are the highest ranked of all four in our group but circumstances are in favour of Namibia. The reason is that they scheduled the game on an artificial field, they have had a six week camp to prepare for the game and they play at home. That is why I see a light advantage for them in the game. That does not mean we will not do everything to win because it is in all our good to bring the three points home.”

Vandenbroek decried the culture of leakages that put some of his work in jeopardy.

He warned that a continuation of the culture may ruin the relationship among the players in the game.


“The meaning of my story is that even if there is more structure and order in Zambia, there are too many individuals trying to escape. That is carelessly leaking information to you (media), there are people in this house leaking information and the terrible one is even if I gave a lot of information during the last press conference, some people were eager to find out things that I did not mention,” he said.

“So in the end it is a two way relationship, either I give a lot of information and you keep on that or you go behind my back, you want to know too much then the relationship will be broken, not only from your part, also from the people in this house and players because that is discipline and discipline is one of the main things when you want to build the game and when you want performances.”

He also announced that Zambia would play Gabon in an international friendly on September 11 on the FIFA International day.

The team will enter residential camp on August 30 in Lusaka with the final batch of players expected in camp on Monday September 1.

Vandenbroek was handed the Chipolopolo job with the task of qualifying Zambia to the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.

Zambia is rooted at the bottom with Namibia on zero points after the first round of matches with the Chipolopolo losing 1-0 at home to Mozambique.

The Chipolopolo face Namibia away in Windhoek on September 7 in a match that will mark Vandenbroek’s debut on the Chipolopolo bench.



Toaster       Nsabata      (Zanaco), Lawrence Mulenga   (Power Dynamos) Kennedy          Mweene (Mamelodi Sundowns-RSA)


Solomon     Sakala (Zesco United), Gideon          Sichone (Green Buffaloes), Gampani Lungu         (Supersport-RSA), Isaac         Shamujompa (Buildcon)         Luka Banda          (Napsa Stars), Stoppila          Sunzu         (FC Metz-France), Kabaso Chongo (TP Mazembe-Congo), Lawrence   Chungu (Buildcon), Emmanuel         Mbola (Hapoel Raanana-Israel)


Nathan Sinkala (TP Mazembe-Congo),      Sululani Phiri (Polokwane-RSA), Enock          Mwepu (RB Salzburg-Austria), Jackson Chirwa (Green Buffalos), Lubambo          Musonda (Gangzasar Kapan-Armenia), Clatous Chama (Simba-Tanzania) Spencer Sautu (Green Eagles), Rainford         Kalaba (TP Mazembe-Congo),          Bruce Musakanya (Red Arrows)


Augustine Mulenga (Orlando Pirates-RSA), Fashion    Sakala (Oostende-Belgium), Justin          Shonga (Orlando Pirates-RSA), Patson Daka      (RB Salzburg-Austria), Lazarous          Kambole     (Zesco)



  1. Benny

    Good team selection, l want 2 see fresh blood in national team those selected new defenders must be pushed 2 make them experts just as Nerve Renard did 2 Davis Nkausu, banee learn 2 be innovative u always like 2 complaint about amateurs who played 4 national team in 2012 miss Emmanuel Banda but our coach mentioned it earlier that those who are playing 4 their respective clubs l understand

  2. Dador chibuye

    it’s now open to all people of Zambia that this coach can us proud ……pls continue with the sat spirit no one should tell what to do …..that’s why you are the head coach….I like u

  3. Bola Yapa Zed

    I like strikers coach Sven you are on Point but I don’t like defenders list, work on defense please bring people who can help Sunzu.

    • Niza

      Kabaso chungu is there my friend….is a good defender

    • andrew phiri

      Where z mishieck chaila and kondwani mutonga

  4. vibe

    go zambia nd make us proud

  5. Paul Chisanga

    What about mayuka,mbesuma,chiasamba lungu and isac chansa

    • Evergreen

      We will use them next time

    • kwanza

      imiti ikula empanga let the young play so that they develop in to worthy team

    • clive

      Yes,give us signal on the above mentioned players…

      • Leonardor

        Yes that’s a good selection coach keep it up.

    • Clauzee

      Good selection

    • HEZZY

      You are right ,we need their experience.The guys are still playing,especially chansa,mbesuma,chisamba just names will make young guys to have to chance to score.

    • Good team selection coach, I like it.

      Good team selection coach just work hard on the defence; go Zambia go.

