Former Kitwe Mayor Divo Katete Commits Suicide

Former Kitwe Mayor Divo Katete has died after taking his own life for unknown reasons.

A close family friend has disclosed that Katete 45, committed suicide at his home.

Katete served as Kitwe Mayor from 2007 to 2011 under the Patriotic Front before he switched to the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) where he went and contested the Nkana Constituency Parliamentary seat and lost.

Katete later joined the opposition UPND where he again contested the Nkana Constituency on the UPND ticket but lost to Alexander Chiteme of the Patriotic Front.

Katete was until his death UPND Copperbelt Deputy Information Publicity Secretary.

UPND Copperbelt Chairman Elisha Matambo confirmed Divo Katete’s death but could not disclose the cause of death.

Matambo described Katete as a pillar and a fearless defender of political and human rights not only in the UPND but the Copperbelt as a whole.

“He was a young fearless politician who had carefully shaped his political destiny and his death is a huge blow to the party on the Copperbelt and Zambia as a whole and shall greatly be missed,” Matambo said.

Katete was in 2015 acquitted by the Kitwe Magistrate Court for a defilement charge


  1. guyguy

    To bad bigman only u yo self knows y u hav takn yo life

    • bashinono

      He was a danger to the society. Good riddance, two different nieces same complaint.

  2. DJ,E

    may his soul burn in hell

  3. edgar chibuta

    too bad

  4. Wiseman.

    My condolences to the believed family who can feel the pain u have left.

  5. reagan

    Too bad

  6. Mr. K

    It is surely very shocking mhsrip

  7. eliot kalwila

    judge not,rest well

  8. Mr Rains

    Only God will know were to put you. All of you who are reading this you shouldn’t copy the evil spirit of taking out your life. Try to get advice from the people you love and trust than this loss. MR RAINS From chipata Zambia

  9. Wave Zone

    Politicians Dont Believe In God… They Believe In Themselves,,no Advice From Anyone Not Even His Wife.

  10. king KAPU


  11. Makeni boy

    Suiciderz wont inherit God’s kingdom.N way katete, congrats 4 joining the huge numbr of HELL membrz,the devil’s still calling……”DO U PRAY OR WANT 2 JOIN ME!!HELL IS STILL EMPTY!!!WE NEED MORE ESCOTTING MEMBRZ!!’roars the king of demons.

  12. VOV

    Too bad!

  13. RSK

    Sad news indeed,my former classmate at ZIBSIP.rest in peace one divo you where a motivation to us.

  14. Eminem

    Lets hop sanatabe nkongole or milandu.But Divo,death wil follow u in hell and kill u again and again!kkkkk


    why suicides these days?mr katete you not solved any solution to take your own life.

  16. Brian BBC mweemba

    R. I.p

  17. Abraham


  18. Jom


  19. Sisha kasto Bwalya

    May his soul rest in peace only God will judge.

  20. Chibwe TC

    Why Why
    we were all around you should have consulted
    Walufyanya Boyi
    May Your Soul Rest In Eternal Peace-loving

  21. Mwana mule

    Very bad

  22. volo na fwaka

    Difillment na futi

  23. Zulu

    God forbid. Poor finishing ala it’s know to feel worthless sometimes but y take your precious life?


    Tukamonana kujerusalem Bwana but you’ve made a sin to God for taking your own life Mr

  25. Suzyo

    Too bad,my condolences to the bereaved family.

  26. FRACKSON bs

    May soul rest in peace

  27. KLVN

    People suffer but, they don’t take their lives. You’ve shown your weakness as man.

  28. Citzen

    Let the truth be known ,too bad

  29. Marker

    Too bad young man,you haven’t gone half way your age you decide too quit.suicide is a sin and morally cowardice.. Any rest the way you want coz I don’t know whether it will be in peace of pieces.

  30. Marker

    Too bad young man,you haven’t gone half way your age ,you decide too quit.suicide is a sin and morally cowardice.. Any way rest the way you want coz I don’t know whether it will be in peace or pieces.

  31. Thoko

    I hope thorough investigations suggest it is suicide. Too bad though.

  32. Truth man

    Let’s live in peace not in pieces.May his soul rest in peace.Only the almighty God gives judgement.

  33. Benny

    What hardships u r going through, u need 2 be man or woman enough no matter what it is not worth taking ur life all the problems have their expire dates

  34. mubiana maimbolwa

    may his soul rest in eternal peace!

  35. OBBREY Chungwe

    Too bad , my condolences to the family.

  36. ben shaft

    I feel encouraged that all problems have their expiry date.RIP Divo Katete

  37. Newbie

    according to another online website, he raped his 17 year old niece and feared he was going to be reported, hence took his own life.
    Complete insanity no matter how you look at it.