    • Chile1

      Nice squad

  6. Stanley

    Please make sure that we wine on 7 the September

  7. fikashala

    well done sven good selection

  8. Charlesmicklay

    The team is just o.k

  9. Christopher mulenga

    Any lets wait and see, fair selection

  10. Aaron Mboshi

    We are going to win the game by good score line such as 0-2. I have faith in this squad and FAZ management.

  11. Cletus K.Chisanga

    Go Zambia Go!!! Fairly selected.

  12. James Mphande

    On striking it will be a battle who will start

  13. Stanley

    Please Mr Sven find the place for this guy’s Ziyo Tembo, Kelvin kampampa and E- mbewe Removed musakaya please

  14. Shi aliko

    I can’t wait to watch the game guys good selection Mr Sven

  15. Evergreen

    Good selection

  16. The Sumba

    were is ziyo,nkausu,emanul Banda,fwayo,kondwani?

    • Shi aliko

      So you want all Zambian player’s shumba it’s only 26

  17. Kunbucha

    Warn mbola please too much back pass

  18. Zankalewa

    Even fashion he is too selfish

  19. Godwin Tonga

    He has his best so far, we are behind u Sven .


    Good move sven

  21. Kangwa Gabriel C Jr

    Its a great n wonderful selection after a long time.combining experience with useful youths

  22. james eston banda

    Go ahead with your selection and win on 7 sept 2018

  23. vincent mukema

    hmmmm..thz is realy a wonderful squad .we hav to many good playerz so z coach can’t manag to pick zem all.anyway thos who ar left nxt tim guyz..

  24. jasto

    gud selection mr sven

  25. smooth

    No excuse nothing more than a win will do…go!!!zambia go!!!zambia

  26. Nicholas Dinho Phiri

    This is good going coach keep it up
    Itx fear selection but two people remaining fwayo and Chesapeake.

  27. Mr Peace

    Plz,let the coach do his work.He is just starting his job and so let us not be coaches ourselves.If he has picked some of our favourites and left others it’s only because there is a certain number he wants and his choice is our support.

  28. Mix bwalya

    Go Zambia go …….I like dis selection..we can even beat Brazil nw

  29. Schwerzi

    Go go chipolopolo

  30. kwanza

    imiti ikula empanga

  31. Hold Arizon

    The best is yet to come, we Judge Him by selection.
    Please ba Muno Ni MuZambia let Vandem play his Mind, work in peace, give em chance and lets Surport our boys to make us Proud!
    Kalaba and #BolaNaLesa trio back to make a mark in the main team.
    Viva Vandem!

    • Patrick Mwale

      Quite a balanced team coach Vandenbroeck has selected.Am extremely happy with the inclusion of the TP MAZEMBE trio of Rainford,Nathan and Kabaso.The goal custodian Kennedy Mweene,defence kingpin Stophila Sunzu,left back overlapping Emmanuel Mbola and fast running Armenian winger Lubambo Musonda will also add flavour and experience in the squad.With this team , I see no reason why the WARRIORS of Namibia can not be gunned down come 8 the August,2018.

  32. Mumbi Kennedy

    This is wonderful ,nshikwete namashiwi excellent keep it up Mr President,

    • Mumbi Kennedy

      E team nalefwaya pa z ,we a going to win 3/9

  33. Mpampe

    No Hang’ombe Hambulo

  34. Mubanga chilufya

    Great i like this selection

  35. Trigga

    I love selection a real coach is the people’s coach unlike Faz’s Coach as long as they joke ninshi TZ ok this one is white boi takuli mulyemo boss

    • ROKA

      But Gaza I’d the coach’s employer and the sole supervisor mwebantu?If every one is s supervisor, then inviting chaos! Let’s be careful, remember “kapata mukaya” song by Masiye Band 1.So we must respect our local coaches who have a lot for mother Zambia in terms of football almost free of charge!! I call so called expatriate coached as mercenaries, just after money.The current coach had no experience of coaching a national team!He is here just to gain experience, like renard did and dump you like s hot heavy stone! However, I wish him for the best.

      • ROKA

        Sorry, it read”but FAZ is the coach’s employer…. “

  36. Blues

    I like it

  37. Zachariah Manda

    Its A Nice Team.Go Zambia Go!

  38. Bmk

    This is a well balanced team.The coach must choose from his convictions not from what people say.If it is about what people say all of us would have been the coaches.The team is more like a village,we cant have the same people who behave the same,but different people with different behaviours.All we need is teamwork,selfdiscipline and aim to win for mother Zambia.We dont want your names here,but names in the game.Put aside personal politics and focus on winning the game.Once on the field ,it is all about the game not politics.We are ready to watch Zambia vs Namibia not “Kalaba vs Fashion”you are grown up guys,let us go and conquor.Coach,we love you, guys we love and all of us must love Zambia and be ready to sacrifice for our country’s glory.

  39. Gerald

    Good selection

  40. Gerald T

    Good selection this is harve Renard succeeded

  41. Kayo

    Lungu chisamba,,,mukuka mulanga

  42. Masinga

    This is the best selection I have seen so far,use stipulated and kabaso pa 4/5 please.

  43. Vincent Chola

    I stopped watching Zambian soccer but this one its a must, lets just pray for our team that they shouldn’t lost (Jeremiah 29:11-13) people lets read that scripture and see what God Almighty is going to do…good selection coach, Go Zambia Go..

  44. Sydney

    This is good selection and it has never happened since the departure of herve rener. Thx

    • ROKA

      Sorry, it read”but FAZ is the coach’s employer…. “

  45. David

    Good team selection,it seems balanced we only hope for 3 points.Good luck copperbullets.

  46. GT

    This selection is good he has balanced the team since harve Renard left this guy has cast the net wider no corruption.

  47. Ba Punchu

    True ba GT. He has fished the greats. The situation is still hopeful.

  48. Bob kalwiji

    Good and tremendous selection coach keep it up. We have faith and we are behind the whole Zambian squad.

  49. joe

    Bt zoona,i hope mweene will b da first choose

  50. Osward

    Good team

  51. Fan no.2

    From the comments it is evident that we love soccer and we are behind our team and above all it is a good selection. Go, go Zambian go and long live Sven

  52. Henrybwalya

    In football anything can happen and umulilo uucing’ilile abakalamba taoca so to the big people like sunzu and rainford make sure you perform and lead by example so that the young ones can follow your steps and to us Zambia’s let us stop comparisons who is better than the other bra bra this team is for the nation.

  53. Bodwell Mitelo

    Good sign of good things to come.Good selection!

  54. MUZO

    Now i know the difference btween black coaches n the whites.blacks to selfish n too much corruption.Bakolwe balecinga ama players abengateya bwino bola,balesenda ba bululu nabo bale swamo.Good selection mr sven,keep it up.

  55. Joseph Haajinya

    Go Zambia go. This is good selection.

  56. Kwibs

    All the best Zambia, You have my full support..!

  57. Deanmeekson

    Only then FIFA
    Will tell us power of the team then

  58. R Mwengwe

    We ‘re Happy With The Team After Crying For Many Years Who Can Make A Good Zambian Player,, Zambia Is Full Of Footballer But The Matter Is On FAZ Management, i hope now eveyone are happy.

  59. James lungu

    Please bring back nkausu and chisamba lungu up front we need Jacob mulenga

  60. Mr k.

    Comment This coach should have included players like ziyo tembo, fwayo tembo, simon silwimba, earnest mbewe (alteeza) and brian mwila upfront.

  61. Mathews

    It a very gud squad hopping that everything goes to our side


    Our coach looks like mwabi. Is he related to de bryune? Since he is also a belgian. Ninshi ku belgian kwalifula aba ifi? How can you recall indoshi mupashi? Iyeee… Abaiche balowekwa….

    • Fan no.2

      Who is indoshi among the recalled players? Let us be positive and give credit were it is due. Look at the front line in my opinion is the most deadly in the recent past.

  63. The Sumba

    ok bola na Lesa

  64. Mr Chanda davies

    Good selection big man, now about chisamba lungu and Isaac chansa

  65. Muse

    I think you will make US proud

  66. Geofrey Hamilenga

    Nice selection coach…. Although u have the defensive it’s not that much.. Ziyo Tembo deserves a position as well.

  67. PG

    No back door entrance, kkkkkkkkk mwajaila Na ma brown envelope, this time its first you perform well and join the best national team Museve Or Sven keep it up coach. That’s your job.

  68. Osward Mumba

    Good selection

  69. Jayson

    This selection some one will hv headche

  70. talala musonda

    great selection all the best.

  71. Mr dundumwenze

    Problem Zambians players too much sex,beer and smoking, may you will manage but I doubt.

  72. Rocky

    The couch Sven has selected players according to their current performance and discipline in their respective clubs. So don’t bother yourself ati why has left Fwayo, Chisamba, Silwimba, Chansa etc. Moreover it’s only 26 boys. Those that are performing well but have been left, this is not the last game. Sven is in the right track to assemble a strong 22 man squad which can stand against pressure from the so called African big teams.(e.g Ghana). Ziyo is good, but honestly speaking at the moment Kabaso and Shamujompa are doing better than him. The fact is that Muzungu has shown that he really mean business. Viva Zambia. I predict a 4-1 in our favour.