  38. Dr Ryan

    Too bad it’s unfortunate for a man to die like this.. RIP

  39. mark j

    Too bad for you, man

  40. Architect

    God is not interested in punishing people but wen u break his holy word,You can’t rest in peace afta destroyn yo life (gal 5:21) madars shll not inherit God’s kingdom.weza u Kil someone or Kil yoself. Now u know don’t try it u shall not rest….

    • Constance Mwenya

      May his soul Rest In Peace.Its so sad to see his wife cry so dearly for u,I can’t imagine her pain but only wish for God to be with her as she morns her husband .sad😔

  41. Joshua Fulaulo

    To bad Mr Katete.I used to follow him,the man had a bright future politically heard of him and he was loved naturally by many people including my brother Mr Robby Kauseni Fulaulo.They were together at Nortec were Mr katete,was studying Metal Fabrication Technician and My brother was studying Heavy Equipment Repair Technician at that time.

    In 2011 prior to prior to the Presidential General Election Mr Divorce Latest made a mistake politically by switching to MMD under Ruphia Banda from PF under Mr Sata and I even remember telling Mr Katete via a text message that you have made a big mistake when he was featured on a political program at Flava Fm.

    Mr Katete was advised wrongly by switching from PF to MMD and from that time his political career as been ruff.

    Rest in Peace Mr Katete.

  42. Vincent tebz


  43. Jacob Mahala Nkhata

    My condolences to the bereaved family

  44. Leon

    It seems there is a demon of suicide hovering over Zambian may the true men of God do something. Amen

  45. Edgar

    Paipapano may his soul rest in internal peace(rip)

  46. Santos

    May Your Soul Rest In Hell

  47. emm

    let’s not judge him! God will, not all who commit suicide will b condemned, others it could be due to spiritual pressure imposed on them by other evil ones.

    • Madu

      Ati fearless defender of Human Rights yet the reason for committing suicide was because you reaped your 🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁

      • edgar chibuta

        kkkkkk fearless defender of human rights! kkkkkkkkkk just raped a niece am told

  48. Mr dundumwenze

    In Zambia too much death pafupi pafupi why? Nkani zonse please tuzinkala pansi kukambisa not kuzipa ,too bad but we don’t know the reason why you have done that.

  49. Arnold chomba

    Mr katete rest in peace sir….. If someone has taking his or her life its not deliberately issue no thr is something was thinking abt? So it’s jxt to pray for that person to be forgiven…. Otherwise our almighty lord will forgive us all…..

  50. talalamusonda

    Sad development may his soul rest in peace suicide is the solution to every problem he have taken his problems to the church.

    • Gift

      My heartfelt condolences to Divos family. Its a great shock to me as a former classmate at chingola sec school. Only God knows m.y r.p

  51. Memory

    Sad indeed…Every problem has its end.and the best way to solve it is by sharing it to God and the loved ones unlike taking your own life.May God have mercy and receive you in enternity . M.Y.S.R.I.E.P

  52. mr Masautso

    You were suppose tell your people you trust to give you same addivece than to take your life like that to bad to you coz were you are going its a bad place the bible tells us any way m.u.s.r.I.n.p

  53. Mr dundumwenze

    Arnold chomba point of correction kuzipa nidala, and our prayers can not make that person to be forgiven,kuzipaya is a great sin in the presence of God, if God will forgive Judas schariot nauyo azakamukululukila naye, if not so baba nigehena iyo.

  54. zedoc

    Katete raped his 17 year old niece. And when he knew he was about to be reported he decided to kill himself.

  55. zedoc

    For those who have been following stories around former Kitwe Mayor, Divo Katete, this is not the first time this sexual predator was caught with his pants down involved in a case of sexual violence. As the Zambia Daily Mail on November 18, 2014 reported, Divo Katete was put on his defence by the Kitwe magistrate court for having defiled a 15 year old and infected her with an STI. How he got away with this criminal offence beggars belief. It is just surprising that the UPND had kept this sexual predator within its party for such a long time. It says something about whether UPND can fight such sexual offences if put in power. At least he has now killed himself.

  56. swana brown

    How come a fearless person commiting such a thing?People u are buzy saying rest in peace,hav u ever read from de bible?

  57. enock chenda

    Rip Big mann😂😂

  58. Davies kasongo

    Deeply tached more than 20yrs ago we were together same class at chingola high school I will miss u dia

  59. sub - zero

    May his soul not have peace when resting

  60. Brian Mwewa

    My former college, Rip bro

  61. A.C.M

    Anakunta moyo niwachani olila!!!

  62. bashinono

    Karma is bitch. You were let loose the first time, second time no one was going to believe your pathetic lies. God has a way of dealing with chaps like you. There is no smoke without fire. Now what next ba degree holder wife …..two different nieces both with same complaint…!

  63. Mr silent

    May his soul rest in internal peace we can’t judge only the Creator our God knows

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