  73. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master

    Zambia will lose on defenders there is a big?

  74. Maybin BABI

    Nice one coach good selection

  75. Ghammarays

    Winning starts from the gud selection of players, nw I c the win wth this gud squad

  76. Benny

    Ba Mr k all these players u mentioned were there on the previous list except one who is even not important

  77. adeed

    Wt abt enest ND silwimba

  78. VICTOR Kapembwa

    Condemnation condemnation why you can’t even play a ball or kick it but buddy to condemn. Let’s support the team he has selected but some of you want Mayuka some want mbesuma let’s look at the performance currently. Me I will say I want Joseph Musonda someone will say wants nkausu do have a chance to watch them don’t make a team from the terraces like the late Dennis liwewe which never won the Africa cup but was powerful on paper and radio.

  79. njekwa muhamubi

    Please zambian stop making your lineup on madia

  80. njekwa muhamubi

    Please zambian stop making your lineup on media plz its not your time let’s give chance to a coach for him to make lineup

  81. Katawa

    For me lubambo’s inclusion mex sense. Clatous chama n Patson as well. Kip it up Sven

  82. Fortune

    Mr 7, we want 7gaols on the 7th of 7eptmber..

  83. Fortune

    Emmanuel mbola me am not fine wt him… he makes back passes and inaccurate ones then he has no speed

    • Mubanga.u are right my dear.

      good selection coach u seem to know what u are doing. let the following people start the game.Kalaba.mwepu.daka.kambole.kabaso opinion. where is ziyo and chisamba?


    Nothing more say the selection is perfect, now players don’t be selfish in the pitch what we want is to see the team winning not dribbling Sven will not be in the pitch but out side follow the instructions. All the best one for himself God for all

  85. mbawala albert royce

    this z de squrd we need

  86. World Cup

    With such a selection, I don’t see any room for a loss.

  87. Peter Gorden

    The world of football as Zambians, others will always support what they call “amapulanga” used to fill up coaches’s back pockets so as they are included in the national team leaving genuine players behind and because are not corrupt minded.
    Ba FAZ also must learn from this before you are brought on display as corrupt characters.
    Sven boi ka job kawama nangu taula amba utuma wini. Tell them, even you players must work hard to secure places in the national team not boasting natundalama twanu just making corrupt coaches rich for nothing.
    Lwandamina failed in Tanzania and next in few months you see this so called wada Wada in South Africa, he is coming back to coach CHAWAMA FOOTBALL ACADEMY KKKKKKKK PA ZED SIVINTHU!

  88. Mubanga.

    good selection coach u seem to know what u are doing. let the following people start the game.Kalaba.mwepu.daka.kambole.kabaso opinion. where is ziyo and chisamba?

  89. Mubanga.

    Remove mboka and call ziyo.


    this is the kaind of line-up we want to see and you shall see now the kind of game that the Zambians going to play chi #chicken chatemenwefye ba zescco United ububi ataaáaaaa

    • ROKA

      But iteam ngalyawina you used to praise him,lelo at I cisoso!How are we going to develop our own coaches to international standards! At King Hazard,don’t insult. This kind of reactions always reminds of what the late Simutowe told when I asked him why he had stopped playing and yet he was still in good form in response he told me that abantu tabatasha,so it’s better you leave when people want you to continue. He went to say that look at the way people were insulting Godfrey Chitalu who was their hero when he was st his best. This was in 1982 then Red Arrows coach and Patrick Phiri was playing for Ref Arrows!! Wise man indeed.So Lwandamina must be respected at all costs, just like other coaches like Chambeshi,Janza,Makwaza Senior, and may others I can’t remember,the best of them was our football hero and legend, the late Sir Samuel Zoom Ndlovu,don’t argue you were not there when football was played for the sake of love for it, not money as we started seeing in the 80s!!

  91. Joshua

    I like your selection coach go zed go .we r behind u guyz make us proud

  92. Watson mk

    Good selection but You have left two dependable people i.e. ziyo tembo and chisamba lungu.

  93. michael

    make Zambia a competitive nation with football because we know that we are blessed with prayers go ahead make a difference.

  94. Permit Zoozee

    Go Zambia!!!!! Big thanks to Mr Sven. The couch has done it, and let’s wait for the good results from that selected super team. I am happy that the new and intelligent couch has managed to bring our dangerous midfielder no other Rainford kalaba. The zambian team is going Namibia no matter what because the controller of the team is back. Let’s support our team guys amd the couch….

  95. It'x Dennis

    I think this is team better kip it up guyz

  96. John

    OK is this a squad? Then w’ll wait to see forward… Abakote Awe..

    • Jeremiah Chirwa

      Selection done on merit. The team will perform. Let’s give moral support to the team ba Zambia

  97. Michael Kaluba

    I’m happy for this plays we can get a point

  98. Oscar saka

    Good selection coach, I like it. just looking at the striker’s you have chosen, I have no doubt we are going to win by 3-0 . Justin shonga, Augustine mulenga, Partson Daka and Fashion Sakala. Mmmmmmmm wapya baisa Get prepared Namibia paipa pano Go Zambia Go.

    • ROKA

      And you think Namibia is idle! Wait and see.Don’t live I’m a world of utopian football. Look at teams Zambia, both at club and national level used to beat by netball scores. Even Zambia was whipping boy by farms like DRC,Sudan,Uganda Nigeria etc by netball scores!! 90 minutes will tell us that this is a strong team not selected players!

  99. Joseph candy

    Thanks Mr coach for your big heart u salute you continued with the same spirit. Because there is no segregation I see you Lazarus Kambole( ZESCO TEAM YA ZIKO) we are behind you. show them your heart a big hand goes to you and Mr coach for the good selection he made.

  100. Lukwesa EVARISTO

    This is a very strong and nice team we needed to make even during our former coach Nyirenda.I hope now we are going to start winning.

  101. syinden mulenga

    Thanks Mr Sven. This a good Team Form but What about magan banda ?

  102. Mike Mwale

    Nice Selection Sir………

  103. Leonardor

    Yes that’s a good selection coach keep it up.

  104. Kedrick siame

    Is what i was talking about of him do his professional work know he’s done well selection i like the spirit of the coach we need a win.

  105. hims MWEEMBA

    Nice selection coach

  106. H2K

    Anyway thanks our coach for your potential bringing, now why forgotten Chisamba Lungu & Brian Mwila

  107. Mckeens

    What can u do to bring back mayuka and what of ziyo

  108. Mudenda

    That’s good ba coach do yr best u are the head go Zambia

  109. Wevu

    Go! Zambia. Go!

    • Samuel

      Go Zambia Go de ground will be full of us to support u make us proud guyz

  110. Shadrick kasonde

    What about Chilufya Edward

    • ROKA

      I don’t understand why he is left out!He better than lone ranger fashion Sakala!

  111. mbaya

    we love the team…

  112. talalamusonda

    Great selection all the best.

  113. mercutio

    Ba Sven include Fwayo too..,

  114. Sam

    Amazing and fair selection coach. It’s the technical bench we liked Z is always endowed with talent bombapakusala

  115. Sam

    Amazing and fair selection coach. It’s the technical bench we laked Z is always endowed with talent nombapakusala

    • Sam

      Players who are fond of trying from one club to another lack discipline and consistency.Hence don’t stand a chance to be called for National duty. Those who are close to them please advise (,muba,allan,chris,fwayo)

  116. jahman footballer

    Comment ebola

  117. William chanda

    good selection our coach go Zambia go

  118. brago

    You cant say that Diego Costa is displined but he played the world cup, we need fwayo, kapumbu,chisamba lungs in the team

  119. Yk

    Don’t mind about displine,what we wany is talented players like fwayo and win

  120. FGM

    The coach is a true Leader who doesn’t want to be fed on lies.How I wish our politicians could also learn something from him. Zambia needs such leaders who have their constituency at heart.

  121. Mike Jordan

    But what is happening to Fwayo Tembo and Jacob Mulenga or can’t you call Charley Musonda please these three (3) players must feature as well.

  122. Kalowana

    Yes a good team indeed we are behind you guys make us proud on 8 September Go Zambia Gooooooooo

  123. Alex Ngonga

    Awe ba Coach! What about me?? I’m Alex a good player! #

  124. Alex N'gong'a

    Without me you will lose!! Go Namibia go

  125. Mutale

    As a good coach bring experience players like the way Nigeria and other big teams do not this small boys like fashion but big guys like chisamba lungu and nkausu Davies. And am with you all the way up big man.

  126. Paul

    Go go guys thats the spirit we need

  127. alex Chikombi

    Is this couch of chipolopolo able to see well or not

  128. Samuel

    Yes he is

  129. Mr dundumwenze

    Coach where is Mario baloteli, Cristiano ronaldo,inniesta, rooben,liberly, hazard, aubameyang, Diego costa, neymar, mandzukic, kalusya bwalya and Chester shonongo?

  130. michael

    why he had left ,chisamba lungu,Edward chilufya,ziyo tembo and silwima?

    more expecially chisamba lungu,he shouldn’t hav made such a mistake of leaving chisamba lungu.

    anyway all the best ma boys.

  131. Lubuto

    The favorite team have ever head before, he selected to what he saw not by tribe or corruption.Good lucky Coacha

  132. joseph banda

    coach nice move! keep it up. Faz thanks you for responding to our call. I personally I have always wanted Zambia to have a foreign coach so that we balance up things. I didn’t like the way our local coaches did things! but with u coach u have balanced up things! Faz thank you! for making my dream come true.

  133. Kalumbi Abel

    good team just work on the midfield to be creative. u have my support

  134. Trance

    Keep it up Mr Sven for the strikers nice job accept fashion sakala I don’t like him

  135. guy tee

    leadership at it’s level best…keep it up sven!

  136. CROSS B

    It’s not about who you like it’s obout who can do better love you all

  137. Kangwa mutale

    Master rainford kalaba Go Zambia Gooooo

  138. Moses

    Go Zambia Go

  139. kanyembo

    The team that can conquer Africa.Well balanced selection the way to go. Our player bring glory to the nation you have all it takes and remember there are a pool of players now so do your best once you’re given an opportunity. “NAMIBIA IS ALREADY COMPLAINING THAT ZAMBIA HAS ASSEMBLED A VERY STRONG SIDE TO EMBARRASS US “SO they want the under 17 National team saying they much there level. GO GO GO ZAMBIA GO

  140. Chamajohn

    What about ziyo tembo, Brian mwila, Emanuel banda and Edward chilufya??? Where are these people?

  141. Patrick. M. Katwamazila

    Good squad

  142. Matthews

    good selection ba coacha bt u have left one good stricker who is Emmanuel Mayuka pliz ba coach add him

    • Geezzy

      No!!! banasila Baja.
      This iz not about tasting playerz, its about winning

  143. Spiwe Tembo

    Nice team, but I think the defence is weak. Work on it

  144. Geezzy

    I like yo spirit #ba_Svaen but don’t put kalaba pa starting line up, play him around 60’s. Please only then will we win the game

  145. mercutio

    People ba chisamba bali na injury….olo futi ba sa 7 plz ka mbola emmanuel kali mpulanga sana don’t use him mu three…but quickly drop him out lik you did kuli ng’onga alex.

  146. Munkombwe fred

    What a nice selection, that is team that can well make us Zambian supporters proud. Am happy with the strikes they all have what can make the ball in the net and that so lovely work by the coach. Now they are 26 selected players and only 11 wanted in the game please coach go and make a good selection of the 11 plus the 3 three substitutes other wise we are behind u. Go Zambia go we love u guys and u have to give us the best on that day God bless u all.

  147. clanes musesa

    Good squad by this time africa cup is ours and this squad and match is the best ever since herve renard departure,i wish you good lucky you’re among the genius coaches on earth may GOD BLESS YOU AND THE PLAYERS AND US ALL.

  148. Tembo chrispin


  149. Tembo chrispin


  150. mike mwansa

    well done coach fair selection

  151. Shoms

    It is another disaster team no chance of qualifying.
    The best is chambeshi:s under 20 team. nothing less

  152. Deoka

    Go Zambia Go
    For the cup again,and coach don’t worry we got your back no matter what.

  153. McDaniel

    The selection is good…..
    Go chipolopolo

  154. Michael Kaluba

    Good team selection we need 3 points and 2 goals, go Zambia go.

  155. Jacob

    3 points is ours no doubt

  156. Rabbi M Kangwa

    Go Chipolopolo Go

  157. Mercutio

    Ba sven nafuti nafuti plz look for the driving force player to be the captain of our team not ka kalaba he ‘ll be big headed than playing the game..Hop Sunzu ‘ll be the captain or Mweene.

  158. Bwanali Zimba.

    Great selection coaches… Wishing you all the best together with the team. And next time also access Chisamba Lungu. Go Go Go Chipolopolo the copper bullets all the best.

  159. Bornface

    Good squad I like it,

  160. Sky blizzy

    But coach the team, it is not complete why? Because you have lift out plays like chisamba,chansa,mukukamulanga etc.

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